Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning

Discipline, Ketosis, & Emotional Fitness – Drew Manning

Building a strong and healthy physique requires more than simply adjusting our diet and exercise.

On this episode, speaker, wellness icon, and fitness professional Drew Manning shares his journey and book “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit: The unexpected lessons from gaining and losing 75 lbs on purpose.”

To better understand his client's struggles with weight loss, Drew gained and lost 75 lbs within 1 year. His challenge proved there is much more to transforming our bodies than just knowing what to do. It also requires a degree of mental and emotional fitness to take action and follow through with our plan.

Join us on Wellness + Wisdom 131 as Drew Manning tells his story of going from “Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit,” and his mission to show others that it's possible to get back into shape.

Listen To Episode 131 As Drew Uncovers:

  • The experience of growing up with 10 siblings and how this impacted his health and fitness
  • Why he decided to gain over 70 lbs to better understand his client's struggles
  • The emotional hardships of putting on excess weight
  • How stress can impact our lifestyle and wellness
  • Why developing mental and emotional fitness will help us overcome physical challenges
  • The power of owning our story and being vulnerable
  • How to navigate the feelings of stress and overwhelm
  • The importance of having a daily gratitude practice
  • How to cross the chasm between where we are and where we want to be
  • Ways to draw on support from our friends, family, and community
  • How to use meditation for overcoming decision fatigue
  • Why the industry is so focused on the Ketogenic diet
  • How to make a smooth transition into Ketosis and avoid the “Keto Flu”

Top 3 Takeaways From The Episode

  • We develop certain eating habits as children that can stay with us as we age. Although it's difficult to break the cycle of unhealthy eating, we can learn to enjoy fueling our body in a more nutritious way. Begin to focus on all of the benefits that come from living a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Keeping those thoughts front of mind will help us make better choices with our nutrition.
  • Developing more discipline will have a massive impact on what we accomplish in our lifetime.  We can begin doing this with small actionable steps every day. Studies have shown that simply making our bed each morning causes us to be 4-5 times more likely to achieve other daily goals. Start by taking 1 simple action in any area of life where you want to progress. This will build the momentum necessary for massive improvement.
  • The first step to a successful Ketogenic diet is giving the body time to adapt to that style of eating. This transition into Ketosis can generally take between 30-60 days. Once the body is used to running on ketones, we can begin experimenting with the different amounts and types of carbs we consume to help us discover what is optimal for our unique body.

Drew: [00:00:00]….I feel like especially in the fitness industry, if we taught people how to focus on overcoming these challenges, the physical challenges that they're facing will be so much easier.

[00:00:11] What's up my friend. It's your host Josh Trent. Welcome back to another episode for your weekly access to global experts in all things wellness as we discover the physical and emotional intelligence we need to live life well. So before we ever let of go the old weight or have the energy we want, real transformation starts with making a decision. A decision that stems from a burning desire to change and on today's podcast we're talking about the discipline and emotional fitness it takes to make this decision and step into the new version of ourselves. With my good friend and fantastic podcast host Drew Manning from Fit to Fat to Fit.

[00:00:47] So we all know that we develop certain eating habits as children that can stay with us as we age. I know I did and although it's difficult to break the cycle of unhealthy eating at times, the truth is that we can all learn to enjoy feeling great in our body by eating nutritious and empowering foods. Now if you don't know Drew you are going to get to know him all the way to the basement on this show. He's talking about what it was like to step into his decision as a Personal Trainer, to learn what it was like to carry 70 plus pounds of fat then lose it all so he could better understand his own client's struggles. Drew's going to vulnerably and authentically unpack all of the emotional hardships he experienced when going through this weight gain journey and weight loss journey and he also uncovers the actionable things we can all do no matter who we are, what our age is or how stressful our lives are. We're talking about why the weight stays on and it's relationship to unprocessed emotions.

[00:01:39] We also get Drew's take on why he's exploring right now the ketogenic diet in such depth, how to take exogenous ketones and how to actually manage ketosis to see if it's right for you. I know you're going to enjoy this episode with Drew. He went places that even surprised him. There are going to be some controversial things that may ruffle your feathers but you know what, just surrender to it take it in, keep an open mind in this incredible conversation with Drew Manning.

[00:02:04] You know I got the pleasure of meeting you at Paleo Effects that weekend and you did a lot of speaking. I think most people Drew know you as Fit to Fat to Fit. But your journey is much deeper. I actually downloaded the book on audible so I've been listening to you. Unexpected Lessons from gaining and losing all this weight. Tell people how you’ve gone to fitness in the first place. What did that even look like for you? Did you come out of the womb doing bicep curls?

Drew: [00:02:28] That's a good question. Kind of. Basically I grew up in a family of 11 brothers and sisters which is crazy. My parents had 11 children which is amazing. None of them were adopted no twins or triplets. Just one time, every two years pretty much like clockwork and we all grew up playing sports. You know I grew up playing football and wrestling from a very young age. That's what my brothers did. So I kind of followed suit and did what they did. And so from a very young age fitness was a big part of my life and I naturally gravitated towards it because I saw my brother and his friends playing high school football and I was still you know in elementary school and I'm like “Man I want to look like those guys” so I started like lifting and I was watching football all the time and just trying to be the best I could at sports because I felt like it was something that I was actually good at in life and so I naturally gravitated towards it.

Josh: [00:03:16] You had how many brothers and sisters?

Drew: [00:03:19] So I was one of eight boys and three girls. I have two kids myself and so I know it's not easy. I have no idea how you do it with 11. I have no idea.

Josh: [00:03:28] I could not imagine that man. Well you know getting to read your book and learning about your story. I know that food has always played an integral role for you and I think before you did this huge weight loss and then regain process that you shared so vulnerably with the entire country, the entire world, you actually dealt with this as a young child. You talked about with Melissa on the show that when junk food came around you usually felt like you had to eat it at a young age. Why was that man?

Drew: [00:03:51] You know when you grow up in a family of 11 brothers and sisters honestly food was kind of scarce and I feel like to feed 11 kids… like I said I have no idea how my mom did that but she did.

Power Quotes From Drew Manning

“The Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit journey completely changed the way I viewed my client's struggles.” – Drew Manning

“The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual are all connected. When one area is lacking, the others will suffer as well.” – Drew Manning

“I found that being overweight was very emotionally challenging.” – Drew Manning

“Discipline will actually create more freedom in our lives.” – Drew Manning

“Setting up forms of accountability will help us overcome procrastination.” – Drew Manning

“Although it tends to be more challenging, it's possible to do the ketogenic diet when you're vegetarian or vegan.” – Drew Manning

“A large part of feeling the ‘Keto Flu' comes from an imbalance in our electrolytes.” – Drew Manning

“I think it's beneficial for everyone to become their own self-experimentation, and find out what's optimal for their unique body.” – Drew Manning

Drew's Transformation

Drew's Book

Drew Manning Podcast Logo Ketosis

Drawing from the lessons and insights of his breakout website, Fit2Fat2Fit.com, personal trainer Drew Manning delivers the story of his quest to go from fit to fat to fit again in one year in order to better understand the weight-loss struggles of his clients and the online community.

Drew embarked on this journey to prove to clients, website followers, and people across the country that it is possible to get back into shape—and his bottomless desire to kindle a new hope for his readers comes through on every page of Fit2Fat2Fit.


With before and after (and after…) photos to that tell their own striking story, and intimate reflections from Drew’s wife Lynn, Fit2Fat2Fit is more than a spectacle or a gimmick; it’s an inspiring story, and sound proof that anyone can reach the level of fitness they desire to make themselves happy.

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The “Fit2Fat2Fit” Podcast

Drew Manning Podcast Logo Ketosis

The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast features Drew and Lynn Manning of www.fit2fat2fit.com and www.2fitathome.com. They bring their unique perspective on health and fitness to the podcasting world. Drew gained international media attention from his journey of gaining and losing 75 lbs. on purpose by blogging and writing a NY Times Best Selling book about it (Fit2Fat2Fit) and his wife, Lynn, is a women's fitness specialist, but is also an admitted “foodie”. With this unique

They bring their unique perspective on health and fitness to the podcasting world. Drew gained international media attention from his journey of gaining and losing 75 lbs. on purpose by blogging and writing a NY Times Best Selling book about it (Fit2Fat2Fit) and his wife, Lynn, is a women's fitness specialist, but is also an admitted “foodie.”

With this unique balance, they dive into why diets don't work. People lose weight only to gain it back. Why does it seem so hard? Because focusing on just nutrition and exercise is missing the mark. Overall health and wellness is key to long-term success and often our industry neglects this. They answer your questions and interview leaders in the industry to share secrets about real transformation and long-term success. Change comes from the inside out so join us on this journey!

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About Drew Manning

Drew Manning Picture KetosisDrew Manning

, author of the bestseller “Fit2Fat2Fit” is on Wellness + Wisdom to share his incredible experience gaining 75 pounds of flab in 6 months and then dropping it all.

His goal is to inspire people to get fit, teach them how to do it and give them hope that it IS possible to get fit and stay fit. He wants to share his comprehensive fitness knowledge with his followers so that they can know how to lose weight successfully, even though for many it’s going to be a struggle.

Drew has always had a passion for fitness. His love of fitness began at an early age and through sports, it became an addiction. This inspired him to become a certified personal trainer through NASM. He's had great success in working with people on their meal plans and workout plans that have helped them achieve their fitness goals.

Drew Manning has been featured on Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, The View, and more. His experimentation is now a hit TV show called Fit to Fat to Fit on A&E!

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