Johnny Blackburn: Presence – Awakening Greater Potential In Work, Love, & Life

Johnny Blackburn: Presence – Awakening Greater Potential In Work, Love, & Life

“The privilege of a lifetime is being and becoming who you are.” – Joe Campbell

When was the last time you took a deep inventory of your emotions?

Getting in touch with emotion is no easy task, but if you open yourself up to listening to what your body is telling you, a great deal can be learned about why you may be holding onto extra weight; both physically and emotionally.

As you scan your body and look for clues, you can enhance your emotional intelligence. By being more present with yourself, you can apply embodiment, connection, and sustainable behavior to every aspect of life.

On Wellness + Wisdom 149, Coach, Speaker, Facilitator & Author at Presence Academy as well as the Founder of the Evolving Men's Collective, Johnny Blackburn, shares how you can unleash your greatest potential in work, love, and life.

By the end of this episode, you will learn how to get in touch with your authentic self through somatic awareness, emotional expression, and the various stages of both male and female development for a life well lived that flows and is balanced.

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Presence: A Practical Guide To Awakening Greater Potential In Work, Love, & Life

A practical guide for awakening greater potential with 20 essential skills for greater presence in work, love, & life. This is a unique time in human history with ever increasing technological innovation, more potential digital distractions, a faster pace of life & only 13% of the world's workforce is “engaged” in their work (according to a global consulting study)–thus we need to develop new ways of working, relating, & living in the digital age. Presence is the key to enhanced engagement, productivity, innovation, & the X factor for Executive Presence, professional development in organizations & entrepreneurs getting funded. It is the sweet spot of peak performance for creatives, athletes in the zone or performers on stage. And in the age of heightened digital connectivity, so many of us whether our romantic partners, children or friends long for deeper presence & human connection in our relationships. And ultimately, Presence is the doorway to mindfulness, expanded awareness & the Power of Now. Our work, loved ones, and life itself yearn for our deeper presence.

This clearly book describes & diagrams specific presence skills, benefits, barriers, real-live success stories of how presence has enhanced people's lives, comparison images of more or less presence in common daily activities, as well as how to develop each skill. By reading this guidebook, you will gain a better understanding of what presence is, become more aware ways you lose presence, as well as feel more inspired & clear about how to cultivate greater presence in practical life situations.

Whether you want to feel more grounded confidence, be more engaged & productive at work, enhance executive presence & influence, develop more empathy & emotional intelligence, listen & communicate better, have more loving & connected relationships or realize greater mindfulness & spiritual awareness, Presence is the doorway to awakening your greater potential.

Links From Today's Show:

Presence: A Practical Guide to Awakening Greater Potential in Work, Love & Life

Listen To Episode 149 As Johnny Blackburn Uncovers:

  • How his injury allowed him to embrace his circumstances and make the most of the experience.
  • What Johnny was doing during 2012, why he gathered so much information, and how he has evolved over the past 5 years to enter this state of relaxation.
  • The importance of saying ‘yes' to the Hero's Journey and the process of Separation, Initiation, and Return to develop ourselves and better serve the world.
  • Why Johnny wrote his book, Presence: A Practical Guide to Awakening Greater Potential in Work, Love & Life
  • The Emergent Process and how to apply embodiment, relaxation, and awareness to your life.
  • Why microscopic facial muscles are vital to know whether or not you can trust another person.
  • How does behavioral flexibility plug into sustainable behavior and change?
  • What is somatic awareness? What can our chest, stomach, and throat can teach us about emotional intelligence?
  •  Why we should give ourselves permission to feel our emotions.
  • How holotropic breathing and other practices can be a great healing tool.
  • His daily dream routine with keto, breathing, and meditation.
  • David Deida's three stages to gender development for both men and women.
  • How we can collectively progress with all of the emotions and thoughts surrounding #MeToo.
  • What people can do to have more open discussions and become a better at speaking to their loved one.

Power Quotes From The Show

“The privilege of a lifetime is being and becoming who you are.” – Joe Campbell

“I had to put trust that this experience was happening for some reason that I didn't know yet and that I was going to take full responsibility for my situation and make the best of it.” – Johnny Blackburn

“Joy is the matriarch of all emotion and she only enters the home when all of her children are welcome.” – Joe Hudson

“There's this paradox with emotion that when it feels like we don't want to get rid of it, it won't actually leave us. Emotion needs to feel this complete quality of acceptance. Then, that degree of grounding allows it to be metabolized and released in seconds.” – Johnny Blackburn

“You can't Google ‘wisdom.' There's going to be a time when memorization won't be so important and you can just Google the information. So, our presence, awareness, emotional intelligence – these are going to become more valued capacities.” – Johnny Blackburn

About Johnny Blackburn

Johnny Blackburn is a professional coach, speaker & facilitator who empowers clients, organizations and audiences to discover and then live from their deeper Presence. Residing in San Diego, CA, he is a highly respected authority on human embodiment and professional performance.

Blackburn’s original background in Management Consulting, Master’s degree in Psychology and more than 2000 client-coaching hours as a Professionally Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation all combined with extensive professional development training make him a highly sought after guide to greater levels of presence, openness and thriving.

Personally, Johnny enjoys many forms of movement, martial arts, surfing, dancing Tango, being outdoors, reading, learning, laughing, preparing and eating delicious slow food, local community gatherings, traveling the world, going to festivals, having authentic conversations with friends, loved ones & “strangers”, and being still.



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