Mastering The Mind For Business & Life: Aaron Hinde

Mastering The Mind For Business & Life: Aaron Hinde

“A scarcity mindset is one in which we put all of our time and energy into business and therefore the family must suffer. However, it doesn't have to be like that; time abundance at both work and home is possible when directed. A scarcity mindset isn't a time issue but an attention issue.” – Aaron Hinde

Do you have a scarcity mindset that's keeping you from being productive at work and also enjoying your family, friendships, and free time?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 242, Co-Founder and President of LIFEAID Beverage Company, Aaron Hinde, shares the difference between having a time issue and an intention issue, business and life lessons he's learned from the growth of LIFEAID, and why saying “no problem” and “no worries” is actually taking away from improving your daily gratitude practice.

Discover how to thrive and live a life full of abundance with Aaron's ATM acronym:

  • Alignment
  • Trajectory
  • Momentum


Click here to learn more about LIFEAID and where to find it at a store near you!

At LIFEAID, we fuel your passion with our clean and refreshing nutritional blends.  Can you say the same about those other one-dimensional products whose “blend” is a bunch of additives, sugar, and added caffeine?  Our products are tailored for your active lifestyle – without all the junk.

Based in Santa Cruz, California, LIFEAID is an independent brand – not a subsidiary of a large beverage conglomerate.  That spirit of independence is reflected in our company culture, the products we offer and the communities we serve. Join us as we show the world there is a better way.

LIFEAID Beverage Company | Our Purpose

Listen To Episode 242 As Aaron Hinde Uncovers:

  • How they've formulated their beverages including the FocusAID drink with nootropics.
  • The start of LIFEAID with his business partner, Orion, and how much their business has grown since the beginning.
  • His previous chiropractic practice and why he decided to leave it to start LIFEAID.
  • What he and his business partner have learned together about business and the beverage industry since their 2011 launch.
  • How taking liquid vs. solid supplements compare as far as nutrition absorption.
  • The biggest hurdles they've experienced as far as research and development of their products.
  • Various ups and downs he's experienced both professionally and personally during the life of the company.
  • How it's possible to have a business and be there for your family and personal life.
  • What changes he made to help his relationship with his wife come back to life when his work schedule became very busy.
  • His acronym ATM (Alignment – Trajectory – Momentum) for living a great life and thriving as an entrepreneur.
  • The relationship he had with money as a child compared to now as an adult and business owner.
  • Various hats he has worn as an entrepreneur and how he had to dig and discover his own unique abilities and strengths.
  • Why saying “no problem” and “no worries” is taking away from improving your gratitude practice.
  • The difference in mindset between “I get to” and “I have to.”
  • Steps to take to get on a positive trajectory and how to change things if you're on a negative trajectory.
  • How he and his team created momentum for LIFEAID in the beverage market when it came to promotion at events and in gyms.
  • Their focus on helping get the soda and sugary beverages away from people and providing them with something beneficial.

Power Quotes From The Show

“We're all on a trajectory whether it's positive or negative. So many young people want velocity and for things to happen right now but if you're on a negative trajectory, you're going to crash and burn even faster. Your trajectory has to be positive and all the fundamentals have to be in place. If the trajectory is right, the velocity will eventually come.” – Aaron Hinde

“While it's easy to maintain momentum, it's so hard to create it. You can't just drop everything to focus on one thing. You have to keep everything from the little things to relationships at full momentum. Momentum fueled with the right trajectory and alignment towards a common goal with your team will help you crush it.” – Aaron Hinde

“The key is to not let your negative thoughts keep circulating in your mind because otherwise, you will end up manifesting that negativity. We can never get rid of our demons but there are tactics to control the negative head talk. When we control the negative head talk, we can switch over to an appreciation mindset.” – Aaron Hinde

RECAP: FITAID at the 2017 CrossFit © Games

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LIFEAID founders Orion Melehan and Aaron Hinde first met in a Crossfit Box in Santa Cruz, California, in 2009. Melehan was a Certified Financial Planner and Hinde was a sports chiropractor who worked with many local athletes. A friendship was quickly struck, which later evolved into a business partnership. The two were convinced that conscious consumers would start to demand alternatives to high sugar, high caffeine, and artificial mass market drinks.

They were equally convinced that consumers were looking for more functionality than the caffeine found in energy drinks or isotonic sports drinks.  After months of brainstorming and collaboration, they created their vision for LIFEAID and funded it with a mere $30,000 apiece. Melehan’s financial expertise helped craft the business plan.  Hinde’s background in nutrition and chiropractic care proved essential when developing LIFEAID products as he worked with their team of a biochemist and beverage scientists. LIFEAID now makes six specially-formulated blends, plus a protein/carb food pouch  Fast forward to today and the company’s products can be found in hundreds of golf courses, thousands of gyms, and nationwide in fine retailers such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and The Vitamin Shoppe.  FITAID is the official recovery drink of the 2017 CrossFit Games LIFEAID remains an independent brand run by its founders – not a subsidiary of a large beverage conglomerate.  That spirit of independence is reflected in their company culture, the products they offer and the communities they serve.

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