Rachel Fiori | Emotional Intelligence: The Ultimate Guide To Self Mastery & Self Actualization

“To reach your soul's potential, you must grow through pain. When we resist growth, we suffer. When we remain emotionally and spiritually immature, we resist and fight what is; we take stances, we create and continue to manifest duality and programs of separation. Growth really means to drop into your heart space and get out of your mind because thinking ruins everything.” – Rachel Fiori

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 396

Mystical Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, and Creator Of Masters of Self University, Rachel Fiori, shares spiritual and practical tools to help raise your emotional IQ, explains how to fulfill your unique soul's potential plus will guide you to your human spirit integration point and how to create sacred relationships from that space.

How can you stop overthinking and running old programs in your head to fully drop into your heart?

By the end of this episode you will gain the first steps for self mastery of the emotional, behavioral, and mental programs that show up in your psyche.

'To reach your soul's potential, you must grow through pain. Growth really means to drop into your heart space and get out of your mind because thinking ruins everything.' - Rachel FioriClick To Tweet

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Listen To Episode 396 As Rachel Fiori Uncovers:


[1:30] Mastering Your Full Divine Potential

  • Masters of Self University
  • How to Raise Your Emotional IQ
  • How she helps people not only reach their full potential but also their fullest divine potential.
  • Her mission to help people master life and love.
  • Breaking down her definition of the word, ‘potential.'
  • Why so many of us have been brought up to believe that our potential is how successful we can be and why that's simply not true.
  • The fact that we limit ourselves when we only focus on success and how much money we can make.
  • Unpacking the one critical spiritual law that will help you break past limitations when you integrate it into your life:You are spirit but you are also human.
  • Breaking down the differences between the human and the spiritual potential.
  • How pain compares to suffering and how the soul's potential grows through pain.

[14:00] Unpacking Our Emotional, Mental, and Behavior Programs

  • The friction she felt in her heart and soul while working as an occupational therapist and how she wanted to help people.
  • Her curiosity wondering why some people heal but others don't or won't.
  • How her moral ethics ultimately clashed with work in western medicine and she decided to leave and begin her own business.
  • The power in trusting in the Universe even if you don't understand why things are happening the way they are now.
  • Why you should ask yourself what you're meant to learn, how you're supposed to grow, and how you're going to get through difficult moments when they happen.
  • Why it's key to understand how you show up in the world, your triggers, and your behaviors during a personal development journey.
  • The fact that you will never heal anything if you only focus on fixing your behavior programs and dive deep into the emotional and mental ones.

[25:00] What A Spiritual Awakening Experience Is

  • Closing the gap between knowing and doing.
  • Why wisdom, not knowledge, is power.
  • How humanity has lost divine responsibility and what you can do to gain that back.
  • Why it's absolute divine ignorance to believe that you can have anything that you want at the snap of your fingers.
  • Breaking down what a true spiritual awakening is, why it is a lifelong process, and why it is not for the faint of heart.
  • What a soul contract is and why it's different than the concept of free will and choice.
  • How our higher soul has chosen certain life experiences for us before we were even born so that we can learn specific skills, thoughts, and feelings.
  • Why we're self-sabotaging ourselves when we let the fear of success and programs of low self-worth hold us back in the comfort zone.
  • How we deny reality and essentially half of who we are when we embrace the idea of “good vibes only” and don't embrace our emotional pain.

[40:00] Generational Pains & Inherited Programming

  • The impact of her father dying when she was 5 years old and her mother remarrying a physician who was extraordinarily abusive emotionally, psychologically, and sometimes physically.
  • Why we shouldn't take other people's programs personal, even our own parents, because it has nothing to do with us.
  • How our programs can lead us to reenact our own childhoods without us even realizing it such as the example of Rachel's stepfather.
  • What steps you can take with her program to delete old programs and recognize your triggers.
  • Why she seldomly takes clients who haven't had past therapy sessions or guidance because they're not ready for the real work to heal.
  • The fact that relationships aren't here to make you happy; they're to make you more conscious.
  • Why we'll never be able to offer healthy love to another human unless we love and accept ourselves first.

[50:00] Why Our Triggers Are Gifts

  • How triggers can help guide us because they show us where in our lives we don't feel free.
  • Josh's own past triggers and how he has healed what has haunted him.
  • How to check in with yourself and show up in the world as the person you want to be in your life.
  • Why you're not wrong for being where you with your life and neither is anyone else; no judgement.
  • The importance of getting rid of duality in our nation and opposing people because those are programs of separation.
  • How a global ‘Dark Night Of The Soul' is occurring on this planet and the pandemic is part of that to show us where we are at standing on opposite sides pointing the finger in judgement instead of facing each other and taking a step towards a loving balance.
  • Why our society is at the age of a preschooler when you consider all of the harm we do to each other or could do with the nuclear weapons we have created.
  • Unpacking both karma (collective and personal) and the law of attraction.
  • Her take on the law of attraction and how the phrase has become such a cliché.
  • Why we usually think of karma as something negative but it can be the universe giving you the next challenge that will take you deeper and higher into yourself.

[58:00] The Space Between The Head & The Heart

  • The pure fact that our thoughts, our emotions, our behavioral actions and we ourselves are nothing but energy.
  • Exploring the programs that we are running through our minds when we judge someone else such as if they're wearing a face mask for example.
  • How to get to zero karmic debt by opening your heart to loving everything and everyone.
  • How exactly generational thoughts, patterns, and beliefs are passed down by the way that we are raised and that is not the same thing as karma.
  • Power vs Force by David R. Hawkins
  • Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender by David R. Hawkins
  • The fact that no matter who we are on this planet, our minds are “bat-shit crazy” and never meant to be the CEO but the heart is.
  • Why we will never experience actual bliss that is in the core center of our heart when we are not anchored in it.
  • What it means to allow the power and the light that you are to grow and expand in the face of anything when you are connected to heart energy.
  • The guidance that you will receive from her program, Masters Of Self University.
  • Differences between the heart chakra and the heart space.
  • The steps she takes people through to get connected to their heart space and energy to heal and deprogram.

[1:14:00] Are You Willing & Devoted To Do The Work?

  • Exploring the dark side to healing such as through tools like plant medicine.
  • Bad experiences Josh has gone through during and after an Ayahuasca ceremony which has been a beautiful lesson for him.
  • Why it' so important that the people who go through her program are divinely responsible, awakened, educated, and trained enough for the inner work process.
  • Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday
  • Steven Pressfield
  •  Dr. V. Vernon Woolf and Holodynamics
  • Why so many people believe that the ego is the enemy but is it really?
  • Rachel's view on the ego and why she refers to it as the shadow self, low vibrational mental programs, and inner child wounds.
  • Why Rachel believes that the ego can be our best teacher and you will not authentically heal and be more conscious if you do not move through darkness.
  • What mystic spiritualism really is: being a realist as you dissolve all the allusions of the ego.

[1:22:45] How To Mystically Parent Yourself

Power Quotes From The Show

'Live from heart centeredness in the sense that you are so powerful that whatever the universe throws at you, no matter how painful, you will love yourself through it.' - Rachel FioriClick To Tweet

Your Spirit & Human Potential

“Live from heart centeredness in the sense that you are so powerful that whatever the universe throws at you, no matter how painful, you will love yourself through it and you will love everything and everyone that comes your way even when it is painful. That is your soul's potential – to spiritual maturate. Your human potential means that you can become so emotionally resilient that no matter what the universe throws at you, you've got it and you're gonna make it through no matter what.” – Rachel Fiori

Accept, Love, and Transform Yourself

“When you learn how to work with mental, emotional, behavioral programs, you also then learn what your inner child is doing, saying, how it's being activated, and how old you really are when you're being triggered and something of discord is awoken within you. You will learn what all these pieces are at the deepest transformational levels in order to then see them, love them, take divine responsibility for them, and then transform them so that they are no longer a part of who you are.” – Rachel Fiori

The Ego Is Your Best Teacher

“Your ego is your darkness, your shadow self, that part of you that keeps itself small and doesn't realize what power actually means. What heart centeredness actually means. The ego doesn't like to live in reality, it likes to live in its own made up belief world. The ego is selfish but it's our biggest teacher because we would not embrace, honor, and offer selfless love if we didn't first experience adversity. If you want to awaken, you have to go deep into that ugly truth and do the real work.” – Rachel Fiori

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About Rachel Fiori

Rachel Fiori MSOT, Mystical Therapist trains individuals and certifies coaches on how to master life and love. She utilizes the Fiori Transformation Framework ™ to guide people to their human-spirit integration point,™ which is the access point where self-transformation and healing are activated. This is where people and couples can let go of painful mental, emotional, behavioral, and inner child programs, and are guided through self-realization so they can be free from suffering, create sacred relationships, and fulfill their life’s potential.

For over 23 years, Rachel has empowered individuals, couples, and coaches across the world to reach a level of mastery in their lives. With a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, (specializing in mental, emotional, & behavioral health), and a BA in Business/Corporate Communications, as a Certified Coach, a Psychic-Intuitive, and as a Spiritual Teacher of Truth, she provides the practical and spiritual tools that effectively create a high EQ, harmonious relationships, emotional resilience, and self-actualization. Through her online trainings, coaching certification school, books, and leadership, she empowers you to successfully live as the highest version of yourself that you can achieve: a true walking master in life and love.

Raise Your Emotional IQ with Rachel

​Rachel is the CEO of The Masters of Self University, and the creator of: Level-I Mystical Life Coach Certification (Mental & Emotional Master), Level-II Mystical Relationship Coach Certification; Level-III Mystical Parenting Coach Certification; and the breakthrough emotional intelligence training “How to Raise Your Emotional IQ.”

Dwelling on Things vs Feeling Your Emotions; Understanding Your Ego



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