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 Robb Wolf has been a mentor to me since 2008 when I picked up a copy of his book The Paleo

Stop Harmful Thoughts + Relax The Default Mode Network | Dr. John Lieurance

 Dr. John Lieurance is a brother and a powerful healer who is coming back for the second time on Wellness +

become antifragile with sensate

 Stefan Chmelik is a best-selling author, master-level researcher, lecturer, and mentor who began his own meditation practice, starting over 45 years

5 Benefits of Reminiscing Therapy to Seniors

Cognitive abilities decline as people age. While we can develop many abilities, they tend to peak around age 30 on average. Some

nonviolent communication

Dr. Wayland Myers is a retired professional therapist who worked and trained 1-1 with the founder of nonviolent communication, Marshall Rosenberg for

biohacking your mind, body and spirit

Dave Asprey is a New York Times best selling author, a father of two children, and he has also been called ‘the

The Not So Common Health Benefits Of Golfing No One Talks About

Outsiders often suggest that golf involves limited physical activity, which is accurate for players who drive a golf cart. However, despite this

Reasons Why An Athlete Should Switch To Gluten-Free Food

After tennis player Novak Djokovic announced that he used a gluten-free diet to enhance his performance in 2019, the sports world has

Carnivore Diet vs Keto Diet

There are many similarities between the carnivore and the keto diet, two of the most popular low-carb diets today. Still, there are


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