Best Female Fitness Apps in 2024

Best Female Fitness Apps in 2024Whether you want to lose weight, develop lean muscles or strengthen your core, fitness programs can help you train in the gym or at home. Explore these 10 best female fitness apps you can download and try for free to find the best workout tool for your health goals.

1. Yoga: Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers a massive library of wellness resources, from nutrition to breathwork to HIIT. However, it's best known for its yoga classes that feature several asanas or body poses at all levels.

This is the best app for yoga enthusiasts to try. However, it's only available on Apple devices for now. With its versatile platform, you can personalize your fitness journey and experiment with more than 80 instructors until you find someone you like. You can also filter classes and wellness activities based on your goals, such as improving your sleep.

Start a 14-day trial and subscribe for $12.99 monthly or $129.99 for premium access.

2. Pilates: PilatesAnytime

PilatesAnytime is one of the best female fitness apps for Pilates enthusiasts to try. Pilates is similar to yoga but offers more benefits in strengthening your core, posture and lower body strength.

It's a great place to start if you want to enter the fitness sphere. The app — available on both Apple and Android devices — has tier classes from beginner to advanced so you can work out at your own pace.

Newbies will find the cardio pilates class a must-try. The warmups typically consist of lunges and squats to help condition your lower body for the main training. They can strengthen the muscles supporting your knee, which is fundamental for practitioners.

A 15-day trial is available if you want to try the app, allowing you to browse over 3,700 videos in the library. After that, premium access sets you at $22 monthly or $240 yearly.

3. Running: Strava

Best Female Fitness Apps in 2024Are you in love with running? Strava is what you need to upgrade your fitness routine and make it more fun. What's exceptional about the app is that it allows you to compete with others traveling the same routes as you do, bringing a social element and community into a standard workout.

The app records your runs and has a rich set of features. You can try it for 30 days free before paying $11.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly plus taxes to keep the subscription.

4. Weightlifting: Caliber

More women are taking up strength training because of its benefits. Caliber is the perfect resource for weightlifting tutorials. This app stands out because of its science-based personalization training, which benefits women. In a male-dominated fitness segment, an approach that considers your gender, physiology, goal and other factors is the best route to achieve progress.

The app can tailor your best workout regimen and nutrition based on your current ability and health condition. Based on the site, at least 20% of members have improved their bodies within three months.

Caliber price plans consist of three tiers — free, group training for $19 monthly and a quarterly subscription for one-on-one coaching for $600 to $1,400.

5. Martial Arts: Muay Thai Fitness & Workout

Thai boxing is a sport, but it's gaining steam as a fitness form in the U.S. market. Many who take classes do it to tone their muscles and learn self-defense techniques.

If you're a beginner, start with a one-on-one sparring class with an instructor to know the basics. Once you know proper execution, explore virtual lessons on your own to advance your knowledge. It’s best to do with a workout buddy, so you may need to switch between virtual and in-person training.

The Muay Thai Fitness & Workout by ZipoApps is a good tool for familiarizing yourself with the sport, including the stances. The app is currently only available on Android devices. Most people use the app for free, watching ads to support the developer and get continued access to the content.

6. Barre: Barre Eclipse

Barre is a form of group fitness that incorporates ballet movements and elements of yoga and pilates. It’s ideal for people with a background in ballet. Expect a combination of stretches and strength training in a class. Attending online sessions with Barre Eclipse can further hone your skills and help you stick to your fitness routine.

If you're pressed for time, the app offers a 10-minute workout of all levels. You can browse the resource library for free with its 14-day trial and pay $39.99 monthly or $280 yearly for premium access.

7. Kickboxing: PunchLab

If you're one of those women who love to sweat it out through boxing, PunchLab is for you. It has impressive user ratings, making it worth checking out.

Boxing tutorials vary from easy to hard levels. You'll progress from learning the basics of throwing punches without a bag to doing high-intensity challenges consisting of advanced skills and niche styles. Plus, you can pick women instructors if you’re comfortable working with one.

A monthly plan to access the lessons is $22.49, while a yearly subscription costs $99.99.

8. Dance: Body Groove

The list of the best female fitness apps isn’t complete without a fun app. Body Groove is for those who want to lose weight and stay physically active through dancing. You're welcome to join the community even if you don't know how to sway those hips. You'll learn how to do it.

Body Groove was created by Misty Tripoli, a fitness expert. The existing library has a collection of 21 workouts ranging from 20-30 minutes each, showing you how to move and groove in a freestyle and fun way.

Its signature 21-Day Turnaround Program gives you access to 21 workouts for $29. A monthly membership costs $19, while yearly access to workouts is $97.

9. CrossFit: Beyond the Whiteboard

Best Female Fitness Apps in 2024CrossFit is a form of strength training. Like kickboxing and Muay Thai, more women are exploring this fitness landscape. Beyond the Whiteboard is one of the best female fitness apps for this segment.

With a paid membership, you can access over 6 million CrossFit workouts you can do daily with demos for unfamiliar movements. While the app is useful for streaming daily fitness routines, users are more impressed with its tracking feature and leverage it. It simplifies fitness tracking and offers an all-in-one space for planning, logging and analyzing the results of your workouts.

You can navigate the app's premium features for 30 days free. After that, you'll be billed $7.99 monthly or $87 yearly to keep the access.

10. HIIT: Nike Training Club

Nike has further infiltrated the fitness industry by creating its own training app featuring expert-led HIIT workouts, perfect for home exercise. If you find it challenging to squeeze an hour of exercise into your routine, a brief HIIT may be the solution to achieve your health goals without spending a long time in the gym.

The software — touted as one of the best female fitness apps in 2024 — has over 190 wellness tutorials in all forms. They include beginner to advanced workouts, yoga, cardio body weight, mindfulness, nutrition and total-body fitness. The best thing is you've got nothing to lose in trying the app since it's free. Just download it to preview the workouts in the library.

Try the Best Female Fitness Apps This 2024

From low-impact yoga to HIIT, take your pick from these 10 lists to kickstart your fitness journey this year. Most of them have zero-cost trial options, so feel free to download and explore the paid features of the software. No app works for everyone, but by trying the available options, you'll eventually find something that meets your needs.


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