Mike Bledsoe & Mark England: Cognitive Fitness & Building Verbal Strength

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“Most of our minds are built in a way that's very destructive but changing your language changes your view of the world. Once you organize your mind through language, you're not only more effective and creative but you're also more self-aware, your reality changes and you begin to see opportunities that were right there all along.” – Mike Bledsoe

“Everything comes down to the words we use. Understanding how language influences our lives, our inner hardware, and the identities we create for ourselves allows us to really do the inner work. Breaking down language helps us make sense of our experiences, understand our inner stories, and uncover why we believe what we believe.” – Mark England

How can just slightly changing your words enhance your productivity, communication, and even mindset?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 284

Enlifted Co-Founders, Mike Bledsoe and Mark England join Josh at Paleo f(x) 2019 to explain how cognitive fitness can help you rewrite your inner story, how you can actively shift your perception of the world by changing your words, and how Mark's online program, Procabulary, will help you uplevel your communication, direction, and goals.

Listen and find out how Enlifted and Procabulary can create and sustain lasting mental frameworks for increased cognitive fitness and verbal strength.


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Mike Bledsoe Mark England

Every athlete hits a wall. We get bored with our training. Injuries happen out of nowhere. Nutrition is a constant struggle. So we push harder and harder and harder only to end up in the same place: frustrated and confused.
Turns out our mental game is WAY more important than we thought it was. Physical Fitness is a major component of health and performance…and so is Cognitive Fitness.

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Identity vs. Process: Reinterpreting Failure | Mark England | TEDxRVA

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘The ‘pro' in Procabulary isn't for ‘professional vocabulary,' it's for ‘process vocabulary.' Procabulary puts people in the process. It gets them going, moving, breathing, and thinking differently.' – Mark England of @procabulary ” quote=”‘The ‘pro' in Procabulary isn't for ‘professional vocabulary,' it's for ‘process vocabulary.' Procabulary puts people in the process. It gets them going, moving, breathing, and thinking differently.' – Mark England of @procabulary “]

Listen To Episode 284 As Mike Bledsoe & Mark England Uncover

  • How Mark England and Mike Bledsoe met at Thailand and then later began Enlifted with their partner, Adam Chin.
  • What cognitive fitness is and how Mark and Mike are using this technique to help people recreate their stories.
  • Why the stories you create in your mind are not your fault but the societal environment we're raised into and how we're taught to behave and live our lives.
  • Biggest takeaways Mark took from Thailand when he went there for kickboxing and how that “broke” him so that he could discover his true purpose.
  • How just slightly editing and shifting the words we say and think can transform how we see and feel about experiences.
  • The seed that was planted in Mark's mind with the goal of ramping up his presentation work to speak in front of thousands of people.
  • Why you're not changing unless you can look back on how you used to be and witness how you've transformed.
  • The brand new era of teaching others by being The Leading Learner.
  • Why saying what you mean is a better method than thinking before you speak.
  • How to share your truth in a way that other people understand where you're coming from and you're not being rude.

Change Your Language, Change Your World

  • Procabulary's mystic connection to help people slow down and create more thoughtful, intentional speech.
  • What affirmation language you can use instead of conflict/negation words such as “should.”
  • How you can actively and politely help others translate their own language so that they can become better communicators as well.
  • Tunnel vision and why certain stressful experiences will only allow us to see the threat and thus we become attached to a negative story that isn't even real.
  • Conflict language and opinions you've probably inherited from family members, friends, and society.
  • Mark's own struggles with inner stories he believed were due to the old thoughts and patterns we've learned from others.
  • What it means to have a kindness practice and how it's a skill set of its own.
  • How being kind to yourself, identifying your role, and having a good time will allow you to learn and grow much faster.
  • Why going all out will only lead to burn out, fatigue, and actually stop you from growing to your full potential.
  • The mantra, “Your new life is going to cost you your old one,” as a reminder that we have to let go of our old selves through active change for greater success.

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Josh Trent, Mark England, and Mike Bledsoe at Paleo f(x)

Enlifted Mike Bledsoe Mark England Josh Trent

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Being kind to yourself and enjoying the process allows you to learn much faster. It's a great, easy trick.' – @michaelbledsoe ” quote=”‘Being kind to yourself and enjoying the process allows you to learn much faster. It's a great, easy trick.' – @michaelbledsoe “]

Soft Talk Leads To Indecision

“Soft Talk words such as think, maybe, possibly, and sort of soften our positions on topics and can thus create an immense amount of indecision. Indecision is extremely stressful and if it is prolonged, it can even make people sick, rob them of their confidence, and generally make it uncomfortable for them to speak their truth into existence and take action.” – Mark England

Say What You Mean

“Telling someone to think before they speak is bad advice. A better way of saying it is to tell someone to say what they mean. Thinking before you speak is different than thoughtless speech. The heart and body have no words, the heart and the body speak with feeling. So, you have this mind that needs to translate the feeling into a message that is going to land for somebody else. This is the key to communication. If you only speak from the mind, then you're speaking from a place of fear because the mind is a protector. People who only speak from the mind will have a very hard, challenging life and it's going to feel very unsatisfied.” – Mike Bledsoe

Language Is An Inheritance 

“Why will three people be in the same environment and only one of them will see an opportunity while the other two will completely miss it? A lot of that comes down to the words we use. If I grow up with a story such as everyone is out to get me and I can't trust anyone because a parent told me that, then I'll go out into the world with that filter in place. That filter will block out any other thoughts so that the idea is now a part of who we are but Procabulary can rewire those thoughts into new ones.”  – Mark England

Communicating From The Heart

“How do I translate what my body and heart are saying? My body is my intuition whereas my heart is my drive, my intention, and it's where I'm going. The heart creates the vision I want from the emotions I have. What I get to do now is ask myself, ‘How do I link my body, my heart, and my mind in a way that is going to land for you in a way that makes sense?' So, I want to generate what I want to communicate from my heart but I need to be carefully curating and articulating every word so that it means to you what it means to me.”  – Mike Bledsoe

Breaking Down Conflict Langauge

“Most people's language works against them. We help people get their language to work for them. When your language is working against you, everything is an uphill battle. When people use conflict language, it's called conflict language for a reason because you could be projecting onto someone by blaming them, you're thinking out loud about the worst-case scenario, or you're mumbling about the things you could do someday if only such and such happened. If you speak like that, then you've got a Molotov cocktail of highly inflammatory language that puts you in a sympathetic nervous response, a stress response, and then your breathing gets trapped in your chest, your shoulders are tight, and you're physically locked up.” – Mark England


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Procabulary Mark EnglandTake control of your life one word at a time.

Procabulary builds fun, simple and easy to use tools that help you discover direction, purpose, and turbo-charge every goal – from the smallest daily task to life’s biggest dreams.

  • Focus On What Matters – Learn how crafted language can lead to a more focused, more effective you.
  • Make Yourself Clear – End ambiguity and learn how to communicate with precision and clarity.
  • Gain Power, Take Control – Communicate with power and consideration, become the leader you were born to be.

Procabulary | Amy's Hoop Story

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About Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is the Former CEO of Shrugged Collective, Host of The Strong Coach, and Host of The Bledsoe Show. Mike is a seeker of truth & perpetual student, who spotlights premier thought leaders in the fields of emotional & intellectual expansion, behavior change, sexuality & alternative medicine that empower you with the tools and inspiration to transform your mind, body, & spirit.


About Mark England

Mark England

Mark England has been studying methods and techniques for personal empowerment for the last decade. He has a Masters degree in international education, is an NLP Master Practitioner, has had a full-time private language practice for the last eight years, and is the Founder and CEO of Empowered Language Systems and Procabulary. In his spare time, Mark likes to travel, dance, practice martial arts, and have fun.


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