Pavel Stuchlik | Connecting Back With Spirit: Dark Retreats, Iboga + EMF Detox (Your Guide To Self-Transformation)

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 565

Do you feel connected to the spirit?

Pavel Stuchlik | Connecting Back With Spirit: Dark Retreats, Iboga + EMF Detox (Your Guide To Self-Transformation)NOA | AON (Pavel Stuchlik), joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 565, to share his deep journey of awakening and connecting to the spirit, how darkness retreats and Iboga plant medicine changed his life, and why we need to protect ourselves from EMFs.

“I've always seen spirituality as the main purpose of life. People use spirituality or self-help and transformation when they hurt. And we use it as a convenience. That convenience gets us in a lot of trouble because we kind of are in but we're not fully in.”Pavel Stuchlik

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In This Episode, Pavel Stuchlik Uncovers:

[01:30] Committing to Spirituality as a Life Purpose

[08:50] Can We Grow from Love as Much as from Suffering?

[13:10] Learning Who You Are + Listening to Your Subtle Mind

  • The process of unhooking to learn who we are and who we want to be.
  • Why it's important to spend time alone and create a routine for yourself.
  • The “me, we, be” model: Taking awareness to another level.
  • How taking care of physical health simultaneously improves mental health.
  • Rewriting negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • How emotions make this life feel real.
  • The problem with manifesting from polarity instead of from our heart.

[23:25] Develop Your Psychic Abilities

  • The ways in which the spirits talk to us.
  • Psychic hearing and why we should listen to the inner voice.
  • Using our psychic hearing, seeing, feeling, and knowing.
  • The importance of collective collaboration.

[30:00] Self-Transformation Journey

  • The reason why Josh replaced “force” with “wisdom” in the podcast name.
  • Why Pavel's most important biohack is to un-hack you've ever known.
  • The four steps of self-transformation: Wake up, clean up, power up, rest up.

[36:10] The Stages of Relationships

[44:40] What You Can Learn from Your Partner

[49:30] Creating a New Earth + State of Abundance

  • Why healing is a spiral path.
  • We have to choose if we want to be neutral, fearful, or in love.
  • Why the pandemic was a realignment of the new Earth.
  • How Pavel is stepping into abundance.
  • Why we need to trust the universe in order to receive.
  • The importance of not attaching to the results.

[58:50] How Darkness Retreats Can Serve You to Find Your Purpose

  • Love can't exist without evil in the third dimension.
  • Pavel's journey with Iboga plant medicine.
  • Jasmuheen
  • How he became an ambassador of peace.
  • Experimenting with dark room retreats while fasting.
  • Why we don't need to eat physical food.
  • What he learned during his first 10 days in darkness.
  • Everybody can teach someone else something.

[01:10:10] The Sacredness of Plant Medicine

[01:20:35] Healing Yourself + Helping Others Heal

[01:32:45] Mind Control: Who Runs The World?

[01:42:15] Negative Effects of EMF + How QI Device Gets Rid of EMFs

[01:52:15] The Benefits of QI-Shield EMF Device

  • Hagen Thiers
  • What is inside the QI-Shield EMF device.
  • How copper QI device helps you ground.
  • Why people use the QI-Shield for horses.
  • Living in happiness, health, and harmony.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Recreate Life Anew

“I view every opportunity, every moment as a way to process and recreate anew. Because until we stop creating from the past, projecting into future, we're going to be in this wheel house and we're never going to change.” – Pavel Stuchlik

The Allostatic Load in Life

“You wake up in the morning and let's say you have mold in your house, a virus running in your body, and your relationship doesn't work. Think about it as 20% down, 20% down, 20% down. And maybe you're left with 40% to tackle this life. Imagine that you wake up every day and you're already with these obstacles, it's going to be a tough journey through self-transformation because you're going to have to face all this before you can move from that.” – Pavel Stuchlik

Are EMFs Toxic?

“Think about EMFs as toxins. If you take enough toxins, it will kill you. And that's what Dr. Mercola is warning about that the EMFs are the new cigarettes and it's worse because you can't see it. With cigarettes you can see the smog but with EMFs you cannot.” – Pavel Stuchlik

The Key to Manifesting

“You got to trust. It will take shorter and shorter for the manifestation. That's the light speed. At the beginning, if you live very dense life, it's going to take a little bit longer to pick up. But don't break the trust, stay in the light, continue washing yourself with it.” – Pavel Stuchlik

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About Pavel Stuchlik

Pavel Stuchlik | Connecting Back With Spirit: Dark Retreats, Iboga + EMF Detox (Your Guide To Self-Transformation)

NOA | AON (real name, Pavel Stuchlik) possesses an unquenchable thirst for personal fulfillment and a drive that constantly propels him forward.

After a life-threatening bout of the Epstein-Barr virus caused Stuchlik to quit his first career as a professional cyclist, he turned his attention to the world of business, launching Pavelʼs Vision, a successful enterprise selling carbon-fiber bicycle parts online.

International real estate ventures soon followed, but Stuchlik was destined for America. Applying his lethal combination of charm, grit and a “never accept failure” ethic, Pavel was soon a leading franchise owner in OrangeTheory Fitness, the multimillion-dollar wellness franchise boasting more than 1,000 locations worldwide. By the age of 21, Stuchlikʼs net worth had already well exceeded $4 million.

In late 2017, Stuchlik divested some of his shares in OrangeTheory and he is now fully focused on his latest career as a professional electronic dance music (EDM) DJ and producer under the alias, NOA | AON.

His approach to the scene is part of what makes his identity as a performer so intriguing. His no “no” for an answer policy has landed him at some of the most prestigious EDM clubs in the states. And he doesnʼt just lay on a bed of empty promises. His shows sell, making a lasting impact on promoters and ownersʼ alike.

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