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Qi EMF Waveguard Devices

Qi EMF Waveguard Devices



• EMF protection

• Promotes well-being

• Energizes water

• Alleviates EHS

QI EMF Waveguard devices work by depolarizing the man-made EMFs in our environments to drastically reduce EMF radiation.

Natural EMFs are not polarized, but man-made EMFs are. Exposure to these polarized man-made EMFs can cause issues for every single cell in your body, impacting your health at every level.

By depolarizing this harmful man-made EMF radiation, we can help to reduce the adverse health impact of the electrosmog we find ourselves in.

From cleaner air to purer water, and state-of-the-art infrared saunas to protection from EMFs and blue light, find everything you need to transform your space into a health-enhancing haven.

Qi-Shield™ Portable Waveguard EMF Device

Designed for individual use that offers mobile protection whether you are at home, work, or on the go.

Enjoy the relief of being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while in the home or on the move. Including cell phone radiation, Wi-Fi, and other electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).

When stationary, the Qi-Shield provides an EMF protection field of 2.5m radius (5m diameter) in width and 1.6m radius (3.2m diameter) in height. When mobile, the Qi-Shield provides an EMF protection field of 1.5m radius (3m diameter) in width.

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Qi-Home Cell™ EMF Waveguard Device for Home+ Business

The Qi-Max Cell EMF device uses the same technology as the smaller Qi-Shield device, which has been tested using a double-blind study at the BION Institute.

View all independent scientific studies on Qi/Waveguard devices.

The largest Waveguard EMF device, the Qi-Max Cell covers a radius of 164ft / 50m (328ft/ 100m diameter) in width and 114.8ft / 35m radius (229.6ft/ 70m diameter) in height.

The best way to set up the Qi-Max is to choose a central spot in your home or workplace, at least 1.6ft/ 0.5m away from any electrical devices or ring mains. It is activated when placed horizontally and will be fully functional in 24 hours. No need to plug it in.

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