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Holy Hydrogen | Lourdes Hydrofix Premium Edition

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• The highest purity, medical-grade hydrogen available

• The only lab-tested and certified hydrogen machine

• No plated metals, chemicals, or lye used to produce hydrogen

• Supports cellular health, energy production, cognitive health, and weight management.

Holy Hydrogen provides the most advanced therapeutic hydrogen technology.

Drink pure hydrogen water and inhale pure hydrogen gas with the Lourdes Hydrofix.

What Is Hydrogen Water?

Hydrogen water or hydrogen-rich water (also called hydrogen-enriched water) simply means normal water (H2O) that contains dissolved hydrogen gas (H2).

For example, there are carbonated waters or beverages (soda pop), which contain dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2), or oxygen water, which contains dissolved oxygen gas (O2). Similarly, you can have water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas.

Think of it this way: you can make hydrogen water by taking a tank of hydrogen gas (just like tanks of helium used to fill balloons or tanks of oxygen gas used in hospitals), and bubbling it into a glass of water.

There are also many other methods to make hydrogen water, but this may help you better understand what hydrogen water is. It is simply water that contains dissolved hydrogen gas.

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How Much Hydrogen Water Should You Drink?

Animal and human studies generally provide about 0.5 to 1.6 mg or more of H2 per day, and these doses show statistically significant benefits.

Lourdes Hydrofix generates a hydrogen concentration of approximately 1.6 ppm (equivalent to 1.6 mg/L). So if you drink 1 liter of hydrogen water from the Lourdes Hydrofix, you'll get approximately 1.6mg of H2.

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