SOLOCAST | Crime of The Century: How CV!9 “Theatre” Broke Billions of Minds + How We can Heal Collectively

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 501

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares why CV!9 is the biggest crime of the century and what we can collectively heal.

In this solocast, you will learn:

  • How Josh feels about the CV!9 theater.
  • Why he uses the acronym CV!9.
  • What happens to future generations if we spiritually bypass the pandemic.
  • The power of Vanguard and BlackRock capital firms.
  • Why there is a limit to success.
  • How the government is lying to us.
  • Why too much structure allows for no flow and too much power given to few people leads to corruption.
  • Why money is behind the CV!9 theater according to Josh.
  • What mainstream media is not sharing about the Chinese communist party.
  • Why the Wuhan lab hasn't released any files about the virus they were working on at the time of the outbreak.
  • Why this episode will most likely be flagged as controversial to “keep you safe” and how is that hidden censorship.
  • How media is controlled and used as a political tool to create division.
  • Freedom of the press and speech are crucial to becoming free.
  • What it means that we are all in need of an individual and collective wake-up call.
  • How those in power are taking away our sovereignty and individuality by keeping us “safe.”
  • The collective dream of separation.
  • Why being at cause doesn't mean that we are at fault.
  • Tips on how to bulletproof the mind to escape mind control.
  • Why you should place your phone in “do not disturb” mode.
  • The importance of blocking the sources that create fear, anger, or anxiety within us.
  • How taking care of your body makes your mind bulletproof.
  • Breathwork and meditation: Physical and mental strengthening.

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Listen To Episode 501 As Josh Trent Uncovers

[00:00] CV!9 Theater: Who Is Really Behind It?

In today's solo cast, we are exploring the crime of the century how the lockdown and CV!9 theater broke billions of minds, and how we can prevent this from happening as an individual and a collective in 2023 and beyond.

Look, it is no surprise that you made it here to the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast. Maybe you saw the title and you clicked it maybe you already feel the way that I feel and that we feel in this community and that is that we have been robbed and sometimes the most loving thing we can do is to be at war.

By the end of this solo cast, I will promise you that you'll take away the following five big rocks that you can use to protect yourself and your family and your mind, most importantly, from any future attacks on your ancient brain specifically the amygdala.

We'll discuss some of the most cutting-edge and recent developments in the origin of the CV!9. Why Matt Ridley, a British writer, journalist, and public speaker, has written a book about CV!9 and has collectively sold over a million copies that have been translated into 31 languages.

The framing of the plandemic as a political distraction. How fear-based headlines grab hold of your neural chemistry, and what to do about it. The real reason for spiritual and consciousness maturation that we are destined to learn from this theatre nonsense in early 2020. What tools I use when I'm overwhelmed and stressed. How to bulletproof your mind against amygdala hijacking.

[02:10] Communism + Mind Control Tactics

Now look, I know it's a touchy subject for media, and probably many are exhausted with this conversation about the pandemic and lockdowns and masks and jabs and medical freedom and Gestapo mind control from the media and the government but this is something that we need to and we must and we get to explore.

Otherwise, our children and our children's children will pay the price. Somewhere in your subconscious mind, there's probably already a question why should I listen to josh for the next 10 minutes?

Well, I will tell you, because I've spent the past two years just like you, experiencing the nuclear fallout from an economic, mental health, the community split by the acts of what I believe is communism and mind control tactics by the most elite of the elite, who essentially run the world.

I'm talking about the powers that be behind closed doors at Vanguard and BlackRock capital. I'm talking about $20 trillion that is managed by Vanguard and BlackRock and probably a lot more that just isn't showing publicly.

All you have to do, and don't worry you won't go down the rabbit hole today and there's no tinfoil hat needed, is make the connections between the two largest capital firms in the entire planet, literally in the history of humanity, this much wealth has never been held by such few people.

Now, the free market capitalist inside of you and inside of me is celebrating when people succeed, but there is a limit to the succession of financial gain when it comes to creating scarcity and fear, and pain for others. What do I mean by this? Let's dig in.

All of the money in the world can be funneled into and out of the largest capital firms like Vanguard, and BlackRock, traced to, and from the federal reserve, which is a private company that is for profit which most people get wrong, and of course, traced to the United States federal government, and then that is where all the money supposedly gets applied to state and local city governments.

But you and I both know if you've ever gone to get a driver's license or registration or a permit that the existential energy and every single office whether at a local city or federal level has a flavor doesn't it? It has a flavor of lies and frustration, like an existential pressure that we all can feel whenever we step foot into a government or authority organization.

Now the father in me knows that order and structure, and a framework for chaos, which is life is necessary. But you and I also both know that too much structure allows for no flow and no energy to move from point a to point B.

In other words, too much control given to too few people will ultimately yield corruption and that is exactly what we are seeing with the financial system.

Make sure that you listen to the episode with Robert Breedlove, where he does an incredible job, breaking down the financial system, and the rise of cryptocurrency it is a master class on financial wellness. It's very important for you to listen to this episode.

[05:40] Why The Truth Is Being Hidden From Us

Now back to the crime of the century. The reason we had to talk about money before that is because money created this CV!9 theater. Period and stop.

If you look at the YouTube video interview with Jordan Peterson and Matt Ridley, the author of Viral: The Search For The Origin Of CV!9, titled The Origin Of CV!9, you will learn from the most accurate and observational research of the data that mainstream media is not sharing that there is a smoking gun when it comes to the Chinese communist party and their involvement in the leaking out of this virus that caused so much death and destruction and mind control.

And emails now exposed the head of the NIH, the National Institute of Health is quoted: “We can't damage international harmony, we mustn't dampen the reputation of Chinese science.”

And this, my friend, is the smoking gun, the Wuhan CV!9 research lab in China. Still to this day, has not released their files about what viruses they were working on at the time of the leak and the outbreak. When the Chinese lab was confronted by the United States government to release their records, they were told no.

If this isn't the biggest smoking gun, that should allow natural sacred anger and sacred rage to come forth from you and I and us as a collective, then nothing ever will.

What we have gone through over the past 2 and a half years is a vile and disgusting cover-up, to which there may never be forgiveness and tell the truth is exposed.

Matt really continues to share with us through his research that conversations were controlled by the communist party in China here in America and censorship that was funded by. The CCP has been rolling out ever since the leak.

Now I'm sure this episode is going to get flagged whenever you mention CCP or China or BlackRock or any of the terms I'm talking about automatically the technocrat agencies will flag this episode as a controversy or that you don't have the responsibility in your own mind to protect yourself against me.

So they are going to place a huge blue or green or black label on this continent where you're listening or watching it to “keep you safe” and isn't that so disgusting that these technocrat agencies don't believe in you, they don't believe in your own agency and filter of information so they slap warnings on contact like this to “keep you safe “which is essentially hidden censorship.

It should not surprise you by now, but there is a silver lining in this, which I will get to you in a moment.

[09:23] CV!9: A Political Distraction?

Essentially, what has been happening is that all media has been controlled and the entire Plandemic was used as a political distraction tool to divide people into pro-mask or anti-mask, pro job or anti-jab pro BLM or anti-BLM and it's all a fucking joke and a fucking lie and you and I both know it.

This is divisional language 101. If you look at military tactics of war, the very first thing you do is that you put sides against each other then you confuse them, then you take away their resources, then you control the world and all of its people.

Is it so hard to believe that at the highest level your attention is being controlled which will lead to the choices that disempower you and disenfranchise you from your very own freedom?

This is why billions of minds were broken because the truth will set us free but in order to have freedom we must have freedom of press and freedom of speech which you and I both know absolutely was under siege over the past 2 and a half years and even more aggressively so now, which is why we're here on this podcast to get the mental physical, emotional, spiritual and financial truth about how we can support our wellness.

And wellness starts in the body and in the mind. Head over to the show notes page if you want to get all the links and resources and dive much deeper with me into this topic let's move on because I promised you we would get into five core aspects that you can use to bulletproof your mind about anything similar that may happen in the future so let's continue.

[10:55] The Illusion Of Separation

So why is this all happening? Let's take a deep breath. I believe this is happening because we are in need of a collective and an individual wake-up call. The quote by Aristotle that Alan Watts has been very famous for is that nature abhors a vacuum. Nature hates a vacuum.

Well, the vacuum that is being pulled on us by the media, and by those at the highest levels of power is sucking away our sovereignty and our individuality through the lens of “it's for your safety.

The real reason for this pandemic and of this insanity is that we have to crack open so that light can pour out of us and into us.

We are living as Paul Levy my guest on episode 503 next week will share in a collective dream. We will go much deeper into this topic next week, which I know you would love.

The collective dream is that we are separate. We believe this dream of illusion that there is such a difference between the hearts in our chests, in the air that we breathe and the emotions that we all feel. We are taught that we are separate, but we are not. We are absolutely not separate. We never have been, and we never will be.

So in order to come to the truth, we have to experience the vacuum the contrast, the darkness, the opposite of love. I don't know why God made it this way my friend, it makes me sad at times and it's definitely a spiritual maturation process for me to accept, but it is what it is and so what do we do about it now?

You've heard me say many times since interviewing my friend and mentor Scott Jackson that we are at cause, but being at cause does not always mean that we are at fault.

But it is with our compliance and our talking detail between her legs and wearing the masks and getting the jobs and following orders and hoping it will all go away… This is what perpetuates the darkness and perpetuates the attacks on the mind.

[13:08] Steps To Bulletproof Your Mind

So let's talk about how to bulletproof the mind so you can be free of this control, tactic by the media and the highest elite power.

The very first thing you must do is to place your phone on “do not disturb.” I know it's a very simple thing, but place your phone on do not disturb, next have specific times that you check social media. Once, twice, maybe three times a day, or just have specific days that you check social media.

Next, and this is very very important, whenever you see something on your Instagram Facebook, social media feeds, or news and it makes you feel fear and you'll know you're feeling fear because your prefrontal cortex will shut down and you'll start feeling anger or sadness or rage, immediately unfollow, block, and hide the source that showed you the main control message.

I'm talking about CNB, CMS, MBC, Fox, CBC, BCBBB, whatever the acronyms are it doesn't even matter. Any major news outlet – immediately unfollow it. There are only five news outlets globally, and they hide behind subsidiaries.

And if you don't believe me just do a quick Google search or search on YouTube for the video titled “This Is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy” and you'll see what I mean. It's also in the show notes at

[14:40] Taking Care Of Your Body To Strengthen Your Mind

Next, if you want to bulletproof your mind, you have to care and love for your body.

Now look you don't need to buy anything for this but if you have income that you're spending on alcohol, drugs or partying, or anything else that is taking you away from your physical sovereignty I want you to listen really really closely here. it's really serious and meaningful to me. I've worked very hard to get the deepest discounts possible to get you all the tools that will fuel and support your physical mental emotional, spiritual and financial health so you can be well and when you're well you're less controllable when you're healthy, you're less controllable.

There's two specific products I want you to use. The first one is the Upbeat from Nootopia, and the second one is the Kanna or the MesemBright from LiftMode. Both of these are built to support your new chemistry and make your mind and your nervous system strong.

When you combine that with your discipline of putting your phone on “do not disturb” and hiding the fear-based news, you were going to be rock-solid, my friend that is my promise.

Another way that you can bulletproof yourself is through breathwork and meditation. As you know, I absolutely love breathwork. It is a core part of my life and you can join me in a three-week program titled Breathe: Breath & Wellness. The new year is coming.

It's a perfect time for you to join me in the program you can go to and use the code “PODCAST25” to get 25% off the Breathe: Breath & Wellness program in that program will talk about the many layers you can put into place right away to make you bulletproof physically and mentally from this mind control from the media by just using your breath in the most intelligent way.

That's Use the code “PODCAST25” to support and nourish yourself through your breath.

I really like the MitoZen Nasal Spray. It has got oxytocin and Hape. It's very calming. I use it in the evenings to connect with my partner or if I'm feeling stressed.

Here's the key if you feel like you're out of your body, you most likely are, and when you're out of your body, your prefrontal cortex is shut down.

So when you spray the oxytocin and the Hape into your sinuses, you come back into your body. The prefrontal cortex starts to come back online and you're actually yourself again you can go to and use the code “WELLNESSFORCE” to get 15% off the oxytocin and Hape Zen nasal spray.

Now look again, you don't have to buy any of these things. I just love them I use them myself and thousands of people in our Wellness + Wisdom Community have purchased them and use them as well so I think they will really really help you.

[17:55] Sparking Meaningful Conversations

And I trust that this podcast lit a fire inside of your heart to motivate you to dig deeper in 2023 and have this conversation at the holiday table or with a friend or with a family member who just simply does not know.

Maybe they're unconsciously incompetent about it, in other words, they don't even know they don't know this can be your special moment to connect with a friend or a family member that you haven't connected with for a long time and make it a meaningful conversation.

Please, share this podcast with someone who literally does not know that they don't know share this crime of the century how this CV!9 theater broke billions of minds and how we can heal collectively.

Everything today's at from my heart to yours thank you for being here please share this podcast. Please leave us a review at

It helps the show expand and rise in the algorithms and I appreciate you being here with me. There's a reason you found me, there's a reason you feel this, there's a reason that we spent time together today, and I'm grateful for that reason.

Make sure you tune in next week to episode 503 with Paul Levy talking about Wetiko, the mind virus. If you resonated with this solocast, you will absolutely love that guest interview until I see you again I'm wishing you love and wellness.

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