Men’s Mental Health: Trauma Informed Or Trauma Ignorant? | Elise Micheals

“People normalize trauma because they don't understand it's trauma. Our parents' generation normalized beating kids because obedience was the way to have healthy children. Everybody got their ass beat and nobody thought it was traumatic to get beat by your parent.” – Elise Micheals

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 531

Elise Micheals, a trauma-informed men's coach, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast episode 531 to discuss the challenges related to men's mental health, and why we need to become trauma-informed as a society.

Are you ready to uncover why trauma has been normalized and ignored, and what we need to do to heal generational trauma?

This episode will help you gain an understanding of how repeated patterns influence your relationships, why it's important to become trauma-informed, and how to deal with generational trauma.

Listen To Episode 531 As Elise Micheals Uncovers:

[01:30] Trauma: Normalized + Ignored

[13:00] Repeated Patterns + Toxic Relationships

[25:05] Why We Need To Be Trauma-Informed

  • Why no one should think of themselves as a prize.
  • How we act out of survival mode.
  • Why we need to be accountable for our reactions instead of controlling other people's behavior.
  • The importance of having a healthy model in our families.
  • What it means to be trauma-informed.

[33:15] Self Love + Boundaries

  • The reason men feel out of balance and out of control.
  • Why you need to prioritize yourself.
  • Unpacking how to learn to say “no” and to express yourself.
  • How we reflect our partner's work upon themselves.
  • Why people confuse ultimatum and boundary.

[44:30] Healing Generational Trauma

Power Quotes From The Show

Trauma Confused Society

“We're trauma confused because there's a lot of gurus out there who are saying things about trauma that make it more confusing. Everybody thinks they have the correct idea but many people do not.” – Elise Micheals

Give And Receive Love

“How do you give and receive love in a healthy way? If you don't know it, that journey is hard. And you find yourself in relationships and then you have to analyze where you're abandoning yourself in order to make this work.” – Elise Micheals

The Need To Earn Love

“A mother is a nurturer. A mother helps her children understand their emotions and how to regulate them. But if she herself doesn't understand her emotions and doesn't know how to regulate them, she's not going to attune to the child's needs and they will feel like they need to earn her love.

They grow into an adult still seeking that love, and if they can't get it from their mother, they will subconsciously seek it out from a partner. That means they might take on a project partner that they can fulfill that desire that was never completed as a child.” – Elise Micheals

Links From Today's Show 

About Elise Micheals

Men's Mental Health: Trauma Informed Or Trauma Ignorant? | Elise MichealsElise Micheals is a trauma-informed men's coach who helps men find purpose and passion again by healing subconscious trauma.

She has grown her following to over half a million across all platforms and plans on changing the way men's mental health is viewed for men worldwide.

Her coaching program helps men gain clarity on their subconscious blocks to heal trauma and create a better life, business, and relationships.

With the combination of Trauma therapy, REBT, CBT, Relationship Science, and Neuroscience, Elise has created easy-to-follow actionable steps that allow you to understand, and heal, quicker.

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About Josh Trent

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