Laura Coe | Understanding Akashic Records: How To Live Your Dharma, Spiritual Bypassing, Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Discover how understanding akashic records can help you unlock your potential.

“An Akashic record is believed to be this energetic space that holds your soul's history. If you think of western Christianity and Judaism, they call it the book of life. In Eastern traditions, they call it Akasha Primary Substance but it's this idea that every single thing that you have ever done in the history of your soul's life, not this incarnation, has been recorded and stored somewhere.” – Laura Coe

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 451

Akashic Records Reader, Author of The Nature of Series, and Founder of The Little Soul School, Laura Coe, returns to share the truth behind the Akashic Records, how to unlock your potential in our 3D world, as well as the concepts of soul splitting, twin flames, and soulmates.

What are the Akashic Records and how can they help you better understand your next path in life?

Find out how Laura helps people better understand themselves, their soul contracts, and their dharma.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”An Akashic Record is this energetic space that holds your soul's history. Every single thing that you have ever done in the history of your soul's life, not this incarnation, has been recorded and stored somewhere. – @laurascoe ” quote=”An Akashic Record is this energetic space that holds your soul's history. Every single thing that you have ever done in the history of your soul's life, not this incarnation, has been recorded and stored somewhere. – @laurascoe “]

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Listen To Episode 451 As Laura Coe Uncovers:

[1:30] Akashic Record Reading

[21:30] Unlock Yourself Further in this 3D World

  • What Laura begins to learn about a person when she first opens the records for them.
  • The teachings the Akashic Records give people; especially if they want to know their purpose i.e. unlock themselves further.
  • Why Akashic readings help the person find out why they’re stuck, not give you a linear path.
  • The fact that people work so hard for success and money to achieve happiness or belonging but they’re often disappointed with the end results.
  • Her Nature book series and how she channeled them and what that even means.
  • Get the first three books in Laura Coe’s Nature of series: The Nature of Love, The Nature of Self-Love, and The Nature of Boundaries.
  • The plan she has to release 10 more books with the information she has channeled.
  • Leela Quantum
  • Her process of surrendering to the process and being okay with not fully understanding why she can do all of this.
  • Exploring quantum physics and how it feels very aligned with the Akashic Records.

[31:30] Soul Splitting at Inception & Healing a Loss of Wellbeing

  • The loss of wellbeing and different emotions that a person will go through when they experience a soul split.
  • Her belief and understanding that our souls split at inception and that is what creates our twin flame.
  • Why she doesn’t necessarily see this as a harsh split but more a desire from our soul to live through the body.
  • Breaking down how the soul is ever-present and always aware of what is happening around us.
  • How the energy of our past lifetimes can have an impact on our soul experience.
  • Why people can be so drawn to dark energy that they find themselves stuck there rather than being in the light.
  • The fact that bad emotions aren’t seen as being wrong in the Akashic Records.
  • Why experiencing bad or negative thoughts, emotions, and behavior is all part of being human.
  • Powerful lessons that we can learn from negative and heavy human experiences such as recognizing and embracing positive ones.
  • Why it’s not important whether or not you are or were angry about something but the time difference between the experience and lack of attachment.

[40:00] Soul Contract & Free Will

  • Unpacking spiritual bypassing and why sometimes people use it knowingly or unknowingly to protect themselves.
  • Why sometimes we’re not ready to heal or fix things and so spiritual bypassing and being positive all the time is a shield people use to protect themselves.
  • Caroline Myss
  • Exploring how the soul contract that we are born with and our free will are combined in this human experience.
  • The plan we all created for ourselves before we came into this world so we can have the experiences and lessons we wanted to experience.
  • Why it may take a soul several lifetimes to finally experience or learn something in this world that they have set out in their contract.
  • The fact that sometimes a soul contract isn’t fulfilled and that then creates karma.
  • Why karma isn’t a bad spiritual debt, it’s just owed without any negative attachment to it.
  • The nagging, excruciating feeling that people can experience when they don’t think they’re living up to their potential or purpose but they don’t know what to do next.
  • How to open yourself up to dharma and the universe’s truth that is speaking through your soul to you.
  • The importance of recognizing the limitations of the brain state.

[57:00] Dharma: Unlocking Our Truly Embodied Selves

[1:25:50] Twin Flames & Soul Mates

  • Exploring the concepts of twin flames and soul mates plus how you know who is who in your life.
  • Why you might not often meet your twin flame in a lifetime as you live in different eras throughout the soul contract.
  • The rapid growth learning that happens when you do meet your twin flame during your lifetime and why it can be a struggling experience.
  • What a soul mate is and why it's not the same as a twin flame.
  • Why you can have many soul mates but just one twin flame.
  • How twin flames help mirror back not just weaknesses but strengths as well.
  • The reverence, tools, and support necessary for twin flame relationships and why they don't often stay together long-term.
  • How the healing for a twin flame might continue down the line for 3 or more lifetimes even.
  • Laura's relationship with her twin flame and why she's become 10x a better person because of it despite how hard it is in reality.
  • How to know if you've really met your twin flame that is helping you evolve or if you're just in a toxic relationship.
  • What Laura is currently working on for herself right now including releasing and accepting that maybe it's okay to not know everything.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”People don't want success. They want a sense of fulfillment that is reflected in the real world. That's why people come up empty-handed when they achieve something without purpose. Something doesn't feel right. – @laurascoe ” quote=”People don't want success. They want a sense of fulfillment that is reflected in the real world. That's why people come up empty-handed when they achieve something without purpose. Something doesn't feel right. – @laurascoe “]

Why We Don't Really Want Success

“When we think about success and how we define that and what that looks like; it's very easy to achieve success. Just get out there and grind; don't listen to anything, work 12 hours a day, just go for it and you will get success somewhere but that's not what people want. They want a sense of fulfillment, a sense of connection to themselves, and then that is reflected in the real world. That's why people come up empty-handed when it's all done; they worked hard, they built a business, but something doesn't feel right.” – Laura Coe

The Healing & Struggle of Twin Flames

“The idea of a twin flame is that your soul has split in half and you have one other soul that is your other half. You don't meet in lifetimes that often but when you do there is this rapid growth of learning which causes a lot of struggle because you mirror each other's deepest wounds for the other person to rapidly heal and mostly unknowingly you're mirroring. The struggle is deep and often there is a lot of breaking up, a lot of challenges, and oftentimes the relationships don't work because it's so hard to be around somebody who mirrors you to that degree. It's for your soul growth and it is for your highest good so that you can heal these things and move into the world.” – Laura Coe

The Difference Between Soul Mates & Twin Flames

“Whereas there's one Twin Flame, there are lots of Soul Mates we can meet during our lifetimes. Soul mates are like your best friend that you have had over many lifetimes. They are these souls that you reincarnate with a lot and there is that comfort. You meet how many people in a year in work and even just comings and goings but once in a while you meet someone who is like family to you.” – Laura Coe

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About Laura Coe

Laura Coe | Understanding Akashic Records: How To Live Your Dharma, Spiritual Bypassing, Twin Flames & Soul MatesLaura Coe was born in Chicago, Illinois. She found her calling in philosophy, which she studied at Brandeis, as well as in graduate school at Tufts University. After realizing she didn’t want to pursue academia, she went on to become a healthcare tech entrepreneur. After selling her company in 2006, she came back to her philosophical roots and wrote Emotional Obesity, as well as hosted the popular podcast, The Art of Authenticity.

When Laura came across the Akashic Records—a way to systematically deepen the connection to your authentic voice—she found that the wisdom of the Records changed the trajectory of her work, and she used it to author The Nature of Series and to found The Little Soul School. Her writing has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc., Thought Catalog, The New York Observer, and more.

243 Laura Coe: Emotional Obesity


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