Amy Piper | Tapping For Truth: The Science + Spiritual Power of Becoming Your Own Healer Through Tapping

“Emotional Acupuncture is an easy way to reference it but what EFT Tapping really is, is your connecting with these meridian points as you verbalize a concern or an issue in your life and you're making it neutral at its very core. You're neutralizing a pattern that's not good for you; maybe it's just general stress and anxiety or a traumatic event that occurred. It's all the range.” – Amy Piper

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 448

EFT practitioner and trainer at Tapping for Truth, Amy Piper, explains the science and differences between EFT Tapping, EMDR, and talk therapy plus why EFT is a safe, fast tool to help you heal emotional weight, trapped emotions, and let go of trauma.

Are you ready to take your healing to the next level?

Find out how EFT Tapping can give you the results you want swiftly and safely when other forms of therapy haven't worked out or if you want to supplement this with something else.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Through EFT Tapping, you are connecting with these meridian points as you verbalize a concern and ultimately neutralize it at its core. – Amy Piper” quote=”Through EFT Tapping, you are connecting with these meridian points as you verbalize a concern and ultimately neutralize it at its core. – Amy Piper”]

Tapping for Truth with Amy Piper

Amy Piper | Tapping For Truth: The Science + Spiritual Power of Becoming Your Own Healer Through TappingUse the code ‘JOSH' in your subject line and message to Amy for a 15% discount for her 1:1 sessions and a 10% discount for her EFT trainings.

1:1 Sessions with Amy

When you work with Amy, you and her will create a personalized plan for your EFT Tapping Sessions. She will help you determine where you’re feeling stuck, identify core beliefs, and clear any limiting beliefs preventing you from being your most authentic self.

As you work together, the emotional intensity around a particular issue or experience will be released. This will make room for greater clarity and insight, encoding new positive beliefs.

EFT Trainings

Why learn tapping techniques?
EFT tapping is a simple and effective way to clear anxiety, neutralize traumatic memories, eliminate addictive cravings and address physical conditions such as chronic pain, allergies, fibromyalgia, and a variety of other limitations to a healthy state of body and mind.

Why Amy?
Amy is a Certified Trainer of EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Tapping the Matrix Academy, offering training in EFT Levels One and Two

Listen To Episode 448 As Amy Piper Uncovers:

[1:30] Emotional Acupuncture: A How-To Guide to EFT Tapping

  • Amy Piper
  • Tapping for Truth
  • Joe DiStefano
  • Runga
  • Use the code ‘JOSH' in your subject line and message to Amy for a 15% discount for the 1:1 sessions and a 10% discount for the EFT trainings.
  • Amy walks Josh through a tapping session that you can watch and follow along on YouTube HERE.
  • What EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is and why it is such a powerful practice to neutralize thoughts, patterns, and negative behaviors.
  • The massive death and rebirth Josh went through on 2-22-22 with the launch of Wellness + Wisdom.
  • How EFT Tapping and its practice have evolved for her both personally and professionally.
  • Why the more EFT Tapping you do, the easier it is to move forward with your personal inner work goals.
  • The origins of EFT Tapping and how someone actually came upon by accident.
  • Gary Craig | EFT Tapping
  • How often and when on average someone can do EFT Tapping to help heal trauma.

[9:30] Differences between EFT Tapping, EMDR, and Talk Therapy

  • Breaking down how EFT Tapping is different from other techniques like EMDR and talk therapy.
  • What often leads people to try EFT Tapping after other healing practices like talk therapy.
  • How EFT Tapping helps uncover where trauma is being held in the brain and throughout the rest of the body.
  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
  • Why some areas of the brain like the amygdala, the limbic system, and other autonomic areas do not respond to spoken language and that's where EFT Tapping comes in to neutralize it.
  • Finding the middle ground of science and emotional intelligence plus EFT Tapping's role with it.
  • The everyday practical use of EFT Tapping to help you become grounded.
  • Her interest in practicing kundalini yoga and the powerful phrase they always say: “We're householders.”

[17:30] The Science Behind EFT Tapping

  • Exploring the science behind EFT Tapping and how it works to help us calm down, heal, and stress less throughout the day.
  • The different organs and emotions each meridian pathway connects to in the body.
  • Why the verbal part of EFT Tapping is essential because you are working with the pre-frontal cortex as well.
  • Different pathways you can take during a session and why you might start with only speaking first.
  • Meridian Emotion Spreadsheet
  • How Amy discovered EFT Tapping and used it to help her better understand the relationship patterns she was stuck in.
  • What this practice revealed to Amy about her stuck relationship pattern and how it helped her heal her sadness.
  • Other times Amy has used it to help her heal when she has needed it.
  • The moment Amy decided to go further into EFT Tapping and begin a career with it.
  • How trauma and beliefs that were formed from ages 0-7 heal differently compared to those experienced and formed when we're older.
  • The fact that 90% or so of how we show up in the world is subconscious.

[28:00] Healing Emotional Weight & Trapped Emotions

  • How EFT Tapping can help people heal their weight issues and find out when these belief systems were created.
  • Steps she follows to help people dial in on the emotional weight they're holding onto.
  • Why someone could be working out and eating well but then their body holds onto excess weight that is connected to the emotions, thoughts, and patterns they need to heal.
  • Questions she asks people to help them connect the dots to patterns and why they're feeling the way they are or acting a certain way in a situation.
  • How EFT Tapping will really bring up trauma that needs to be healed even if somebody is spiritually bypassing with yoga, meditation, or other wellness practices.
  • The fact that it's okay if you're not ready for EFT Tapping or to move forward after one session; go at your own pace and seek guidance when you need it.

[38:00] The Safe Process of EFT Tapping

  • How EFT Tapping creates a safe container for people to heal and it doesn't have to be a long-term process.
  • Why many people may only need 3-5 sessions to help them work through and clear what they want to heal.
  • Josh's own relationship patterns before he met Carrie Michelle.
  • How she helps people who are resistant at first to trying EFT Tapping when they come to her for their first session.
  • Why people who have been assaulted or molested may not be ready to tap yet when they first seek out help.
  • How every EFT session is driven by the client and what they want to work on; someone like Amy will gently guide and lead but they let the client take full reign.
  • Why many people will distance themselves from the trauma they want to heal and how she responds to it.
  • How she helps people clear shame first and foremost before working on other areas.
  • What surrogate tapping is and how you can do it to help an animal or a baby.
  • The different in-person and virtual EFT Tapping trainings that she offers.
  • Some of the beliefs that Amy was carrying around like prosperity, money, and self-worth that she didn't even realize were there until she began tapping.
  • The differences between Level 1 and Level 2 EFT Tapping training and what you will learn in each.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”EFT Tapping is a beautiful compliment to talk therapy. With both we can really go after the emotional or limbic brain and heal trauma, stress, and anxiety. – Amy Piper” quote=”EFT Tapping is a beautiful compliment to talk therapy. With both we can really go after the emotional or limbic brain and heal trauma, stress, and anxiety. – Amy Piper”]

Combining EFT Tapping & Talk Therapy

“Clients that are coming to me have often already done talk therapy 95% of the time and they have learned a lot from it but they're still having panic attacks, trauma patterns keep repeating or they're still having trouble in their relationship. So, where EFT Tapping comes in, and it's a beautiful compliment to talk therapy if people want to do both, is we're getting after where it is held in the brain…

..We're really going after fight or flight and the limbic or the emotional brain. As you talk while you tap, you're really going after the non-verbal part of the brain. You may know why you're having these panic attacks, phobias, addictions or anxious thoughts but you can't stop it until you tap to go after the brain that doesn't recognize spoken language and neutralize it.” – Amy Piper

Healing Emotional Weight & Trapped Emotions

“Often people come to me with weight issues that they want to heal and so I work with them to go back and figure out when did this all started and what was going on in their life at the same time. Just by asking five to six questions, I receive a wealth of information to help them begin including asking, ‘What part of this is emotional weight?' Not just diet and exercise but the emotional component and subconscious thoughts as well such as, ‘I need this weight to protect me,' because it insulates me from the pain I'm feeling.” – Amy Piper

Healing Trauma: Peeling Back the Layers

“EFT tapping actually doesn't take a long time to help people clear out their trauma so it doesn't have to be a painful process. Some times, for each specific area you want to work on it may only take 3-5 sessions. With each session, you're rapidly peeling back the layers of the anger, resentment, shame, and any other emotions you're feeling. You do have to go through it to heal but I think EFT really provides a safe way to feel and release.” – Amy Piper

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About Amy Piper

Amy Piper | Tapping For Truth: The Science + Spiritual Power of Becoming Your Own Healer Through TappingAmy Piper is an EFT practitioner and trainer in Los Angeles. She works with people both in person and virtually in 1:1 sessions. She also conducts EFT Level I and 2 workshops to train others in EFT, as a tool for themselves, or for professionals to add to an existing healing practice. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques, more commonly known as ‘tapping.' She began her journey with EFT as a client over 15 years ago.

Having direct experience with this transformational work, she felt called to train and become certified in these techniques. EFT is commonly referred to as “emotional acupuncture.’ It not only releases emotional distress but also goes beyond to reverse negative core beliefs. She loves it because it is powerful and works quickly.

Amy's Work in EFT Tapping & Speech-Language Pathology

Her formal education is as a speech-language pathologist; I completed my Master’s in speech sciences and embarked on this career nearly 20 years ago. She enjoyed working with people specializing in the area of brain injury/trauma within speech pathology, however, she often felt that something was missing.

She was working primarily with people who had experienced a traumatic event as part of a rehab team of professionals. When she encountered EFT (tapping), she realized this was the piece that had been missing. EFT has the power to heal traumatic experiences/memories that are held in the body and energy system. Releasing these traumas/painful experiences can have a profound effect on one’s health.

About the Science of EFT Tapping

EFT brings Chinese Acupressure and modern psychology together. It combines gentle tapping on key acupuncture points while focusing your thoughts on physical pain, unhappy memories, uncomfortable emotions, traumas, fears/phobias, or any other problem. EFT works to “smooth out” the energetic disruption between thoughts/ memories and an emotional reaction. The emotional factors that contribute to the problem are typically released along with the energy blocks.

The tapping is working directly with the limbic brain, specifically the amygdala, where our stress response (flight/flight) is controlled. Tapping has a direct and immediate effect to down-regulate the amygdala. It’s a powerful tool to clear recent traumas or things that happened all the way back in our childhood/early years.

As we identify certain patterns in our lives or belief systems that no longer serve us, we can tap to clear these patterns. This allows us to live from a more neutral and joyful place.

HEAL Emotional Weight & Release Trapped Emotions


About Josh Trent

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