Shifting Shame Into Wonder: Amber Rae

222 Shift Shame Into Wonder_ Amber Rae WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 222

Shifting Shame Into Wonder: Amber Rae

“Wonder is what we're born with. We come into this world so curious in a space of discovery and adventure but then that is socialized and conditioned out of us. Between the system of education, media advertisements, and who we think we're supposed to be, we believe we have to show up a certain way to feel worthy and be loved by others. As we see more information and the way that the world exists, we begin to question whether we're good enough just as we are. That's when the worry starts and the inner voice asks, ‘Am I good enough?' ‘Do I matter?' ‘Do I fit in here?' The thing about worry is that our brain is wired to worry. That's when we have to start asking ourselves, ‘How do I reclaim and rewire for wonder?' ” – Amber Rae

Is there such a thing as a good kind of worry? What are the differences between experiencing useful worry and toxic worry?

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 222, Speaker, Artist, Creator of The World We Wantand Author of Choose Wonder Over Worry, Amber Rae, explores and shares how you can create a space to create non-violent communication with yourself and your emotions, how to overcome the fearful mind, and how to move away from tension about money.

Learn how Amber's 3 Cs – Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion can help you avoid anxious thoughts and become in tune with your natural wonder instead. 

Choose Wonder Over Worry

Order your copy of Choose Wonder Over Worry

Choose Wonder Over Worry by Amber RaeFrom the powerhouse Mind Body Green calls “the Brené Brown of Wonder” comes a book that will shift the way we relate to ourselves and our emotions, and help us reach our full potential.

“Amber Rae is the Elizabeth Gilbert of her generation.” ―Stacy London, New York Times bestselling author of The Truth about Style

WONDER is what we’re born with.
WORRY is what we learn.

Why do we hold back from pursuing what matters most? Why do we listen to the voice inside our head that tells us we're not good enough, smart enough, or talented enough? How can we move beyond the fear and doubt that prevents us from creating a life that reflects who we truly are?

CHOOSE WONDER OVER WORRY is your official invitation to face your fears, navigate your discomfort, and rewrite the “worry myths” in your mind that keep you from being your best and truest self.

Journey with inspirational speaker and artist AMBER RAE as she connects you with your voice of worry and wonder, teaches you to listen to your emotions rather than silence them, and encourages you to seize your dreams. Through a thoughtful blend of vulnerability, soulfulness, and science, Amber Rae guides you in expressing the fullness of who you are and the gifts you’re here to give.

You don’t have to be held back by Worry when Wonder awaits you every moment of every day.

Worry or Wonder: which will you choose?

Amber Rae – 2018 Speaking Reel

Listen To Episode 222 As Amber Rae Uncovers:

  • How you can go from worrying all the time to re-wiring your mind to wonder again.
  • Her process of healing while struggling with her step-father wanting to really step into the role of her father.
  • Her use of alcohol and Adderall while making her way through the music industry in Silicon Valley.
  • Why she sought out approval, acceptance, and validation from men based on her relationship with her biological father and step-father.
  • The demons her father faced during his lifetime and what similarities she has noticed between him and herself.
  • The biggest lessons she has learned from her father both while he was alive and now thinking about how he lived.
  • Why her book, Choose Wonder Over Worry, almost didn't get written.
  • What questions you can start asking yourself when the sense of worrying creeps into your mind.
  • Name It To Tame It – How naming the sensations you feel in our body and mind can help you stay present.
  • Hellenism greek religion or idea that emotions visit you so that you can feel and then let them go.
  • Why feelings are your friends that just come and visit you from time to time.
  • The dangers of replacing a negative thought with a positive one without really creating the space to understand why it's there in the first place.
  • The dangers of being the “Tone Police” and not allowing someone to fully feel and express their emotion even if it's a negative one like anger, stress, or frustration.
  • How swapping and reframing from being the victim to taking responsibility can help let go of blame.
  • How her inner intuition, wonder, and whispers led her to New York City and discover her artistic abilities.
  • Why she began The World We Want and where she dreams of it going in the future.
  • Why we don't have to suffer more than necessary to get things done that we want to accomplish.
  • How you can shift away from worry and tension around money and recreate a new wonder, story, and belief about it.
  • Her current favorite practices for physical intelligence and emotional intelligence.
  • How creating characters for each of our emotions can help us have non-violent communication within ourselves.

Power Quotes From The Show

“Name It To Tame It helps you vividly name the thoughts in your head as well as the sensations in your body. Worry is either living in the past or living in the future and it forces you to lose sight of you in this moment right now. So, when you can name anxious thoughts or tension in the body, that practice allows you to respond to those thoughts or feelings, come back into the present moment, and become aware of them.” – Amber Rae

“Our feelings are our friends. I used to repress and push away my emotions; particularly the negative ones because I thought that in order to be worthy and loved, I needed to be a positive, happy person all the time. There's so much danger in replacing a negative thought with a positive one if we don't create the space to first listen and understand why that thought or feeling is visiting us.” – Amber Rae

“We're not listening to the wonder often enough because we don't know how or we've been so conditioned and trained to listen and trust in the worry. We're not pausing to question our own stories. How we can get back into the state of wonder is through the 3 C's – Curiosity, Courage, and Compassion.” – Amber Rae

Amber Rae: “Choosing Wonder over Worry”

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About Amber Rae

222 Shift Shame Into Wonder_ Amber Rae WELLNESS FORCE RADIO EPISODE 222Amber Rae is an author, artist, and speaker devoted to inspiring people to express the fullness of their gifts. Her writing is reached over 5 million people in 195 countries, her public art has spread to over 20 countries, and has spoken to and collaborated with brands like Kate Spade, Apple, Amazon, and you know lever, she’s been featured in the New York Times, time, FastCompany, BBC, ABC world news, Tim Ferris’s blog, and more. She lives in Brooklyn and around the world.

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