Anat Peri: Training Camp For The Soul

“Through Training Camp for the Soul, I create the safest space for you to meet your inner child, reconnect with yourself, and listen to your soul's wisdom.” – Anat Peri

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 343

Transformational Coach as well as Founder & Head Facilitator of Training Camp for the Soul, Anat Peri, shares how to create emotional resiliency during the COVID19 pandemic, how to build faith like a muscle, why emotion is energy in motion, and how to find the healer within yourself.

How can you uncover the life you desire by getting rid of the inner critic?

Discover how to dive deep and train your soul with Anat through the practices of inner child tracking, somatic experiencing, creating new beliefs, and emotional catharsis.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘People think plant medicine can completely heal them but the truth is that it can't 100% heal you. It is a tool in the Healer's tool belt and you're working with the medicine as opposed to using the medicine.' – @peri_anat ” quote=”‘People think plant medicine can completely heal them but the truth is that it can't 100% heal you. It is a tool in the Healer's tool belt and you're working with the medicine as opposed to using the medicine.' – @peri_anat “]

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Listen To Episode 343 As Anat Peri Uncovers:


[1:30] The Inner Work Journey Never Ends

  • Anat Peri
  • Training Camp for the Soul
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  • Organifi
  • How Josh and Anat met at the beginning of his very own wellness journey.
  • What Anat's work is and how she helps a person achieve deep somatic awareness with a guided meditation.
  • How she came to create Training Camp For The Soul and what she wants to achieve through it.
  • Retreats and virtual personal programs they put together to help people identify what is getting in the way of uncovering their highest truth and keeping them from living their best life.
  • Her own self-development journey and how it led her down a path to becoming a coach and eventually launching Training Camp for the Soul.
  • Why you can go much faster and deeper in a group than 1-on-1 during your inner work.
  • The fact that she still considers herself a student and is constantly evolving as not only a coach but as an individual person seeking higher consciousness.

[17:45] Emotional Resiliency During The COVID19 Pandemic

  • How we can deal with the stuff that is bubbling up within us during the lockdown and COVID19 pandemic.
  • Why the emotions we're experiencing have always been there; we've just been distracted by work and our personal life but now we're forced to face them.
  • How we can become more comfortable with all of our emotions without the need to numb or stuff them down.
  • Unpacking the term, ‘emotionally resilient,' and how it has changed for her over the years.
  • Why your reality isn't what you think but what you feel.
  • How she focused on reconnecting with and loving herself again back in 2012 by ‘dating herself' for 100 days.
  • The reality of what it's really like for people who move to New York City to “make it” and end up spending a lot of energy and money.
  • Why she moved to New York City with the hopes of making something of herself but just ended up being very misaligned with who she is and was ready to move on from it.
  • The fact that you have to sit with the unknown for a long time and get comfortable with it to eventually begin to see results.

[26:20] Building Faith Like A Muscle

  • Why faith has a biological reward because it is a connection to something far more powerful than us.
  • How we can build our faith muscle and how she incorporates that practice into her Training Camp for the Soul programs.
  • What faith means to her: being actively present, co-creating inspiration, and building trust in the darkest moments.
  • The difference between saying, ‘Thank you,' to the universe from a heart space versus spiritually bypassing it.
  • How being grateful for an experience that happened such as a breakup or leaving a job can help us move on much quicker from it rather than letting our negative emotions prolong it.
  • What tools we can use to guide through present emotions or prolonging pain and heartbreak so that they can transform into something beautiful.
  • Why our ego is actually our ultimate protector as it protects our inner child and emotions when we don't tend to ourselves.
  • The importance of weakening our demand for the ego and what tools we can use to allow that to happen.
  • How ‘sitting safe' with your body and palms open vs. closed and breathing deeply already starts to send positive messages to the mind.
  • The mindset mantra, “I am safe,” that will allow you to fully drop into your body and begin tracking it for sensations.
  • Why sometimes we will just naturally make a noise when releasing negative emotions.

[41:00] What Is An Emotion? Energy In Motion

  • Why the people who need to do the inner work the most might get turned off by the sensitivity and etymology of the words.
  • Unpacking spiral dynamics and how to speak in the voice of your ideal client as a coach so that they feel heard.
  • How to apply all of the emotional and physical intelligence that you've gathered.
  • The idea that people know what they want and how to get there yet there are certain things that block them from going for it.
  • How Training Camp for the Soul has grown since she started it and how you can participate in a virtual retreat during COVID19.
  • Breaking down the steps of Belief – Thought – Feeling – Action and how to apply it to your life when you want to see life change for yourself.
  • Why, like many of her clients, she felt stuck and exhausted when trying to clear out her mind and life on her own and how finding the right mentor changed that for her.
  • The breakthrough people actually begin to see in their lives when they hit rock bottom.

[51:00] Finding The Healer Within Yourself

  • Why we should never interrupt someone's growing process and it's a gift to let them go through the ‘gauntlet.'
  • Facing the fact that we will continue to go through multiple obstacles and learning moments post COVID19.
  • The power of building the capacity to be with any sensation or feeling so that there is nothing that life hands you that you can't learn to be with, move through, and see the gift in it.
  • What is so special about breathwork that it helps us clear small and big traumas from the mind and body as well as how to make that stick throughout the day.
  • Why you are never ever lost and if you feel like you are, slow down and write down all of your thoughts on paper and observe how you feel.
  • The importance of pausing after a plant medicine ceremony to learn what it has taught you rather than going to them regularly.
  • Why you have to do the work first through programs such as Anat's before working with plant medicine.
  • The fact that no one can heal you; you have to find the healer within yourself.
  • How to edit the hardware that is the false story in your mind with a true one to help you move on.
  • Steps we can take to surrender to the mystery of this world and ourselves.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Your soul is everything. Explore it; get to know it and you will find your brilliance and tap into your gifts. You all have a gift; your soul came with a gift to give to the world.' – @peri_anat” quote=”‘Your soul is everything. Explore it; get to know it and you will find your brilliance and tap into your gifts. You all have a gift; your soul came with a gift to give to the world.' – @peri_anat”]

Inner Work or Plant Medicine First?

“When people turn to plant medicine first instead of inner work, they're believing that the plants will heal them and they do have powerful properties but the truth is that no one or anything can heal you. I don't heal my clients; I introduce them and guide them to the healer within them. You want to be able to tap into your ability to allow your body to heal itself. Your body is that brilliant. When you cut your finger, you think your band-aid and ointment are doing the healing? No, your body is doing the healing. Plant medicine is a tool in the Healer's tool belt and you're working with the medicine as opposed to using the medicine.” – Anat Peri


Building Emotional Resilience

“As you learn emotional resiliency, you really know how to be with these emotions that, by the way, have been there all along. You just had enough distractions and busyness and social life and work to neglect and ignore those parts of yourself. Now this COVID19 has created, for some people, that chaos and the perfect storm that you can't run from anymore; you have to face it. So, I give people the tools to finally face those parts of themselves and the more you build your capacity to be with any emotion and not be afraid of it, numb, it or stuff it down, the more resilience you have and the better you can handle whatever life throws at you.” – Anat Peri


Tapping Into Your Gift For The World

“Your soul is everything. It is your mind, body, sensations, breath; it is everything. So, learning to be with the soul is learning to be in love with all parts of you including your mind. Let's focus on that mind-body connection and go on that self-discovery so it's not just some anomaly of ‘what is this'. Explore it; get to know it and you will find your brilliance and tap into your gifts. You all have a gift; your soul came with a gift to give to the world.” – Anat Peri

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About Anat Peri

Anat Peri is a transformational coach who specializes in guiding clients to achieve their greatest potential. With over 10+ years in developmental work, Anat has helped hundreds of people create the life they desire. Her deep work allows you to discover what you truly want, create a clear path to success, take control of your emotions, and take inspired action.

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