TRAPPED Emotions & Weight Gain

Heal Trapped Emotions & Let Go of Weight Gain

Aloha podcast world!

I’m so grateful you're here with us because in this very special episode we're talking with somebody that has been through the stages of emotional intelligence in a very BIG way who also just happens to lead a multi-million touchpoint business in the wellness industry.

I know you're going to learn deeply from our guest today. Whether you're a man, woman; maybe just someone who yourself has been through trauma and you are currently on the road to self-love and letting go of the things that do not serve you.

Letting Go of Weight Gain

This positive podcast is going to resonate very deep in your soul. It's going to unlock a lot for you.

I'm really honored to share it because our guest today is the Founder of and has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition.

She is a wife and mom of six. She turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her own unique health problems. serves tens of millions of people a year and is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research.

Letting Go of Trapped Emotions

Her name is Katie Wells, and in this episode Katie shares:

  • The nuances behind letting go of trauma so that she could lose over 50+ lbs!
  • We explore how the media and unfortunate unconscious souls are treating science as if it is a God.
  • Katie shares the wake-up call she received to help moms and children.
  • How powerful it is to pay attention to your triggers – Katie gives us really valuable resources that she has learned from her own pain teacher.
  • Energy patterns in your body. Why it can be hard to understand the concept of “stuck energy” and how to move it.
  • Paths of the Wounded healers.

Among all these values, we will answer a very timeless and important question: Who are you at your essence?

Look deeper.

Who are you without your trauma creating a story that makes you less lovable or not accepted?

Who are you really in your deepest core, at your deepest Essence without these stories?

This show will unlock that answer for you and if it resonates with you, please share with somebody that you care about.

This is how our podcast grows. This is how we reach more people across the world; so they can have greater physical and emotional intelligence just like you.

Healing with Food

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Now let's tune in with the one and only Katie Wells to talk about healing trauma from the Wellness Mama!


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About Katie Wells

TRAPPED Emotions & Weight GainKatie Wells, CTNC, MCHC, Founder of Wellness Mama and Wellnesse, has a background in research, journalism, and nutrition. As a wife and mom of six, she turned to research and took health into her own hands to find answers to her health problems. is the culmination of her thousands of hours of research. Katie is also the author of the bestselling books The Wellness Mama Cookbook and The Wellness Mama 5-Step Lifestyle Detox.


About Josh Trent

Josh Trent lives in Austin, Texas with his love Carrie Michelle, son Novah, and a cat named Cleo. He is the Founder of Wellness Force Media, host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast and the creator of the BREATHE: Breath & Wellness Program. Josh has spent the past 19+ years as a trainer, researcher, and facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. The Wellness Force Media Mission is to help humans heal mental, emotional, and physical health through podcasts, programs, and a global community that believes in optimizing our potential to live life well.

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