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Holodynamic Energy: Heal Yourself

Most people don’t even know what love is because the truth is we have all been taught some warped version of love. Love that always comes with conditions.

After what we have been through as a global community. It’s at the top of most of our hearts and minds. A craving for love. More than ever before.

Have you have found yourself repeating relationship after relationship—friendship after friendship that doesn’t seem to work out.

They always seem to have the same core issues of heartbreak and poor boundaries. In episode 404 with Jay Brown, we uncover how to change for the better.

Maybe It’s You?

I can reflect on an episode I did with Lauren Handel Zander on episodes 248 and 317 – she wrote a book called “Maybe It’s You?” 

It takes courage to have the awareness. The emotional intelligence to admit that the repeated patterns in your life. The patterns of heartbreak. Aren’t the fault of other people.

Maybe it’s them. Or maybe it’s you?

If you listen to episodes 248 and 317 with Lauren, you will hear a powerful message. It works as a precursor to the terrain we go through in this discussion with Jay Brown.

Introducing Jay Brown

Who is Jay Brown?

Jay is a life and personal development coach at the highest level. He works with pro athletes, musicians, and entertainment professionals. On how to identify self-sabotage and manifest love. Through a breakthrough science called “Holodynamics.”

Jay is a brother, a fellow traveler into different realms as we have sat together for plant medicine ceremonies and deeper Men’s Work. 

Dating back to 2014 where I got to see firsthand exactly how much he has walked his talk. 

Now being able to let go of the sabotage and scarcity that Jay battled with for so many years.

Only now to turn around and share that wisdom with all of us on this podcast. The one and only Jay Brown.

Learn how we can deprogram our old beliefs. Why exactly it is we seek validation from others.

Holodynamics for Personal Transformation

Using Holodynamics for personal transformation.

We’ll talk about why these “Holodynes” or thought-forms run on an unconscious level. So deep that many people have been programmed for codependency their entire lives and not even know it. 

To break free from old patterns, we must first have the awareness and the wisdom to identify where they are running our lives. 

Share this podcast with somebody who has been repeating bad relationship after bad relationship, who you know has trouble with self-sabotage – you never know how just your act of generosity can make someone else’s life completely transform.

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

We all deserve love and compassion, starting with the love we give to ourselves, so we can then provide it to others. 

A conversation about self-sabotage and manifesting love is what the world needs now. 

Take some time to sit down and learn from this discussion.

Heal Yourself

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About Jay Brown

Holodynamic Energy: Heal Yourself Jay Brown Wellness ForceJay Brown is a life hacker and professor of play. He began his journey into entrepreneurship back in 2005 with the launch of a music licensing company called Unifik Music. As a proponent for musicians, he and his partner licensed music to major broadcast TV networks such as MTV, VH1, The History Channel, ESPN, and many more. Soon after, Jay founded an event production company which achieved early success after Jay booked Beyonce to host an event. Jay is a student of Victor Vernon Woolf, the founder of Holodynamics. It was the wisdom given by Dr. Woolf that inspired Jay’s passion for understanding human consciousness and ultimately lead him to create the Evo Room.

Holodynamic Energy: Heal Yourself

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