RADICAL Life Transformation: 4 Steps To Embody Purpose

Life transformation and learn to embody purpose in four steps.

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Today is episode 447 where Dr. Doug Brackmann interviews me on his podcast “I Am Driven,” and we're talking about embodying higher frequencies to live your purpose.

Radical Life Transformation

It has been quite some time since I have shared my voice on another show…

Yet we covered such profound and timeless ground and there is so much value here for you here. Radical life transformation.

I was inspired to share this podcast, both audio and video, so if you have not subscribed to our YouTube channel make sure you head over there YouTube.com/wellnessforce if you like video.

We’re asking a question today and exploring the answer around the concept of “being driven.

What does that exactly mean?

What is a healthy way to have ambition and drive in this world without unhealthy self-sacrifice and self deprecation?

In other words, how do you live your dream and your purpose without hurting yourself?

If that question sparks curiosity in you, this is going to be in exceptional conversation for you to take home and take to heart.

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How to Embody Purpose for Life Transformation

Dr. Doug Brackmann is one of the leading psychologists on life transformation and works with some of the most successful and driven entrepreneurs, pro athletes, executives, and other top performers globally.

After earning a dual PhD in Psychology in 2002, Doug has devoted the last 15 years to working with the driven population in order to help them focus their gifts to achieve personal and professional success.

This is an authentic and vulnerable conversation, where you will take home the different frequencies and emotions that drive you.

  • Soul contracts
  • The role that addiction played in my life through these lower frequencies.
  • How I have walked my path to transcend lower Hz.
  • Is safety is an illusion?
  • Why are we designed to be round not square but round in order to live our life well?
  • Self-love practices that truly make a difference including the power of breathwork
  • Specific self-love practice that you can do right now today to feel better about yourself.
  • What is God and the embodiment of spirituality by being humble?
  • Discovering and embodying purpose in 4 steps.
  • Being careful of unearned wisdom…

Be Careful of Unearned Wisdom

This concept that I have been sharing recently. You would never take an astronaut into outer space with no training. So, why would you do that to yourself in any capacity when it comes to your own wellness or psychedelics?

Ultimately this conversation will lead you much much closer to the truth. To what the truth is about your own happiness. Also, the way that you can live higher body higher frequencies without all the woo-woo stuff.

Even though I love woo woo, this is a practical show. Today we have our feet on the ground and our heads poking above the clouds.

Show notes from today are at JoshTrent.com/447. Make sure you say hello on Instagram. Let us know you're part of the global community as we move closer to knowing ourselves.


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