Hamilton Souther | Plant Medicine: The Dark & The Light

“Plant Medicine: More than anything, the plant medicine industry needs to hear a message of responsibility. They need to understand the true power of what they're engaging with and they need to understand that these plant medicines are not just medicines if you administer them. You're not taking on a glorified role of a bartender prescribing a tea or some kind of plant elixir to somebody. These are unbelievably serious and profound plants that have literally shaped human consciousness over thousands of years and there's a fundamental reason in the Amazon that the true practitioners of the lineages of medicine go through 10 to 15 or even 20 years of apprenticeship.”  – Hamilton Souther

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 390

Author, Master Shaman, Chairman/Founder of Blue Morpho as well as Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Sizzle MediaHamilton Souther, shares how to tell if a plant medicine retreat center is the real deal or not, how to know if you are a good candidate for an Ayahuasca ceremony as well as how to integrate, know, and love your shadows.
Have you had an experience with plant medicine? What was it like for you, whether good or bad?
By the end of this episode, you will learn both the dark and and the light of plant medicine, understand how an Ayahuasca ceremony works, and how proper shamans are trained from a loving, sacred lineage. 

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘The plant medicine industry needs to hear a message of responsibility. They need to understand that these plant medicines are not just medicines if you administer them without proper shaman training.' – Hamilton Souther” quote=”‘The plant medicine industry needs to hear a message of responsibility. They need to understand that these plant medicines are not just medicines if you administer them without proper shaman training.' – Hamilton Souther”]

Listen To Episode 390 As Hamilton Souther Uncovers:

[1:30] How Plant Medicine Shamans Are Trained

[13:30] The Dark & The Light Of Plant Medicine

  • What message he believes the plant medicine world needs to hear now in 2021.
  • The key difference between the dark magic and sorcery compared to the divine light and guided spirit with plant medicine.
  • Unpacking predatory practices that can happen in plant medicine ceremonies.
  • How you can know that you can trust your plant medicine practitioner before you do a ceremony with them.
  • Instant red flags that you should avoid someone claiming to be an authentic plant medicine practitioner.
  • Fear mongering tactics to look out for when considering doing an Ayahuasca ceremony in the jungle.

[26:30] Are You A Good Candidate For Ayahuasca?

  • What substances you should not be on, genetic predisposition, and common illnesses that would make you a non-candidate for Ayahuasca.
  • The importance of looking deeply at the toxicology of someone if they die during an Ayahuasca ceremony.
  • What you should be aware of with tobacco usage including “cleansing” before a ceremony in case you are allergic to it.
  • How people can actually develop psychosis from a plant medicine ceremony.
  • The experiences that Josh has had with about 12 unique plant medicine ceremonies that have both positively and negatively impacted him.
  • Why Josh had to be cleared of a dark entity from a plant medicine ceremony with the help of his mentor, Paul Chek.
  • Why and how entities can come into a person's space during a ceremony.
  • The difference between psychosis and entities in our conscious collective.
  • Why one of the core roles of a shaman is to understand the entities that exist and they do not come into your body.
  • The mystery of where consciousness comes from and why scientists are just starting to study it.

[38:00] What's Normal During A Proper Ayahuasca Ceremony?

  • Josh's experience at a plant medicine retreat center and being told the phrase over and over again during a ceremony: “Don't think, just drink.”
  • What the typical dosage of Ayahuasca is considered normal in Hamilton's experience.
  • The differences between the Native Amazonian and the Western minds when it comes to withstanding Ayahuasca.
  • Dangers of taking more Ayahuasca than is necessary for your unique body and healing needs.
  • The best number of participants suggested for a plant medicine ceremony to ensure a safe space.
  • Why it's reckless to have a large group of people – 30, 40, or 100 together in a ceremony if you are not a proper “maestro” of plant medicine.
  • What actually happens during a plant medicine ceremony and how a practitioner takes control of the environment with the people, plants, animals, and spirits involved.
  • The haunting and OCD thoughts that have followed one Wellness Force listener after her last ceremony and Hamilton's recommendation to her.
  • How to ground ourselves and let go of the fearful thought loops that the brain has created for us.
  • Josh's family's medical history including his mother's bipolar disorder and how something could have been activated in him epigenetically during a ceremony

[54:30] Knowing, Integrating & Loving Our Shadows

  • Why it's so important to do inner work with yourself before going even deeper with plant medicine.
  • The power of knowing, loving, and integrating our shadows.
  • What loving our fear really means and why it's so important to understand.
  • What the Dark Night Of The Soul is and why it is a vital turning point for greater awareness.
  • The delusions, misconceptions, and misunderstandings that Hamilton was able to filter out over 14 years with his shaman training and including a 700-day ceremony.
  • The heart-based message that came up for him after his 700-day ceremony: We are so much more than we know ourselves to be, what we think we are, and our totality of our being is really an integration with the universe itself.

[1:04:00] A New Value Of Self With Sizzle Media

  • The origin story of Blue Morpho and it's global, grand community.
  • Why he sees shamanism and plant medicine as a type of consciousness technology.
  • Breaking down how he sees nature as a decentralized network of technology.
  • The fact that humans have lived without money for much longer than with money.
  • Why creativity is fundamentally undervalued to the global economy and there's a drastic mismatch with industries that have capitalized on it.
  • How he came to help launch Sizzle Media for creative people who are valued through a utility token.
  • What future he sees for Sizzle Media and how it can help the world in a beautiful way.
  • Explaining what exactly a token is, how Sizzle Media uses it, and how it benefits one's economic wellbeing.
  • How cryptocurrency is changing and disrupting fundamental aspects of “the system.”
  • The wrong questions that the majority of cryptocurrency companies are asking: “How do I benefit the most? How do I make as much money? How do I secure my wealth?”
  • Why Sizzle is different than other cryptocurrency companies by asking, “How do we get paid to be ourselves?”

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Don't make the mistake of thinking it doesn't matter who's administering the ceremony because it's all the plant medicine. The people who are administering that ceremony are unbelievably important to your experience.'- Hamilton Souther” quote=”‘Don't make the mistake of thinking it doesn't matter who's administering the ceremony because it's all the plant medicine. The people who are administering that ceremony are unbelievably important to your experience.'- Hamilton Souther”]

The Responsibilities Of A Plant Medicine Practitioner

“Affiliation can be diagnosed just like in western medicine and the the shaman can utilize plant medicine as a form of healing. Shamans have to be properly trained and know how to use plant medicine just like a surgeon trains to do a knee replacement. You, as a practitioner of the plant medicine, need to be trained to be able to diagnose somebody, look at them, understand where they're coming from energetically, and literally straighten out all of the problems they have energetically in that multidimensional field. You have to be able to navigate all of that and ultimately have the person come out on the other side of their ceremony having had healing and you can see that the affliction is no longer there and they have had a healing transformation.”  – Hamilton Souther

The Dark Side Of Plant Medicine: Manipulation & Mind Games

“The dark side of plant medicine is the opposite of healing someone. This darkness is a form of manipulation and a form of distortion that is coming from a really twisted kind of intention where there are power games taking place. It's like sleight of hand magic, filling someone with an illusion, and taking somebody who's already in a state of need and putting them in an even greater state of need. There are all different kinds of means of doing that and it's taking advantage of people in a way that's really frowned down upon by the people who practice medicine. You have to be very careful about the practitioners that you interact with because of the power and influence that they can hold; especially when somebody is in a vulnerable state.” – Hamilton Souther

How To Choose A Plant Medicine Practitioner

“Be grounded in the best of your ability when picking a practitioner to have these plant medicine ceremonies with. The real key is to understand how important the person is who is administering the ceremony. Don't make the mistake of thinking it doesn't matter who's administering the ceremony because it's all the plant medicine; no, on the contrary, the people who are administering that ceremony are unbelievably important to the outcome that you're going to have from it.” – Hamilton Souther

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About Hamilton Souther

CEO, Master Shaman and Chairman/Founder of Blue Morpho, Co-founder One Energy Global (OEG) and Source Independent Entertainment (SIE). Hamilton Souther is a visionary leader, speaker, author and renowned master shaman. He is an international leader for Amazonian Sustainability and Conservation.
Exceptionally experienced business leader, influencer, podcaster and entertainment innovator specializing in in digital marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, complex problem solving and communication. Blockchain Innovator and Platform Creator. Track record of successfully founding and running successful international companies, responding to complex leadership, performance, commercial, governance and business administrative matters. Motivated by social purpose with experience in founding and leading a USA 501c3 Charitable Organization.

Blue Morpho

Hamilton founded and built Blue Morpho S.A. over 15 years into one of the most successful eco-tourism companies in the Peruvian Amazon and helped launch one of the fastest growing sectors of the Peruvian Tourism Market – Mystical/Spiritual Tourism. Our work has been featured in many global publications.


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