Solocast: God Is Love

Welcome to Wellness Force this is Josh Trent your host & guide.

Today, I'm going to give you the number one thing that we all can depend on when challenging times arise.

When the shit hits the fan, when you just can't move forward anymore the way that it's been in the past…

When you're at that moment where everything you've done doesn't work anymore, today's podcast is for you.

All I ask is that if it resonates, that you share this podcast with someone you care about.

Share it with someone that's going through what may be an anger at God, and maybe they have fallen into the trap like I have before, where terms like “Spirit” or “God” or “Higher intelligence” became delegitimized by the abuse of people in positions of power or parents that really meant well, but they forgot to do the most important thing…

And that is to get out of their head, to drop into their heart, to take a deep breath, and to realize the most important message in the entire universe that we all get to know, in this moment and every moment after the next, and that is that God is love.

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Solocast: God Is Love JOSH TRENT

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Listen To This Special Solocast as Josh Trent Uncovers:


[0:00] God Is Love

  • What Josh has come to realize after a deep healing session: God is love.
  • The lessons and learnings that Josh has received in 2020 and now in 2021.
  • Josh's mission with Wellness Force and how that has shifted over the years.
  • What it actually means to be closer to love and a loving God.
  • Why the mind is just this gateway to what the heart and the soul and the connection to God outside of us and inside of us are really seeking.
  • The fact that there is actually no way to move forward with life as a collective and as a society without forgiveness.
  • What tools Wellness Force can give you along your wellness journey including and the M21 Wellness Guide.

[3:00] If We Can Breathe We Can Choose

  • The power of knowing that if we can breathe, we can choose.
  • Why love is not a light switch that we can simply switch but is an ever-present, everywhere and nowhere, all encompassing energy.
  • How we can forgive and let go of our judgement of others and where they're at in their wellness journeys.
  • What steps we can take to reveal and heal our own emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental masks.

[6:00] Coming To Terms With Ourselves

  • Unpacking our own sins and wounds that need healing.
  • The fact that many of us have scars from religion and even terms such as “spirit” or “God.”
  • Spiritual bypassing that exists in our world and why the inner work is so important.
  • Josh's own self-hatred, judgements of self, and unforgiven sins that have bubbled up for him in 2020 and what work he is doing to heal them.
  • How the healing can begin within yourself with a guided mantra from Josh.

[9:00] What Is Intelligence Anyways?

Transcript From God Is Love | Solocast

Josh Trent (00:00):

God is love. God is love, and this is what we've all gotten wrong. And I have compassion for all of us, myself included because we've been doing the best that we can. And I know this resonates with you because we are all walking this path, this pathway towards knowing the God inside of ourselves and knowing the God that directs and guides all things. And so in this reflection, in this transmission, in this episode, I get to share with you my learnings, my lessons, and my teachings that have transpired for me in 2020, 2021. It's been quite a long time. It's been a long time since I've done a solocast. I've been really focusing on sharing other people's messages and missions and spotlighting people that I believe in my deepest heart are here to serve the world, make it a better place and reconnect us to the God within ourselves and the God outside of ourselves.

Josh Trent (01:08):

But I made a snap judgment a long time ago that I'm taking ownership for now. And that is I thought that by sharing the mental constructs, the mental faculties, the lists, the PDFs, the guides, and all these things that somehow that was going to get myself and all of us closer to love, closer to loving the God inside of us, closer to loving the God outside of us. But the reality is the mind is just the gateway. And this is really the truth. The mind is just this gateway to what the heart and the soul and the connection to God outside of us and inside of us are really seeking. And that is, we are all seeking forgiveness – all of us. We are all seeking forgiveness, a reconnection to the love within ourselves and being kind to ourselves and one another along the way.

Josh Trent (02:05):

I have had in my almost 41 years of life, so many sins, and I laugh with a tear in my eye because these sins must be forgiven. There is actually no way to move forward with my life or for any of us to move forward as a collective, as a society without forgiveness. I once heard someone say forgiveness is not a gift that you give to another person. It's a gift that you give to yourself. And I think what's really powerful about that is I have not been giving myself that gift.

Josh Trent (02:48):

And let this be a call for all of us, let this be a call to you and your heart to begin to take deeper breaths through your nose. Whether it's in our BREATHE: Breath and Wellness Program or not, whether it's in the M21 Guide, just that short box breath practice, may we all have the courage and may we all be connected to our heart and to our soul and to God inside of us and to God outside of us, that if we can choose to take a breath, if we can breathe, we can choose. Truly if we can breathe, we can choose.

Josh Trent (03:30):

Se posso respirare posso scegliere. And knowing that, knowing that if we can breathe we can choose, what else can we choose if we choose to breathe? What else can we choose to do? How else can we choose to be? Who can we become if we choose love? And love is not a light switch. Love is not this switch on the wall that you can flick. Love is an ever-present, everywhere and nowhere, all encompassing energy that holds us like your grandfather or your grandmother or your mother and your father held you when you were a baby. And you may not even remember it. But I guarantee if you ask them, they do. That is God. That is love. The feeling of trust and security and safety and connection to being held by your own mother, your father, your grandfather, a brother, a sister, a friend, anyone that is pure in their heart, pure in their soul about what love really is.

Josh Trent (04:32):

And what love really is, and this is what I've learned over the past six years of this podcast, love is not an action. Love is not an action. Love is a way of being. And we are all collectively kneeling at the altar here, either the altar of forgiveness or the altar of self-judgment and self-hatred. And so I asked myself today and I ask us all, what altar are we kneeling at? Are we kneeling at the altar of darkness and feeding the beast where I'm getting angry at someone wearing a mask? I'm getting angry at people who really I get to have compassion for. They don't see between the lines. They don't see between the trees. They don't understand what's really happening in our world because when I go to the altar of truth and I ask God, “God, Spirit, please connect through me. Allow me to be your servant. Allow me to be someone that puts your work into this world so that I can embody the love that you show me is real, every breath every day,” that is the altar that I choose to pray at.

Josh Trent (05:44):

The other altar of darkness is the altar of judgment and betrayal and vitriol and anger and hatred and me pointing the finger at someone else. And so I get to ask myself today and we all get to ask ourselves, as I point my finger at the people wearing a mask, what mask am I wearing emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally? What mask am I wearing that I'm not willing to take off either? And the mask that I've been wearing is that I can't handle everything that I deserve. I can't handle everything that I deserve. Isn't that interesting? Isn't that interesting? And if you're resonating, just take a breath.

Josh Trent (06:36):

What mask are you wearing? What mask are you wearing? You can name out a thousand things, but behind that mask is sins that have not yet been forgiven. And I don't mean this in a religious way. I know myself and a lot of us have wounding around religion, even around the term spirit or God. They've been so fucked up for so long. We have people like the Medical Medium. We have people that are out there doing plant medicine ceremonies, and people that are with the good intentions trying to help others, but yet they themselves are not healed. They themselves are wounded operating as if they are whole, as if they are unwounded and it's a lie.

Josh Trent (07:15):

And so this is the call to arms. There is a deep, deep and powerful call to arms happening. When I look back on COVID and mask wearing and cognitive dissonance and Black Lives Matter and racism and all of these things, all of this stuff, all of this putrid, black, dark energy is bubbling to the surface so that it can be healed. Don't you get it? That's what's really going on right now. All the things that are coming up in me, my self-hatred, my judgments of self, my unforgiven sins about the way I treated women in the past or the pornography I watched, or the people that I hurt, this is our work. This is your work.

Josh Trent (08:01):

Look within yourself today. Be still. Put your hand on your heart, take these deep breaths and ask God within yourself and outside of yourself, please forgive me. Please show me how I can forgive myself. This is the day that the healing begins – right now. You listening to this with me, this message, this is where the healing begins right now. Not because it's a mental construct, but because you and I together in this community, on this podcast since Day 1 and especially today and how we move forward, our commitment to discovering this love, discovering this physical and emotional intelligence.

Josh Trent (08:45):

And by the way, intelligence is love. Intelligence is the embodiment of love. Intelligence is the way that I hold my future son, I hold my wife, I hold my brothers and sisters. That is intelligence. Intelligence is not a book you read or a podcast you listen to. It is what you have embodied. And it's living in your body right now. And all of this call to arms is as a society, individually with myself and you in this audience, it is for all of us to take a deep breath, to learn how to use the power of the breath so that we can embody God's love. The embodiment of God's love is not something you can fake. It's not something that you can read in a book. It has to only, and I'm laughing because I fell into this trap myself in the past. God's love can only be something that you embody from experience, from actually knowing God.

Josh Trent (09:41):

Key references from this podcast today. It feels good to do a solocast. If you like this, let me know. Write me on social, connect with me. This is pure. This is raw. This is from the heart. And I may lose people, I may gain people. It's all good because it's all God and it's all love. So, key resources from this. The episode that we did with Paul Chek, it's Our key resource for you to begin this unpacking process of not just your sins, but also your programs, how you're showing up, what, as my mentor would say, Rachel Fiori, my friend, my colleague, my business partner, what mental, emotional, and behavioral programs are you running? What are those programs? And are you happy with the results of your programs? If not, reach out to me. I trust I can guide you. I trust that I can help you. And I trust that if I can't, I can refer you to someone that can.

Josh Trent (10:37):

So, know that as you listen to this, as you feel the words that are coming through me and that are being absorbed by your consciousness, trust that if they're resonating inside of you, they are resonating for a reason. That is the bread crumbs that are being left by Spirit for you to follow them and that should put a smile on your face.

Josh Trent (10:56):

And the last resource I'll leave you is the BREATHE: Breath and Wellness Program. This program was built from my heart to yours. And you have my absolute promise that if you, especially in module one video, I believe number seven, the box breathing, seven minutes, if you just master that one video, you can download it on an app, you can do it on desktop, if you just download that one video, you will begin to unpack decades of generational trauma, decades of stress, and decades of old programs like mine possibly that have said things like this.

It's too hard.

You don't deserve it.

Who are you to be so big?

And you won't be able to handle it even when it comes.

And we know that if we're still enough, and I know that if I'm still enough, and we know that if we can do our work to heal ourselves, then all the mask wearing, all the racism, all the violence and all the utter bullshit that is something society has been praying to on the altar of darkness, will not be able to breathe anymore.

Josh Trent (12:04):

And so I think about this metaphor of George Floyd where he was kneeled upon by someone who was wounded themselves. And I think about how that's the mirror for the wounds in our collective society where we are dying to be reconnected to God.

And this is the big question.

Do we have to die as a society in order to be reconnected, to love, in order for love to reign?

Because at the end of it all, and you know this and I'll leave you with this, God is love. God is love.

Josh Trent (12:39):

If you resonate with this today, go to You can download your breathwork, calm mind, really energy boosting. That's the biggest thing it does. Energy boosting guide. It's If you want to work with me one-on-one, you can start by going to the BREATHE: Breath and Wellness Program, and you can find that at I'm sending you so much love and so much wellness. And until I see you again on the next solocast or on the next podcast, or until you and I discover this physical and emotional intelligence so we can live our life well, which is the whole point of this show and that's really the whole point of anyone who's on the path to awakening or on the path to living a better loving, connected life, I'm wishing you love and wellness.



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