AMA: Medicinal Plants, Raising Children, Getting Over The Terror Barrier + Being Financially FREE

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 615

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, shares how his view on plant medicine has changed in the past 5 years, how to approach your fear and learn to love it, why you need a calendar to get things done, and how to achieve financial freedom.

Today's Questions

@saral.price: I would love to see an episode on your current thoughts around plant medicines, bufo, ayahuasca etc.

@tigermom74: How do you get over the terror barrier like for real taking that jump both in relationship and career vise when you know in your body that some things need to change and not be stuck in familiar patterns? When those patterns don't serve you anymore and it's a false safety and there comes the fear of not taking action.

@mariemama111: How do you have a full-time career and children at the same time without losing your mind? Or maybe you already did?

solocast ask me anything

Listen To Episode 615 As Josh Trent Answers Your Questions

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[02:25] Medicinal Plants

We have a recording from Sara L. Price. But before I play the recording, can you actually just read the words that she wrote? I actually really loved it. She put an emoji of hands together. This seems like a very spiritual woman. This seems like a very deep woman, Sara. I really think so too.

So Sarah, Sarah Price, she asked, I would love to see an episode, it's not a question actually, it's more of a request, I would love to see an episode on your current thoughts around plant medicine, Bufo, ayahuasca, etc.

Okay, let's hear what she has to say.

“I'm so excited to ask this question because you have absolutely hinted episodes that your views on plant medicine ceremonies like ayahuasca have changed.

And I'm only sitting there hoping that you will go deeper into this. And so, yes, my question is, how have your views on plant medicine ceremonies changed?

And what are your views on other Indigenous medicine ceremonies like Bufo.

Seems like we have a lot of friends who are sitting in ceremonies, and I just wanna know, what is up in your world?

What do you make of it? Where are you at with it? What can you, like what insight can you learn from having sat in ceremonies regularly in the past? What can you share with us? I cannot wait. Cannot wait to hear.”

So here's what has changed for me the most. In 2018 and 2019, I got my ass kicked so profoundly by ayahuasca that it changed my vision.

It changed my understanding of what plant medicine is actually for. The thing that I will say, Sarah, is that the most important piece of ceremony is the come from.

If your come from is not pure, is not of loving service to yourself, is not connected to God through a spiritual hygiene practice, then you are potentially opening yourself up.

And by the way, this is bufo, this is ayahuasca, this is all plant medicines, right?

Anything and everything that is an entheogen or a psychedelic, your intention, your come from, I just can't say this enough because I learned by getting my face bloody, your come from is the most important thing…

[11:35] Getting Over The Terror Barrier

Let's move on to the next question from Lia. Mar, what does Lia want to know? So Lia, I think Lia is one of our most engaged audience members. She's awesome. Thank you, Lia. Yeah, thank you, Lia. And so she sent us a voice message about taking the jump in a relationship and career.

And I think we should listen to it because I think it will explain it much better than I would. Let's listen.

“Hi Josh, it's Lia from Sweden and my question to you is how do you get over the terror barrier for real? Take that step or the jump both in a relationship and career-wise, when you know in your body that something needs to change and not be stuck in the familiar patterns when those patterns don't serve you anymore.

And it's a false safety. And there comes the fear of not taking action to thrive and do something else. Hope you get my question. And thank you for an awesome podcast. Much love.”

I think it's so cool that somebody from Sweden listens to the show. That's why you know, podcasting is such a beautiful wave that's touching people's hearts because people want long-form content that they can use and turn into wisdom. That's why we're here.

So I have so much to say about this. I mean, this is like literally the entire episode, Mar, but let's do like 3 to 5 minutes here of just stream of consciousness.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real

You know, the phrase that came up for me is the acronym FEAR. False evidence appearing real. So just feel into that, right? There are 2 types of fear. There's rational fear and there's irrational fear.

We all know what fear feels like. Your throat gets tight, your stomach gets queasy. Maybe you have to go to the bathroom. Some of these times are valid. They really are.

Like fear is not necessarily a bad thing at all. And we talked about this with one of my favorite people in the world, Akshay Navati.
This is where Akshay talked to us about loving our fear, which is really the most important thing.

We get to love our fear, but before we love it, we have to know what it is, right? So fear in our nervous system is actually a good thing. It's a protector.

If you were next to a cliff, Mar, there are tons of cliffs in the Azores, right? Like these massive, I saw online, there's like these 50, a hundred foot, 300-foot beautiful faces in the ocean. It's so gorgeous.

When you get next to the cliff, you, you have to feel the fear because if you didn't feel that fear, that rational fear, you fly off the cliff, you'd, you'd perish, you'd go into the water.

So I want you to feel this, Lia. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. It's about loving it…

[19:10] Raising Children

What's the next question, Mar, today? So the next one, we have Marie's question, @mariemama111. How do you have a full-time career and children time without losing your mind? Or, maybe you already did.

Yep, I already did. And that's actually good. You know what's cool about that phrase, losing your mind? I think even Michael Pollan did a book on that, right?

The Omnivore's Dilemma, how to lose your mind. I think it was in some of his marketing. And I love that phrase because I want to lose my mind.

I want to lose my mind so that I can actually make decisions from my soul and my heart. I want my mind to be a director. I want my mind to be a worker. I don't want my mind to be this controller master over me and my heart and soul.

And so my children, specifically my son, has brought up all of my stuff. All of my stuff.

And we talked about this with Christopher Dufey. And there's also a really good reference for what I'm about to share, 11 ways to be a more conscious parent.

Learn from Your Children

So what I'm gonna say is my son brings out all the things in me from a patient's perspective that I never even knew that I didn't know that it was literally unconscious incompetence when we're parents we have to surrender to the fact that we just simply don't know that we don't know certain things.

Actually, this is the beauty I mean it brings up emotion to me just sharing this like my son knows things that I have forgotten. He knows how to play in such a way that it reminds me how to do that. He knows how to sleep when he's tired. He knows how to ask for a hug or give love or express.

All the ways that I have been wounded in my past and that we have been in our past, these children come into our lives to teach us how to reaccess that part of ourselves.

And it might seem like pie in the sky, woo, but you know what?
That's exactly what it fucking is. And that's exactly what you and I are because we're half spirit and half beast. We're spirit having a human experience.

So in my human experience, I will say this, the only way that I have made it through this journey so far, my son is 2 years, 7 months, and my daughter's 9 months old, is by losing my fucking mind.

And I think all parents can relate because I want to shed the skin of the snake in my mind. I want to shed that skin on a daily freaking basis, on an hourly basis.

Because whenever I'm thinking about spending time with my family, like I can, I can even feel it right now. I can feel it in my legs and I can feel it in my, my perineum and my heart and my throat.

I can feel, literally feel somatically in my body, how much I love them, how much I love my children, how much I love Carrie Michelle…

[26:35] Being Financially FREE

What's the next question? Okay, so the last question is from Amelia Higgins. And it's also more of a request than a question.
She says, thanks for this opportunity.

I'd love to see another episode about financial freedom and abundance. It's something I've been exploring lately. Thank you.

The way that I feel and think and operate around money has become so much more of a game in the last 2 years and I want it with respect because I think if there was a bigger wound and I'm sure you feel the same way more if there was maybe the wound on planet Earth, it's sex and money.

Sex and money are two of the biggest collective and individual wounds that get expressed and projected onto others on an individual and societal level more than I think anything else.

I mean, in your opinion, what is more wounded on earth than our sexuality, our intimacy with self and others, our innocence, especially when you look at the episode that's coming up with Eric Klopper and how men literally of their penis cut off and traumatized in the first day or week of their life, how women are disrespected, the dark sides of feminism and patriarchy, which essentially point to sexual trauma and control.

Is there anything else bigger in this world that we're dealing with than a money wound and a sex energy wound? Is there anything else?

There's a lot of things, but yeah, these two are definitely two major ones. Have you seen those play out in your own life too? Especially the one with money. I definitely have a lot of limiting beliefs around that from my family. So yeah, that's something I've been working on myself as well.

Well, it's really cool that we're here because I used to hate money. I actually can remember myself saying more, I'd be like, I hate money so much that rich people are evil. I actually used to speak like that. I did.

And I know where that was coming from. See this is what y'all need to understand. And this is what we all get to understand and notice I'm being conscious of my language because language is so powerful when it comes to money.

The LOA movement, the law of attraction movement, and the secret, actually did a lot of damage on people…

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