AMA: Why Men Don’t Do Inner Work, The Wisdom of Cold Hot Therapy, Fertility Fallacies + Drinking Green Juice

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 609

Wellness + Wisdom Podcast Host and Wellness Force Media CEO, Josh Trent, answers questions from our audience about men's inner work, the benefits of hot and cold therapy, and the benefits of drinking green juice!

Today's Questions

@lindsay_dotscott: Which would you do first? Cryo or sauna? Which order should we do them in and why?

@drkevinpreston: Why do you think the masculine has been avoiding the inner work, emotions, and taking ownership at a new level, as well as avoiding their own deeply intuitive aspects? Obviously, a broad generalization as there are so many that are doing the work.

@picturolande: I am 38 and struggling with fertility. Do you have any podcasts on that or supplements to recommend?

@jeffturnerra: What to do when a loved one thinks your health advice is crazy… When they won't drink the green juice and instead just want the doctor's pills?

solocast ask me anything

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Listen To Episode 609 as Josh Trent Responds to Your Questions!

[00:00] Introduction

Hey, what's up? It's Josh Trent. This is Wellness + Wisdom, the place where as always, you can nourish all five sides of your wellness, Pentagon, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness, the ways that we all signed up to master here on planet earth as humans.

Today's special AMA – ask me anything. This may or may not be the perfect place for you to start. If you're looking for a full-length guest episode, check out our Tuesday shows where I go deep with a world-class person who is at the leading edge of their field in all these five sides of the Wellness Pentagon.

I've been loving the episodes we came out with lately with Ashleigh di Lello and Akshay Nanavati. They have been so profound for so many people.

If you ever want to give us feedback, you can do so at [email protected].

In this AMA, we're talking about the wisdom of cold hot therapy, why men don't do inner work, fertility fallacies, and drinking green juice. Cool topics. These are really interesting.

It's an amazing opportunity on these AMAs this year for us to get to know each other on a deeper level, and we're doing a lot of these AMAs this year.

Will you actually get to record your voice on a recorder and ask us a 90-second or less question? And also just give us any feedback. Do you love the pod? Do you hate the pod? Do you not care about the pod? Can you not go without the pod?

Well, I guess you're here, so this is going to be a great question for you to answer for us. And also just to ask us a question 90 seconds or less, if we select your question, we'll put it into the actual podcast so your voice will broadcast out to tens of thousands of people across the world, which I think is pretty cool.

That's why I do what I do. So if you're interested in that, head over to Submit your questions, 90 seconds or less, and if we select it, we'll put it in the actual podcast, which I think is pretty freaking amazing.

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[03:25] Hot + Cold Therapy

Alright, let's get into this. Our first question is from @lindsay_dotscott: “Which would you do first, cryo or sauna? Which order should we do them and why?

This is my favorite thing to do. I actually just had a guest come over to the house today and this morning we did hot therapy followed by cold therapy, and that is the way you want to do it, not just because of the science, because it feels better.

Here's the science though. Infrared heat provokes heat shock proteins, vasodilation and detoxification, cryotherapy. Then vasoconstricts the tissue in blood vessels. This facilitates a reduction in inflammation and pain. It's important.

By the way, do not do cold plunges right after strength training. This is kind of a caveat. You'll lose your gains created by the tearing that creates lactic acid by the actin myosin and the muscle fiber and the sarcomere. This is the thing that actually makes your muscles sore the next day, and that's what makes your muscles dense and grow.

So going back to what I talked about, the contrast between muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to cold exposure, increased breathing, and other cold plunge triggers, stimulate mental toughness.

This is kind of a tertiary benefit, maybe even a primary benefit to doing cold therapy. You can train yourself to be better in the moment when your spouse is yelling at you or your husband is pissing you off and you're like, how could you?

Imagine if you weren't as triggered by that by doing the cold plunge, followed by the hot. You're getting a lot of different things. You're getting emotional training, you're getting physical training, you're also getting some soul training.

Here's why right before you go into the cold plunge, especially like I did this morning. 41 degrees when it's 30 degrees outside, it's actually a little bit warmer in the tub, which is kind of cool.

You get really hot, you do 10, 15, 20 minutes. I did a 45-minute session at 145 or 150 degrees with a friend so you can have some bonding time that's even more fun. And then what Alex and I did, we went into the cold plunge right after that, so we got that vasodilation from the heat shock proteins, and then we got that vasoconstriction. In other words, all the blood is shunting to the internal organs.

What's going on when you do hot cold? Here's the real skinny on why you want to do this.

When you do the hot therapy, you're getting increased blood flow, you're getting increased respiration, you're getting that detox that I talked about, but the most important thing is you're getting all this blood going to the skin, the epidermis, the largest organ on your whole system, your whole body, and that's what's actually detoxifying you, right?

The heat is being pushed away from your organs so that they don't boil or melt, and that's actually where the sweat comes from. The sweat is coming from the water in your organs and the water in your body pushing it out because it's freaking hot.

That's the heat shock proteins, right? That's the vasodilation. Then you get vasoconstriction right away, boom. You go into the cold, all the blood goes right back.

It goes right back to your internal organs. When it's in your internal organs, it's getting all those little nooks and crannies and all the different pieces of the sarcomere and all the striations and the little knots. It's actually pushing blood through those and it's opening up tissues. It's constricting. It's shunting the blood to your internal organs.

This is the health benefit of the hot and cold, the back and forth. This is why it's so badass. And Lindsay, thank you for your question. Always do the sauna first, then the cryo or the cold.

[06:45] Are Men Not Willing to Do The Inner Work?

Next question. This is from Dr. Kevin Preston. We had an organic video go almost 2 million views on Instagram. Maybe by the time you're hearing this, it's 2 million views, which I think is pretty cool. That is pretty amazing that 2 million people have heard the clip with Dr. Kevin and me.

Kevin says: “Why do you think the masculine has been avoiding the inner work emotions and taking ownership at a new level as well as avoiding their own deeply intuitive aspects?

Obviously, a broad generalization as there are so many things and so many men that are so many men that are doing the work. Yeah, it is a broad generalization, but here's what I'd like to say.

A lot of generalizations can be true when you look at a lens of modernity. Modernity is somebody who is caught up with credit card payments, bills, all the things that kind of weigh us down and make us focused on stress and torment and toil, working long hours and just being really in the mind, not being in the body.

This is my question for me, and this is the answer for Kevin. How can we as men do the inner work by actually spending more time in our bodies, our subtle emotional body, our real essence of being in our heart chakra, our throat chakra, and actually just being physically in our body?

Here's what I mean by this, and this is my answer, Dr. Kevin. I think what's going on for so long is men have been judged by the zeros at the end of their bank account and men have been judged by only what they can provide. And so we as men have a lot of conditioning to unravel starting at the heart.

Our heart is worthy, our heart is loving, our heart is powerful, and not the only measure of a man's power is judged by the zeroes on his bank account. That's first and foremost.

I think that's why the masculine has been avoiding doing the inner work because we have been so focused and we have been so trained by fucking society to just be a provider and to make sure that we have the Lamborghini, the big house, the white picket fence, the boat, the toys, and all the bullshit that I heard once buying things that you don't need to impress people that you don't even like.

I think that is why the masculine has been avoiding doing the inner work and taking ownership at a new level. And this is the question and answer that I go back and forth with, and this is for myself, Dr. Kevin, and for all the ladies and all the men out there, the broad generalization that so many are doing the work and not doing the work, I think it really comes down to the lens of modernity. I really believe this.

The question is how do we thrive as half beast and half spirit in modernity? How do we honor the beast in us, the physical breath work, strength training, hot cold therapy, going for walks, making sweet love to your partner, your lady, your man, spending time breathing breathwork, which you can find at It's my absolute favorite program. It's not just because it's mine, it's because I distilled all the wisdom from all the kinds of woo-woo stuff out there.

Let's be honest. There's a lot of woo capital, w woo kind of bullshit out there when it comes to breathwork. And so I wanted to create something practical for people, and I also went through the journey myself after actually eight years now, almost eight years of going deep and getting trained by breathwork facilitators across the world, literally.

I mean like Hawaii, Thailand, Arizona, and California. I went across the world and I was like, what is everybody doing in this breathwork that actually moves the needle that brings us back home to homeostasis? This is what I think men need, Dr. Kevin, and for all of us.

If the masculine has been avoiding doing the inner work and taking emotional inventory, taking ownership at a new level, and we and I, we all have to be willing to actually take a breath, be in our body, feel the throat, feel the heart, feel the stomach, feel our cock.

I don't mean to offend anyone but feel our fucking cock. That's what we need to do. We need to feel our cock again as men, not through porn, not through screens, not through Instagram, looking at girls' asses that they're putting out there.

I mean, really feel the sacredness in our chakras, in our throat, in our perineum, in our cock, in our stomach. This is what we need on a new level. If we want to be at a new level, then we have to go to an old way.

We have to actually physically be in our body much like our ancestors were for so long. I think that's the answer. I think avoidance is actually just a coping strategy to modernity. So really the balance, and this is what we explore so much on the podcast, and if you love this, then go over to, subscribe, and tap the button wherever you're listening to this.

This is what we're going into so much this year with the Liberated Life Community, the community that you can go and sign up for right now, and you can be part of the waitlist to join the community when it goes live in late March, early April,, and in this community and all of our content, this is what we're exploring, right?

If the masculine and the feminine inside of both men and women, by the way, are being called to a new level, being called to take ownership of our lives at a new level as well as leaning into our shit, leaning into our pain, there's no way that we're going to be able to be the old version of us in the new world, the new modernity.

So this is a big sweeping shout for all of us to rise not from shame or blame, not from being not good enough, but from actually forgetting that we are so powerful and we have forgotten this.

So let's remember how powerful we are. Not in a woo-woo kind of way, but the only way we can remember how powerful we are is if we actually spend time with us in our bodies, in our physical selves.

This is This is the 21-day program that I've created, and this is the kind of ownership that can happen when you start really actually breathing and being in your body. You can use the code “PODCAST33”. I've been giving 33% off to our podcast listeners.

It's already cheaper, by the way than going out and having some dinner with your friends. Definitely if you're drinking, cut out some drinks for a weekend and learn breathwork instead.

That's going to be much richer and much more rewarding for your system anyway, so it's a multifaceted question, Dr. Kevin. It's a great question. I look forward to having another podcast where we go deep into that, but let's move on in the interest of time.

[12:58] Fertility Supplements

This is from @picturolande: “I'm 38 and I'm struggling with fertility. Do you have any podcasts on that or supplements to recommend?

Yes, straight up. I just took it before I recorded this podcast, Now look at Shilajit specifically, there is a ton of NCBI and PubMed research on the virility of MANNA and the way that Shilajit affects the libido and testosterone.

cIt's a natural libido and testosterone enhancer. It's concentrated plant matter y'all that's been marinating at 10,000 feet plus in the Himalayas. Nature has some wisdom there.

Anytime the sun cooks plants down to their raw essence and then you eat those plants, specifically our allies like the Sheila Jet, this is going to make you dense and grow in the areas that you want for the men.

Now for the women, there's also some unique research and it's linked over at This is going to be where you can get all the information that you're looking for when it comes to understanding fertility.

We're also going to be doing a podcast here in the next couple of months with a company called Clockwise.

It's a blood test that you can get to determine your age and your, I guess applicability and your capability to give birth, both the man from planting the seed as the father and the woman from having the egg and the womb as the mother.

So look forward to that. Make sure you subscribe, and make sure you are subscribed so you get notified, and when you see that clockwise episode come out, you can listen to that.

So I hope that answered your question. That is probably the best episode we've done where David talks about one of the founders of MANNA Vitality. David talks about fertility and the research and all of the scientific acumen and all the energy behind MANNA.

I think that'd be a really great episode for you or anyone struggling with fertility to listen to at

[15:30] Green Juice Benefits

Okay, let's get to the final question. We talked about hot and cold therapy. We talked about why men don't do the inner work. We talked about fertility, and now we're going to talk about drinking green juice.

By the way, when it comes to fertility, don't believe in the fallacy that you have to go to the doctor. None of this podcast is ever medical advice, but really the fallacy of fertility is that if you're not fertile or if you're having trouble conceiving that you have to run to the doctor, you do not.

There is so much information, and so many people out there. By the way, shout out to Mimi Lindquist. This is a guest on the podcast, I think in two weeks from now.

Actually, it's going to be three or four weeks from now. So look for Mimi Lindquist. She's going to be on the podcast, and she is a great resource.

She and Dr. Nathan Riley when it comes to fertility, the fallacy of fertility before we get to the green juice, the fallacy of fertility is that most people believe that they should immediately take a breath and run to their physician. It's absolutely not true.

There are so many things you can do before that. Boosting it with adaptogens like mana is one of them. Lifting heavy weights.

If you're a man, getting good sleep, honestly, sleep is probably the main thing for all of us. If a woman's not sleeping, if a man's not sleeping, they're much, much, much, much less likely to conceive. So that's some of the truth there. Obviously, that's a way bigger conversation, but some great resources.

Now, let's talk about green juice. There's @jeffturnerra on Instagram and Jeff said: “What to do when a loved one thinks your health advice is crazy when they won't drink the green juice and instead just want the doctor's pills?”

Look, you don't have to have them drink the green juice, but here's what's going to happen if you do, right? There are things called adaptogens, and these adaptogens are plant compounds that are so smart that when you consume them and they go into your body, your body actually uses them as the levers and the gears and all the things that your body needs in order to be at its most optimal.

Now, why is this important? Organifi Green Juice has been a sponsor and a partner for us for over 6 years. Can you believe that? I mean, there's got to be something good there.

You go to and you use the code “WELLNESSFORCE”, you get 20% off, which is amazing, and you can get their Protein Powder, their Green Juice, their Red Juice, their Gold.

It's fricking awesome. It's literally something that I have every day. I give it to my son. My family drinks it. I've turned a bunch of onto it. I've probably turned on at this point, over 10,000 people or more just from the podcast.

There's a reason why the company's doing so great. So here's what you do, Jeff. Turn on Instagram. When a loved one thinks your health advice is crazy, show them that you're not through your results.

When they think you're crazy and they themselves are unhealthy or they've got something going on with their own physicality or their digestion or their mental health, and they're not in a good place, show them with your results.

The best way to create change in others is when they see the change in you. That's it full. The best way to create change in others is not by talking to them. The best way to create change in others is by letting them see the change in you.

So how do you do this? Green juice is one of those things. It's the adaptogens. These plant compounds, these smart plants that go into your body and actually allow your body to be most optimal. But also, you can drink clean water.

You can go over to and look at specifically the hydrogen water and some of the other tools that we have there. Start where you are. By the way, financially, if you can't do any of this stuff, you don't have to do any of it.

It's going to be more challenging in modernity, but it's going to be a lot easier if you just stack the environment in your favor, look at your finances, and go, okay, where am I spending money that's taken away from my health?

Am I drinking? Am I eating crappy food? Am I hanging out and spending money with people that don't even love me, that I don't even care about, that doesn't even really matter to me in life?

Do this change from the inside and the outside will reflect the inner game that you're starting to play. If you're interested in a new inner game, Jeff, when your loved one thinks your health advice is crazy, show them how they can change by the change they see in you.

That is it full stop. Because if they won't drink the green juice and they're just going to the doctor, if they see you change, then six months from now, 12 months from now, they can't point a finger at you and be like, oh, it didn't work because it did. It obviously worked, right?

Otherwise, you wouldn't be healthy. So do not use your words to spark change when it comes to family members specifically or a loved one.

Use your behavior and use your results to spark that change. That's the only way that they're going to listen to you anyways. They're going to see how you look in jeans. They're going to feel your presence. They're going to understand that you're not farting around them all the time, that you have better gi, not so much GI distress.

These are all the ways that you can live your life well, and if you head over to josh and josh, and also all the different resources that we've talked about [email protected] slash 6 09, this is going to be a great starting place for you, my friend.

This is a great starting place. There are so many podcasts out there, there's so much content out there. Do me a favor. Take a deep breath, breathe it out, and just ask yourself, is what I've been doing working? Because if what you've been doing is working, then don't change anything.

But if you are looking for more, if you're looking for better results, subscribe to the podcast. Go to the store page. Start using all of these free resources that are out there for you. There's an ocean of free resources, but how do you know that the person is trustworthy?

Will my results speak for themselves? You can look at all of our content. You can always message me [email protected]. You can talk to me to my team, talk to us on Instagram at Wellness + Wisdom or at Josh Trent. That's my personal account, which I reply to.

So whatever you get from this podcast, from this A MA, make sure that if you are inspired to ask questions that you ask them on Instagram and that you message me through

Remember, you can submit 90 seconds or less and we'll select your question. We'll actually put your voice in the episode so you can be heard by the entire podcast world. Okay? That ends today's AMA.

Remember to submit your questions, follow us, and subscribe and get all the free stuff. It's all free for you. We live in an amazing time where you can just get so much free stuff, but are you actually using it? That is the thing. Are you actually using it?

Until I talk to you again real soon, I'm wishing you love and wellness.

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