Kava For Greater Consciousness: Better Mental + Physical Vitality via Ancient Plant Intelligence With Cameron George

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 577

Can kava help your mental and spiritual growth?

Cameron George | Kava For Greater Consciousness: Better Mental + Physical Vitality via Ancient Plant IntelligenceCameron George, founder of Tru Kava, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 577, to share how kava can expand your consciousness and give you the same benefits as alcohol without actually being drunk, why people seek altered states of consciousness, and how we are disconnected from nature.

“Indigenous people see kava as a psychological and mental medicine that builds mental health, mental fortitude, and emotional maturity over time. The medicine opens up the pathway and the doorway for you to increase your senses to be able to develop as a human. They see it as a developer of the mind and emotions. They see it as something that helps to bring out that authentic existential core in a person and to manifest itself collectively.”Cameron George


Every day should be your best day….make the most of every day with TRU KAVA products that help promote feelings of openness, calm, energy, and focus.

Kava is known to help elevate your mood primarily by naturally boosting dopamine.

It helps bring about a happy, peaceful state of calm focus generally referred to as an Alpha state.

tru kava drinkBenefits of drinking kava:

• Relaxation

• Social Interactions

• Anxiety + Stress Relief

• Better Sleep

• Reduces Carbohydrate Cravings

In This Episode, Cameron George Uncovers:

[01:30] Everything You Need to Know About Kava

  • Cameron George
  • Tru Kava – 20% off Tru Kava with code “JOSH20”
  • The use and history of kava.
  • Why kava is a protector and connector.
  • The reason why context matters in plant medicine use.
  • Finding Joe
  • How psychedelics are accelerating the expansion of consciousness.
  • The danger of using plant medicine to heal addiction.

[11:25] Plant Medicine Healing Journey

  • Jordan Peterson
  • Why kava is the most sacred plant medicine in South-East Asia.
  • How Cameron's sickness pushed him to experiment with different substances.
  • Why kava is a safe substance to use.
  • How we can have a relationship with the plants we ingest.

[19:15] The Power of Kava for Mental, Emotional + Spiritual Health

  • Why people drink alcohol according to Josh.
  • How kava works with the intelligence of the body.
  • Supporting a collective connection through kava.
  • Cameron's path of growth and spirituality.
  • How disconnecting from who we truly are leads to disharmony and disease.
  • The physiological effects of kava.
  • How kava can help us look at your life from a distance and help us work on it.

[30:05] Why Humans Seek Altered State of Consciousness

[40:05] We Are One Collective Mind + The Existential Truth

[51:20] Escapism: The Divorcement from Nature

[58:20] The Purpose of Personal Growth

[01:06:10] Alcohol VS Kava

  • Why kava is a recreational substance that has the unique benefit of supporting mental and spiritual growth.
  • How other substances create dependency.
  • Comparing alcohol and kava.
  • Why kava has developed to be biologically compatible with human emotional and mental framework.
  • The meaning of the term “entheogen“.
  • How drinking alcohol is our call for connection with others.

[01:14:10] Human Connection + How Kava Serves People to Be Well

  • The people you only go out and drink alcohol with are not your true friends.
  • Why real friendship based on mutual trust and support is quite rare.
  • Josh's experience with Kava during the birth of his daughter.
  • Why kava is a catalyst and how it helped Cameron on his healing journey.
  • How kava helps you formulate a strategy to address your problems.

[01:30:00] Growing from Darkness

  • Cameron George on Luke Storey's Podcast
  • What it takes to find your true self.
  • The essence of duality and why we need to experience the contrast.
  • Why inside all the devastating experiences is an opportunity.
  • Cameron's personal experience with the contrasts of life.

[01:40:10] Allow Yourself to Be Your True Self

  • How Cameron worked on his own trauma.
  • Why we shouldn't chase feelings and temporary states.
  • How he was told that he was not going to recover from his illness.
  • Why not allowing yourself to be your true self is an ethical crime.
  • His first experience with psychedelics.
  • How all that exists is interconnected.
  • Why true medicine comes from nature.
  • Jurassic Park

[01:54:25] Raising Consciousness + Changing Culture

  • Why the tools that intervene with our consciousness are the most powerful.
  • Health starts with a healthy mindset and perspective.
  • How we can change the culture using plants.
  • Why we're locked in only one part of our consciousness.
  • How kava helps develop close communities in the areas where kava is used as a primary substance for altered states.

[02:06:45] Pharmaceuticals VS Plant Medicine

  • We can use kava to extinguish our need for alcohol, caffeine, and other addictive substances.
  • How pharmaceuticals are divorced from nature.
  • Why the side effects are actually the main effect.
  • The problem with pharmaceutical drugs.

[02:11:50] Achieving Wellness Through Authenticity

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Power Quotes From The Show

Disharmony Creates Disease

“Anytime you take steps away from the base intelligence of what you are, you're separating yourself from yourself, and you're working against yourself. That is generating every expression of disharmony and disease which leads to every kind of ailment in the manipulation of your mind body spirit system.”Cameron George

The Benefits of Drinking Kava

“Kava brings on a state of comfort which is accessible and relevant to anybody, no matter where you're at in your life. Whenever you drink kava regularly, what we see in populations is people tend to become more introspective, reflective, empathetic, and, across the board in many cases, more intelligent.”Cameron George

What's The Root Cause of Addiction?

“Addiction is not the problem. Addiction is your attempt to solve a problem. That's the disconnection from self that happens from trauma.”Cameron George

The Contrast of Life

“You couldn't comprehend light without darkness. It would not exist. You could not have an experience of light or an appreciation or an understanding for it without the contrast of darkness. It's only as light as the dark is dark. If you're going to blame the seemingly “bad” circumstances in your life for bringing about such horror and terror and all of the bad, then you better blame them for the good too. Inside every experience, inside the darkest of the dark, the most traumatic of the traumatic, there is opportunity.”Cameron George

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About Cameron George

Cameron George | Kava For Greater Consciousness: Better Mental + Physical Vitality via Ancient Plant IntelligenceCameron George is an acclaimed researcher, writer, and a globally recognized leading authority on Kava. As the visionary founder of TRU KAVA, he is pioneering a movement to elevate Kava to its rightful place as the signature social elixir of our contemporary world.

He has spent over a decade working within an extended network of several thousand functional medicine physicians, through which he has been involved in clinical research, product development, and the development of many multitherapeutic protocols with a specific focus on neurorehabilitation and chronic disease.

While collaborating with many top researchers and physicians, he has assisted in the development of many multitherapeutic protocols for anxiety and mood disorders, PTSD, and autoimmune conditions in general (which in many cases is a main underlying contributor to PTSD).

These include all physiological therapies and neural retraining strategies for processing trauma and shifting the body's learned fight/flight response). Cameron also has extensive experience working clinically with a wide array of psychoactive plant medicines targeted for these purposes. (Kava , cannabis, psilocybin, kratom, kanna, ayahuasca, DMT, LSD, MDMA, and many adaptogenic herbs from TCM and Ayurveda).

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About Josh Trent

Josh Trent lives in Austin, Texas with his love Carrie Michelle, son Novah, daughter Nayah + a cat named Cleo. He is the host of the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast and the creator of the BREATHE: Breath + Wellness Program. Josh has spent the past 20+ years as a trainer, researcher + facilitator discovering the physical and emotional intelligence for humans to thrive in our modern world. Helping humans LIBERATE their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual + financial self through podcasts, programs + global community that believe in optimizing our potential to live life well.

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