Sinus Health Masterclass | Using Acoustic Energy To Clear Nasal Congestion Naturally (No Drugs!)

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode #579

Can acoustic therapy help improve sinus health?

sinusonic Sinus Health Masterclass | Dr. Rodney Schlosser + David Lewis: Using Acoustic Energy To Clear Nasal Congestion Naturally (No Drugs!)Dr. Rodney Schlosser + David Lewis, founders of SinuSonic, join Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 579, to talk about the revolutionary device for optimal sinus health, how humming opens your nasal airways, why dairy can contribute to congestion, and the negative effects of mouth breathing.

“Humming, or acoustic vibration, is well known to increase the body's production of nasal nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and it's also a vasodialator. Monks hummed. Why were they doing that? To clear their head. Can we stimulate the vagus nerve with acoustic energy? Yes.” – David Lewis

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SinuSonic sinus healthThe revolutionary SinuSonic device delivers acoustic vibrations and gentle pressure to open nasal passages naturally.

Twice a day, morning and evening, simply hold the SinuSonic device to your nose and breathe normally for about two minutes.

You should hear a flutter each time you exhale during the exercise. That’s it. It is that easy. Best of all there are no harmful or addictive drugs, and no mess.

In This Episode, Dr. Rodney Schlosser + David Lewis Uncovers:

[01:30] The Creation of SinuSonic

[08:55] Revolution in Sinus Health

  • How Josh discovered SinuSonic to heal his chronic sinus problems.
  • Unpacking how the SinuSonic device works.
  • Why humming helps improve sinus health.
  • The simplicity of the acoustic device.

[13:45] Heal Your Nasal Obstructions

  • The difference between nasal congestion and sinusitis.
  • 30-40% of people in the U.S. struggle with some nasal obstruction.
  • How to use SinuSonic for best results.
  • Describing how the device creates humming for you.

[19:20] Acoustic Therapy: A Breakthrough in Sinus Care

  • Who can benefit from using SinuSonic.
  • Why the device has an 80% success rate.
  • How you can heal the lining inside the nose and airflow with the device but not deviated septum.
  • Sino-Nasal Outcome Test (SNOT)
  • How SinuSonic improves airflow by 30% within the first two weeks of use.

[25:10] Natural Ways to Improve Your Sinus Health

  • Why oral decongestants are not good for your health or aren't efficient long-term.
  • How rebound congestion works.
  • Why nasal sprays only provide short-term relief.
  • Non-pharma and non-surgical options for nasal health.
  • Why dairy is bad for sinuses.
  • How pregnancy affects women's breathing.
  • Why mouth taping doesn't work when you have nasal problems.

[31:45] Acoustic Therapy + Pharmaceutical Drugs

  • How to combine SinuSonic with medicine.
  • Why it's better to use the acoustic device first and then add drugs.
  • How Josh dealt with having small sinus cavities.
  • Why you should try acoustic therapy before any surgical intervention.

[40:30] Sinuses + Mental Health Issues

  • How people unconsciously self-sabotage their healing.
  • Chronic illnesses and their connection with mental health problems.
  • Why you can't expect results in one day but need to change your lifestyle.
  • The connection between trauma and sinus issues.
  • Dr. Stephen Porges
  • How your breathing changes when your nervous system is dysregulated.
  • The power of deep breathing exercise.
  • SinuSonic experiment during the pandemic.

[48:50] Why Mouth Breathing Is Unnatural

[54:50] SinuSonic as Covid-19 Prevention

  • What drove David to leave Polysomnography.
  • How neurology and breathing are related to sleep studies.
  • The benefits of nitric oxide.
  • Unpacking how the FDA was considering SinuSonic as a Covid-19 prevention tool.
  • The multiple mechanisms that are responsible for good breathing.
  • Why using SinuSonic is a meditative practice.

[01:01:30] Get Rid of Sinus Headache Fast

  • How singers, musicians, and pilots use acoustic therapy.
  • More than 70% of people with severe sinus pain and pressure get relief with SinuSonic.
  • What causes sinus headaches.
  • How most pharmaceutical drugs only cover up the real problem.

[01:09:15] Improve Your Posture to Improve Your Breathing

  • How posture affects oxygen intake.
  • Why there are no side effects to using SinuSonic.
  • How personal life affects Rodney's work life.
  • Why faith in God is important for David.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Nasal Obstructions Impair Your Cognitive Functions

“Nasal obstruction and nasal congestion are a super common problem that can be from allergic or non-allergic triggers, which affects 20-30% of population in the U.S. But it's not just nose problems. It affects your sleep and your cognitive ability. We've done studies on cognition and it impairs your cognition, your mood, you get depressed or anxious.” – Dr. Rodney Schlosser

Avoid Environments That Trigger Sinus Issues

“Dairy's probably the number one thing I hear about that creates thick mucus, thick flam, throat clearing… If you can avoid environments that are going to cause triggers, whether you're allergic or not, then do that. Stay in a healthy clean environment. Rinse your nose out with saline and flush things out.”Dr. Rodney Schlosser

The Negative Effects of Mouth Breathing

“Nasal obstruction will force you to become a mouth breather at night. You can get more cavities because now your mouth is all dry. There's something called the adenoid face. Kids have big adenoids in the back with their tonsils and if it obstructs the nose and they become a mouth breather, it actually changes the shape of their face.”Dr. Rodney Schlosser

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About Dr. Rodney Schlosser

Sinus Health Masterclass | Dr. Rodney Schlosser + David Lewis: Using Acoustic Energy To Clear Nasal Congestion Naturally (No Drugs!)Rodney J. Schlosser, M.D. is Professor and Director of Rhinology and Sinus Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology at the Medical University of South Carolina. He completed his Otolaryngology residency at the University of Virginia and his Rhinology fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, and has been on staff at MUSC since 2002.

​Dr. Schlosser’s clinical areas of interest include revision sinus surgery, endoscopic repair of CSF leaks and skull base defects, and resection of sinonasal and skull base tumors.

His research interests include the mucosal immune response in chronic sinusitis, olfactory dysfunction, and clinical outcomes in patients undergoing medical and surgical treatment for chronic rhinosinusitis.

​Dr. Schlosser has received research grants from the National Institute of Health, Veterans Administration, American Rhinologic Society, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and numerous medical companies.

He has published a textbook on endoscopic sinus surgery, as well as over 300 peer-reviewed articles and 7 book chapters, and has been an invited speaker throughout the U.S. and abroad.

About David Lewis

Sinus Health Masterclass | Dr. Rodney Schlosser + David Lewis: Using Acoustic Energy To Clear Nasal Congestion Naturally (No Drugs!)David Lewis received his BS in Health Policy and Administration from UNC-CH and an MBA/MHA from Georgia State University. He co-founded SleepMed, Inc., and was CEO and a Board Member.

SleepMed grew to over $115M in revenue and provided sleep medicine services and epilepsy testing services across the US.

He left SleepMed to become US General Manager for EIMindA (Herzliya, Israel) which developed BNA.

He co-founded and co-invented SinuSonic.

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