Q+A: How To Deal With Energy Vampires, Healing MARCoNS + Will AI Destroy Us?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 572 | Q+A: How To Deal With Energy Vampires, Healing MARCoNS + Will AI Destroy Us?

What's going on Podcast world? This is Josh Trent, this is Wellness + Wisdom – the place where over the past 8 years you can trust to get everything you need to live your life well. That includes the physical mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial ways that we all signed up to master here on planet Earth.

I called this the Wellness Pentagon the five sides of the house we live in.

Today's episode is a very special Q+A solocast, where I'm fielding some incredible questions from our global community and I'm excited to share this episode for a lot of different reasons because this is where the rubber meets the road with what we all are dealing with here in life and that is the balancing of all of our trials and tribulations all of our challenges are pitfalls are perceived roadblocks I mean who doesn't experience this?

I know that I do and I know that you do too, so some of the topics we're gonna cover on the solo cast are:

My own health journey with MARCoNS and sinus infections, how to set boundaries with a close family member who is an energy vampire and what do I believe about artificial intelligence is it a friend or foe? Will it harm us or heal us, these questions and a lot more are going to be answered on today's podcast.

So if you were in the process of mastering your Wellness Pentagon, which I know you are otherwise you wouldn't be here and this is gonna be a perfect episode for you so sit back and relax or go on your walk, preferably in the sun and let's dig into the very first topic.

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Today's Questions from Our Audience:

Jeff Turnerra

“I found out from the newest podcast that you're going through some health issues. Can you share how you're handling it on an emotional and mental level (and spiritual?), and are you able to see the bigger picture despite going through hard times? Wishing you a fast recovery. ❤ “


“How do you set boundaries with a close family member who is an energy vampire? I don't want to lose them but it's really hard to be around them…”


“Do you believe AI will destroy us? Or what do you think will happen? Would love to hear your take on this topic because it truly scares me!”

Ian Vogel

@joshtrentofficial I’ve been contemplating the use of the word “artificial” and have yet to come up with a good reason for what makes computer intelligence “artificial”. Can intelligence even be artificial? There is a presupposition there that I’m not sure that I agree with. Curious about your take on that.”

Listen to this episode to find out Josh's answers to the questions above!

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