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Better brain health starts today. Buy yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Learn to avoid distractions, and enhance mental resilience with Mendi.


Join the brain health revolution!
Human health is at the heart of everything we do. By providing cutting-edge brain health technology for home use, we help people like you measure, control, train, and improve brain function.

Take control of your attention: Ready to take your career to the next level, with increased energy, productivity, and focus?

Learn how to avoid distractions: Say goodbye to mind-wandering and task-switching. Practice with Mendi to stay focused for longer.

Enhance mental resilience: Modern life is stressful. Train your brain and improve mental resilience – when and where it matters most.

New Neuroscience + Mental Health Breakthrough Helps People HealTune in as Josh and the CEO of Mendi, Moha Bensofia, discuss this breakthrough technology that allows for at-home neurofeedback training, how Mendi helped Moha get rid of nightmares, how the device regulates emotions through the prefrontal cortex, and why the positive impact on people's mental health is more important than profits HERE!


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