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PaleoValley 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks

Why are PaleoValley's Beef Sticks better?

1. 100% Grass Fed Beef
Their 100% grass fed and finished beef is raised in the U.S.A. by family farmers focused on using rotational grazing practices and creating lush, green pastures free of chemicals and pesticides. They are never fed grains or given antibiotics!

2. Organic Spices
They use organic spices to give their beef sticks a delicious, savory flavor. Most other products use conventional spices that have likely been sprayed with herbicides and/or pesticides.

3. Naturally Occurring Probiotics
This is what truly sets their beef sticks apart. They use old world methods of fermenting their sticks so they are shelf stable without the use of chemicals or questionable ingredients. Virtually all other similar snack stick products use GMO corn-based citric acid encapsulated in hydrogenated oils to process their products. Thanks to this fermentation process, each stick contains gut-friendly probiotics!

4. Delicious Flavor
They love making healthy products… but even more they love making healthy products that taste delicious. Their beef sticks are so delicious they actually guarantee that you'll love them… seriously!


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