Photobiomodulation Therapy: How To Live PAIN-FREE + Increase Quality of Life Again (Kineon) | Forrest Smith

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 585

Is laser therapy the solution to chronic pain?

Photobiomodulation Therapy: How To Live PAIN-FREE + Increase Quality of Life Again (Kineon) | Forrest SmithForrest Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Kineon Labs, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 585, to share how photobiomodulation can revolutionize chronic pain healing, why chronic pain is a sign of inflammation, and how laser and red light therapy work for healing joint pain and damaged tissue.

If you've got a fire in your kitchen and the house is burning down, you have inflammation and pain in your joints. The pain is the signal, the sound coming from that fire alarm. The fire in the kitchen is the inflammation. And what we see people doing with with opiates and anti-inflammatory drugs, is taking the batteries out of the fire alarm so that they can't hear this anymore but the fire's still going.”Forrest Smith

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Red light therapy for fast relief from joint pain and inflammation

Kineon | The MOVE+ Pro LED & Laser photobiomodulationThe MOVE+ Pro is a safe, non-invasive, enhanced light therapy device. The next generation of laser light technology to help relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the healing of damaged tissues.

The combination of highly-targeted LED and laser technology allows the light to reach deeper into the joint, for more effective results. Each of the three modules has 8 x deep red (650nm) LEDs and 10 x Infrared (808nm) laser diodes.

In a single 5-minute session, MOVE+ Pro activates and increases blood flow, reducing inflammation and pain — our customers report an 80% reduction in pain within 1-4 weeks.

In This Episode, Forrest Smith Uncovers:

[01:30] LED + Laser Light Technology for Chronic Pain

[10:40] How to Measure Physical Pain

  • Lauren Colletti
  • The tests you can take to optimize your health.
  • WAVi Brain Scan
  • Why standard pain measurement is subjective.
  • Electromagnetic scans are currently the most efficient tool to measure pain.
  • The technology Kineon has developed and why they believe silicon photomultiplier is the future.

[18:30] Chronic Pain = Chronic Inflammation

[25:45] The Science of Photobiomodulation

  • Why people shouldn't correlate their pain with their age.
  • The difference between getting sunlight and photobiomodulation.
  • How most red light therapy devices are not efficient in treating joint pain.
  • The relation between blood vessels and inflammation.
  • Why very high and very low oxidative stress is not good for you.

[33:45] The Benefits of Laser Therapy

[41:50] How Kineon Changes Lives

  • How they monitor tissue healing with Kineon.
  • The short-term and long-term effects of using the device.
  • Exercise brings oxidative stress to your body in a healthy amount.
  • Why Forrest loves hearing the stories of people whose life was changed using Kineon.
  • How they stay true to their mission.

[51:00] Are You Self-Sabotaging Your Wellness Journey?

[01:00:30] How to Use Kineon for Best Results

  • Solving problems takes energy.
  • Dr. Tim Brown
  • How Kineon helps heal edema.
  • Why remodeling soft tissue takes time.
  • How often you should use Kineon to achieve results.
  • Laser therapy increases collagen production and helps heal scars.

[01:09:15] Healing Scar Tissue with Laser Therapy

  • How Kineon can heal your old tissue damage.
  • Why the blood flow in old scars is lower.
  • You can measure blood flow using your phone and Kineon.
  • Unpacking if technology can potentially heal on a level we never even imagined.
  • Many behavioral pathologies are based on metabolic health.

[01:17:05] Laser Technology Evolution for Health + Wellness

  • How remote photobiomodulation works.
  • The new Kineon device using Metabolomics that will be released soon.
  • Why laser technology is getting cheaper.
  • The reason why Forrest sees laser therapy as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

[01:22:05] The Current Situation in China

  • Why Josh believes China is a focal point for demonic energy in the world.
  • Forrest's experience living in China for 20 years.
  • Why he enjoys living in Mexico now.
  • What has been happening in China since the pandemic.
  • How ghost cities were created in China.

[01:35:00] Creating a Change in The World

  • Why Forrest is optimistic about the future of technology.
  • How the overload of information makes it more difficult to filter it.
  • Turning optimism into empowerment and using information to change the world.
  • Why Kineon provides a money-back guarantee and customer support.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Tissue Damage Affects The Heart

“There was a 3,500 player study with the NFL players. 50% had ACL tears, 50% didn't. The 50% that had the ACL tears had a greater than 50% increase in severe cardiovascular disease. You have increased chronic inflammation in that joint almost forever after that traumatic tissue damage that you have with the injury and then the surgery. And it impacts and impairs your cardiovascular endothelial tissue.”Forrest Smith

Healthcare Is Actually Semi-Care

“The most profitable way to run a pharmaceutical company is to keep people in a state of semi-health, provide them some benefits, but never get them well. The pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars developing different solutions that would keep people in that most profitable role of the commercialization, which is in semi-health and semi-sickness. That's the most valuable customer to have. What's not a valuable customer to have is somebody that you can provide preventative measures to.Forrest Smith

Inflammation Impacts Your Entire Body

“When you measure the temperature of the muscle above the unhealthy joint, it's 1 to 2 degrees colder than the one above the healthy joint. That's severely impacting the amount of oxygen and blood delivery to that tissue. Local inflammation impacts degrading tissue, tearing down your cartilage, making you have worse outcomes from a mobility standpoint. And then you go regional and you look at the muscle tissue and it's getting worse blood delivery, worse oxygen delivery. And you go systemic and you look at endothelial cardiovascular tissue and the sheer strength is dropping. This is something that's impacting you across all of these different parts of your body.”Forrest Smith

Movement + Mental Health

“When you can't or don't move, your joints just get worse and worse. And it's extremely highly correlated to depression, increased chronic anxiety, and a lot of neurological impacts because of lack of movement.”Forrest Smith

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About Forrest Smith

Photobiomodulation Therapy: How To Live PAIN-FREE + Increase Quality of Life Again (Kineon) | Forrest Smith

Forrest Smith is the CEO of Kineon Labs. He is a dynamic entrepreneur and esteemed leader in the tech hardware industry, bringing to the table an impressive 20-year track record of creating and scaling successful startups. His career trajectory at Kineon Labs stands as a testament to his unwavering optimism and innovative approach in the field of health and wellness technology.

An avid sports enthusiast, Forrest's competitive spirit was honed on the fields of Atlanta, where he played various sports and continues to actively participate in rugby matches and CrossFit training. This athletic passion was the catalyst for the conception of the Knee+ enhanced light therapy device, a key offering from Reviiv Light that embodies his commitment to health and fitness.

From the age of 14, Forrest has cultivated a deep fascination for Chinese culture and language, a passion that has grown into fluency and profound professional expertise in the Asian market. His 18 years of experience in startup creation and executive management in Asia have been marked by considerable success.

In 2000, Forrest embarked on his first entrepreneurial journey in China with a fabric-sourcing company, which was later acquired in 2002. Over the next decade, he demonstrated his exceptional aptitude for business development and leadership, founding and directing a series of companies, including Source Pro Asia, August Vale, and Illumitron. Each venture flourished under his guidance, leading to acquisition by larger corporations, such as Wilway Holdings and Cooper Lighting.

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