Clockwize: The Missing Link Between Biological Age + Birthing Children (Fertility is Not What You Think) | Dr. Katherine Zagone

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 626

What can you do to boost your fertility + optimize your genetics pre-pregnancy?

Dr. Katherine Zagone | Clockwize: The Missing Link Between Biological Age + Birthing Children (Fertility is Not What You Think)Dr. Katherine Zagone, Naturopathic Doctor and Co-Founder of Clockwize, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, episode 626, to shed light on infertility; how infertility can be reversed, what role your biological age plays in conception, and why it's essential to optimize your health if you're planning to have a baby.

“Women are waiting longer to conceive and it's not necessarily that they have more chronological years, they've just had more years on the planet of high stress and toxin exposure. And in a lot of ways, those are reversible.”Dr. Katherine Zagone

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FertilityWize test is designed for women who want to find out their biological age, specifically related to their fertility.

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In This Episode, Dr. Katherine Zagone Uncovers:

[01:30] Conception Is Creation

[07:35] Fertility Fallacies

  • The human body is designed to procreate.
  • Having struggles conceiving can be an opportunity for us to have more time to heal.
  • Not conceiving is a signal from nature.
  • The most common causes of fertility issues.

[12:35] Mind-Body Healing for Fertility

  • Stress and toxins affect women's fertility.
  • How Katherine helped a woman conceive at 42 after being diagnosed infertile.
  • The mind-body connection can be more important than biomarkers.
  • The healing techniques she uses on her patients.

[19:50] The Truth About Male Fertility

  • It's easier to conceive when a man also desires to become a father.
  • Sara Mintzer
  • How they help men when they have fertility.
  • Sacred plant medicine can cause harm if it's abused.

[25:10] Biological Age Affects Fertility

  • How Katherine found out biological age played a major role in fertility.
  • Why she didn't want to use hormone supplements to improve her biological age.
  • How knowing she had more time to have children took the pressure off of her.

[30:00] Natural Healing

[39:05] Empowering Women

[45:00] FertilityWize Test

  • Women have more responsibility and work when it comes to pregnancy and labor than men.
  • The role of epigenetics during pregnancy.
  • 275 The Revolution Is Here: Paul Chek
  • What FertilityWize test measures.
  • The fertility toxins that cause fertility problems.
  • Fertility is related to cellular health.
  • Why everyone should start testing before trying to get pregnant.

[56:55] Infertility Diagnosis

  • Why Clockwize is developing a fertility predictability algorithm.
  • IVF is overutilized.
  • The definition of infertility diagnosis.
  • Infertility diagnosis can be changed.
  • It's empowering to take control of our health.
  • There's always another way that brings hope.

[01:04:45] The Power of Hope

  • Why the awareness of having the possibility of becoming pregnant is a crucial factor.
  • How doctors use disempowering language.
  • Women's biological age accelerates during pregnancy and decelerates after birth.
  • Due dates are calculated by a woman's last period.

[01:10:40] Fertility Blood Markers

  • What blood markers doctors test and why it's not enough.
  • Why progesterone should be tested but it's usually not.
  • The importance of getting a blood sugar evaluation.
  • Cellular health impacts all the biomarkers.

[01:16:55] Soul + Body Connection

  • Why maternity is challenging in the modern age.
  • The body and soul connection.
  • How the soul informs the body through the energetic field.
  • The soul is the orchestra conductor for the body.
  • The egg chooses which sperm it will allow to penetrate it.

[01:27:45] Heal The Womb

  • Why men need to grow up to be ready to be a father.
  • How future generations are going to change the world.
  • The womb holds many traumas from the past.
  • How women can heal their wombs.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Everything Affects Fertility

“Everything we eat, drink, breathe, touch, think, and feel is affecting our fertility either in a positive or negative direction.”Dr. Katherine Zagone

Cleanse Your Body from Toxins

“Clockwize test looks at your biological age so that you can start making the right choices to stop the toxic exposure. And then if there's anything else that needs to happen to help get toxins out of the body because they impact not only conception and pregnancy, but also the baby's health for the rest of their life.”Dr. Katherine Zagone

What Is Infertility?

“Infertility diagnosis is just saying that you had timed intercourse for 6-12 months and were not able to conceive. It's really no information and oftentimes it's confusing and disheartening. There's a lot of other things that can be explored and a lot of things that impact the cellular health that directly impact fertility.”Dr. Katherine Zagone

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About Dr. Katherine Zagone

Dr. Katherine Zagone | Clockwize: The Missing Link Between Biological Age + Birthing Children (Fertility is Not What You Think)

Dr. Katherine Zagone is a Co-Founder of Clockwize. Professionally, she brings her passion as a healer and leader to her role as Medical Director of Gentera’s Southern California.

Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Katherine Zagone, develops personalized treatment plans for each patient at Gentera, assessing medical history, physical examinations, symptoms, and laboratory analysis.

She applies her expertise by viewing each patient as a complex individual, examining a myriad of systems and biomarkers to uncover root causes and restore optimal health.

Dr. Zagone has a passion for whole-person, individualized care, and an extra special interest in sexual wellness. This interest sparked the launch of Gentera’s Sexual Wellness Program which supports men and women with libido, orgasm, urinary issues, and overall improved sexual experience.

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