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Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 587

How does bioavailability affect nutrient absorption?

Chris Kresser | How To Live With Vitality: Changing The Game of Bio-Available Nutrients ForeverChris Kresser, Functional Medicine Clinician and Founder of Adapt Naturals, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 587, to talk about the importance of consuming bioavailable nutrients, why we are not getting enough nutrients even if we have a healthy and balanced diet, the factors that influence our gut health, and what contributes to autoimmune disease.

“We have the challenge of our food just not being as nutritious as it used to be because of declining soil quality. We'd have to eat 8 oranges today to get the same level of nutrition that our grandparents got from just eating 1 orange.”Chris Kresser

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In This Episode, Chris Kresser Uncovers:

[01:30] Functional Medicine VS Conventional Medicine

[05:30] Reverse Chronic Disease

  • Genetics load the gun but environment pulls the trigger.
  • 90% of chronic disease risk comes from environmental factors.
  • How we can reverse and prevent disease.
  • The awareness about reversing chronic disease and increasing our health span is growing.
  • Dr. Dale Bredessen
  • Why genetics are not the most important factor when it comes to our health.

[11:00] Dysfunctional Health Insurance Model

  • How functional medicine is individualized.
  • Why functional medicine is not covered by insurance.
  • Conventional doctors only get 5 minutes per patient.
  • Why fee-for-service is a better insurance model than the current one.

[14:45] Finding an Alternative Solution to Curing Disease

  • Chris's experience going through Crohn's disease after surfing in Asia.
  • How he discovered that the medical care in the U.S. wasn't going to help him.
  • Why his recovery was an inspiration to help other people heal.

[20:15] What Causes Autoimmune Disease

  • The reason why there's no reliable data about leaky gut.
  • How Josh found solutions to his health problems.
  • Alessio Fasano
  • How intestinal permeability is related to autoimmune disease.
  • Early childhood risks of developing autoimmune disease.
  • How the chemicals in the food and antibiotics affect the intestinal lining.

[28:45] The Four Pillars of Gut Health

[36:35] Are You Getting Enough Bioavailable Nutrients?

  • Big changes are a result of a series of small changes.
  • What led Chris to develop Adapt Naturals.
  • The challenges we face with our food and nutrients.
  • Why we're not absorbing enough nutrients from the foods we eat.

[43:40] Live + Eat Like Our Ancestors

  • Why we should shop locally at a farmers' market.
  • The benefits of sleeping in a cool dark room.
  • How Adapt Naturals blends superfoods to replenish essential nutrients and support the gut.
  • Mushrooms are good for gut health and the immune system.
  • Why mushrooms were only allowed to be used by emperors or priests in ancient Egypt.
  • How probiotics can be inefficient or even cause harm.
  • The ingredients you should avoid in supplements.

[55:50] The Benefits of Eating Organs

  • Why many people have trouble absorbing nutrients.
  • The truth about folic acid.
  • The ingredients in Bio-Avail Organ.
  • Why organs provide more nutrients than any other food.
  • Ty Beal
  • Adapt Naturals is real food concentrated in a capsule.

[01:02:15] How to Maintain Your Wellness

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Power Quotes From The Show

Why You Should Eat Organ Meat

“Organs are the most nutrient-dense foods we can eat. Sometimes 20X, 40X, 50X difference between the amount of nutrients in liver and other very nutrient dense foods. Native Americans used to throw muscle meats to the dogs and just eat the heart and the liver and the organs themselves.”Chris Kresser

Big Changes = A Series of Small Changes

“Big changes are often the result of a series of many small changes. We tend to think that in order to make progress, we have to do these big heroic interventions. And I think this is just part of our American mentality – no pain, no gain.”Chris Kresser

Intestinal Permeability

“If you have an autoimmune disease, it's almost certain that you also have a leaky gut or intestinal permeability. Intestinal permeability is a precondition of developing autoimmunity. And some of the recent statistics suggest that up to 1 in 6 people now have an autoimmune condition.”Chris Kresser

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About Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser | How To Live With Vitality: Changing The Game of Bio-Available Nutrients ForeverChris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac, is a practitioner of integrative and functional medicine, the creator of one of the world’s most respected natural health sites,, and author of the New York Times best-seller, Your Personal Paleo Code.

Widely known for his in-depth research uncovering myths and misconceptions in modern medicine and providing natural health solutions with proven results, his work is frequently cited in national publications such as Time and The Atlantic, on NPR, and on Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends, where he has appeared as a guest.

He developed the Personal Paleo Code based on over ten years of research, his own recovery from a debilitating, decade-long illness, and his clinical work with patients. Chris maintains a private practice in Berkeley, California, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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