Jason Pickard | Abundance Archetype: How To Live Financially Free by “Spinning The Wheel of Wealth”

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 602

If abundance is not about money, what is it truly about?

Jason Pickard | Abundance Archetype: How To Live Financially Free by “Spinning The Wheel of Wealth”

Jason Pickard, Financial Abundance Advisor, joins Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, episode 602, to guide you on a journey towards unlocking your abundance archetype, achieving success in life, and discovering the unique gifts that set you apart from the world.

“Abundance is knowing that who you are is not the material of your life, but it's what you are on the inside. It's about beginning to look at your beliefs, thoughts, feeling, and actions, and where they come from, and taking agency for your own decisions and what you want to produce in life.”Jason Pickard

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Jason Pickard | Abundance Archetype: How To Live Financially Free by “Spinning The Wheel of Wealth”

You will learn how to embody and master the frequency of Abundance, which you naturally emanate as you develop:

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• A coherent mind

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As you integrate your unique talents, competitive edge, and mental-emotional-physical prowess into your daily process, you will effortlessly emanate and attract abundance, regardless of whether you’re at home, at work, or play.

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In This Episode, Jason Pickard Uncovers:

[01:30] The Journey to Abundance

[11:10] The Myths of Success

  • Bob Proctor
  • What it really means to be successful.
  • Why chasing success didn't fulfill Jason.
  • How his struggles made him learn the most important life lessons.
  • Why we're not taught how to live life but we're taught how to be successful.

[18:05] Healing The Money Wound

  • The divorcement from well-being and wealth.
  • We're all founded on money.
  • Why we need to love what we do to be at the top of the game.
  • The hardship we go through helps us grow the most.
  • Why Jason's divorce was his greatest spiritual teacher.

[28:15] What Makes You Unique?

  • Arnold Mindell
  • The invisible things that make our reality happen.
  • Everything in life has a purpose and meaning.
  • Why we don't recognize the intelligence in everything that exists in the world.
  • The importance of defining the competitive edge.
  • How we can look at success as a person and create a relationship with it.

[41:45] How to Grow Your Wisdom

  • Why Josh struggled to find self-love.
  • How we can find wisdom inside of us by going back to what we enjoyed as kids.
  • How Jason gained the custody of his children.
  • Why he loved trading but at one point he didn‘t want to do it anymore.
  • What gave him the idea to create a course.

[53:20] Individual Path VS Collective Path

[01:00:05] Find Your Inner Abundance

  • Why we need to redefine abundance.
  • Abundance is what we are on the inside.
  • Unpacking how karmic portfolio plays out in our lives.
  • Is the universe a university for us to grow?

[01:04:30] Money + Being of Service

[01:12:30] The Wheel of Abundance

  • There's no happiness without sadness.
  • True abundance is first embodied and then put into the world.
  • How Jason has been learning to live from the heart.
  • The ways in which he redefined the meaning of abundance of wealth.
  • How money can help us explore what we truly want to do in life.

[01:21:05] The Spontaneous Warrior

[01:31:40] Embrace Collective Healing

  • Evil is “live” backwards.
  • Why we need to recognize what we hate within ourselves.
  • How to use our triggers to explore our full potential.
  • Why evil is necessary to know the light.
  • How we're being inundated with too much evil at this moment.

[01:38:35] Make Healthy Lifestyle Fun

[01:45:30] Authentic Embodiment of Abundance

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Power Quotes From The Show

Mild Chronic Depression

“Dr. Mindell says most of us have a mild chronic depression. We're not clinically depressed, but we're living in a Flatland. It's a disconnect from the dream-like nature of reality, from seeing the dream-like nature, from only connecting with our dreams at night, but not connecting with our dreams during the day.”Jason Pickard

The Purpose of Life

“We're on an epic journey of growth and discovery, and we're here to learn. We're courageous warriors that have decided to come in and incarnate at this particular time in history and learn, grow, and change. Going through and finding the resiliency to overcome the biggest challenges make us who we are.”Jason Pickard

What Is Wealth?

“Wealth” comes, etymologically, from “well-being.” And “well-being” comes from “wheel.” And wheel comes from chakras, wheels of energy. Wealth is about being in our chakras, being fully secure in all of our energy centers, and recognizing ourselves beyond the physical body. Once we're fully embodied, we can also recognize that we take this wheel out into the world.”Jason Pickard

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About Jason Pickard

Jason Pickard | Abundance Archetype: How To Live Financially Free by “Spinning The Wheel of Wealth”Jason Pickard became a billion-dollar portfolio manager and partner to hedge fund legend, Paul Tudor Jones, at Tudor Investment.

By the age of 26, he was recognized as one of the top 30 traders under 30 years old in the World. Yet his health was on an absolute decline. He was 330 lbs. and suffered from a mental and physical health crisis.

On a quest to become a master of both his inner and outer worlds, he decided to travel the world –– spending thousands of dollars and studying for thousands of hours learning directly from the greatest masters of a wide variety of healing arts, martial arts, holistic nutrition and movement, cutting edge psychology, and wisdom traditions of the East and West, ancient, indigenous and contemporary.

He has now integrated the wisdom gained on this journey by creating The Abundance Archetype method to help you discover and actualize your supernatural capacities to create wealth and well-being in your life, to thrive at work while also feeling your best. This, in turn, will give you a greater sense of your reason for being alive –– at this pivotal moment in human history.

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Jason Pickard: The Abundance Archetype



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