Dr. Jin Ong | Emotional Triggers: Are They Your Best Teacher? How To Collapse Time + See The “Space In-Between” (The Art of Listening to Your Body)

“I really do believe that we do have all of the answers within us if we allow the space, more of the feminine energy to come in, and welcome more of the quietness. So, seeing the space in between is really beautiful. It's like where time collapses because time is this funny, human concept but everything just slows down and you can process everything that's within you in the moment.” – Dr. Jin Ong

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 465

Professionally trained as an osteopath, psychosomatic therapist, western medical acupuncturist, and herbalist, Dr. Jin Ong, shares the art of listening to your body, how to integrate both the masculine and feminine energies, how to heal the relationship you have with your younger self, how to develop the courage to set healthy boundaries and say, “No,” and a warning about the dark side of the Free Birth Movement.

How can your triggers become your biggest teachers?

By the end of this episode, you will understand what it means to “see the space in between” and how you can finally get to a point where you can process your emotions and traumas.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I really do believe that we do have all of the answers within us if we allow the space + more of the quietness. Seeing the space in between is really beautiful. It's like where time collapses. Everything just slows down + you can process. – Dr. Jin Ong” quote=”I really do believe that we do have all of the answers within us if we allow the space + more of the quietness. Seeing the space in between is really beautiful. It's like where time collapses. Everything just slows down + you can process. – Dr. Jin Ong”]

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Listen To Episode 465 As Dr. Jin Ong Uncovers:

[1:30] The Art of Listening to Your Body

  • Dr. Jin Ong
  • The Art of Listening to Your Body Podcast
  • What exactly a cathartic release practitioner does and her training as an osteopath, herbalist, and acupuncturist for New Zealand and Australian patients.
  • Questions people have about catharsis and why some people feel uncomfortable about the release.
  • Why she's moving away from the title of cathartic release practitioner and calling herself a psychosomatic therapist and emotional anatomy practitioner.
  • The history interpretation process that she took Josh through in their 1-1 session and what came from it.
  • Her knowledge of the doshas, chakra, and Ayurvedic healing modalities.
  • How she helps clients find out which emotions have been stored in their bodies and how to release them.
  • Explaining where exactly the voice of our body comes from within ourselves.
  • How we can better tune inwards when we allow the feminine voice within to come forward by spending time alone in a quiet area.
  • Why verbal dialect is so important for releasing trapped emotions because of the vibration and frequency it carries.

[14:15] The Importance of Both Our Masculine + Feminine Energies

  • How the masculine + hustle and bustle energy in this world is causing so many people to create sideways energy from within.
  • We shouldn't label masculine or feminine energy as good or bad because we need both.
  • The cause of why so many people end up focusing more on being in their masculine rather than feminine selves plus the imbalance that creates within.
  • How the masculine energy helped lead Dr. Jin to where she is now with her career.
  • Why the feminine energy allows us to become our fully embodied selves.
  • Her struggle listening to her feminine energy, and intuition to embody her work.
  • The health issues that came up for Dr. Jin when she wasn't expressing herself through her feminine energy.
  • Explaining what ends up blocking our inner voice from being heard.

[18:00] Healing Through Conversations with Our Younger Selves

  • Why we find it so hard to trust even our heart and intuition.
  • The fact that some of the most beautiful life experiences happen from challenges and growth.
  • The younger selves conversations that she teaches people to have with their inner child and why they are so important.
  • Dr. Jin's own turning point and healing journey when she was experiencing multiple skin issues.
  • The thousands of dollars she was spending on to heal her skin and then came to realize her actions were a dysfunctional behavior pattern trying to control external issues to heal her inner pain.
  • What she needed to unlearn from her medical education as an osteopath to know what she knows now.
  • The fact that all of the hives on her body were all over her joint lines and why that was significant to help her heal.
  • How she uses her skin as a barometer to know when she is out of alignment.

[25:00] Developing the Courage to Say, ‘No'

  • Breaking down why we struggle as a society to have the courage to say, ‘No,' and set up healthy boundaries for our time and energy.
  • The work she does to constantly teach and remind her clients how to say, ‘No,' and that it's a full sentence – they don't have to explain why they're denying a request.
  • Why it can be triggering to set healthy boundaries and that's why you have to know yourself so well including your values so that you can stay grounded in your decisions.
  • Her journey of healing from being a constant high perfectionist with her Asian heritage and background.
  • How parents can help their children heal and learn good behaviors by being good role models for them.

[29:00] Seeing the Space in Between + The Four Milestones

[41:50] Healing Traumatic Birthing Experiences

  • The importance of counselors and coaches learning how to ask their clients better questions.
  • Questions Dr. Jin asks her clients to help them explore their minds and tap into their body wisdom.
  • The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk
  • Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine
  • Why it is so important to find the right therapist or group that makes you feel comfortable especially if you are healing from physical or sexual abuse.
  • The beauty of being in an open environment where you can openly share.
  • Unpacking why we sometimes seek permission to share our feelings or experiences.
  • Why exploring uncomfortable topics is so important for the healing process and not welcoming that can halt discovery for months or years.
  • The birth experience Josh and Carrie had for Novah and why things didn't work out as they had planned.
  • How a traumatic or emergency birth experience or having the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck can impact people later on in life.
  • Why Dr. Jin believes it's key for parents to have not only a birth plan in mind but some flexibility and adaptability as well to help their experience in advance.
  • How she works with people about their birthing experience if that is something they're working on healing.
  • Why people will naturally project their birthing experiences onto other people when discussing someone else's pregnancy.
  • How to set up healthy boundaries when someone is telling you negative stories or frightening things they feel you should know about right then and there.
  • Why it's key for parents to be aware of their energy and emotion when they tell their child about their birthing story.

[51:30] A Warning About The Free Birth Movement

  • The pressure and emotions of shame many women are facing with the Free Birth movement to have a natural birth but in an extreme scenario like being alone by a lake.
  • Carrie and Josh's personal experience feeling pressure from others in the Free Birth movement when deciding on how to bring Novah into the world.
  • Why no woman should feel shame for having a C-Section or seeking out medical attention if and when they need it.
  • How dogmatic camps and beliefs can shift so quickly when the tables are turned.
  • Why we can experience karma when we have very high expectations for something like a birth.
  • The powerful fact that it's never too late to do the work, before or after you become a parent.
  • How we can go so deeply into a masculine mode when not just raising a child but also essentially keeping it alive.
  • Why Josh believes that some people from the Free Birth movement are indeed doing beautiful work helping women such as the organization, Indie Birth.
  • Indie Birth

[58:10] Emotional Intelligence Training for Men: During Partner's Pregnancy + Post-Partum

  • Josh's disappointment in one of the popular Free Birth organizations for not providing any resources or support for fathers in the natural birthing process.
  • Exploring different emotional training tools for men to help them support their partner during their pregnancy and post-partum experiences.
  • Why women can have a traumatic birthing experience when they don't feel that they're receiving the support they need from their partner.
  • How Dr. Jin's partner was present with her during the pregnancy by doing things together like meditation or reading the same books.
  • What hypnobirthing is and why she recommends other couples read up about it as well.
  • Hypnobirthing: A Natural Approach To A Safe, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing by Marie Mongan MEd MHy
  • Important discussions she and her partner had when planning the birth of their child including taking into account that he has anxiety about hospitals.
  • How to embrace the crown chakra and the qualities as well as emotions that it governs.
  • What you can do to let go of old belief systems by asking yourself if you can be open to evolving and being curious.
  • How to shift your mindset from “Why is this happening to me,” to “Why is this happening for me.”
  • What wellness and living your life well means to Dr. Jin with all of her life and work experience.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Many people are under this illusion that when you connect with your purpose that your life is just going to be free of challenges but that's not true. Instead, you learn to embrace them + trust that there is a lesson that will help you grow.- Dr. Jin Ong” quote=”Many people are under this illusion that when you connect with your purpose that your life is just going to be free of challenges but that's not true. Instead, you learn to embrace them + trust that there is a lesson that will help you grow.- Dr. Jin Ong”]

Have You Forgotten to Trust Your Heart?

“Upbringing, conditioning, belief systems, the business of the masculine world, and getting stuck in the logical mind rather than trusting your heart block the body's voice from being heard. That is why having conversations with our younger selves is so important to help you come back home to yourself. In our pain, we often don't believe that it can get any better but yes; when have those deep, darker times it can make the high stuff feel even higher.” – Dr. Jin Ong

The Many Layers of Our Soul

“I want people to know that there are so many layers to who they are. You ask one question and there are so many different perspectives and layers. Be and stay curious on your wellness path. There will be people who want to shut you down and stop you from growing but someone out there is going to be your support and help answer your questions to open up this wellness pathway even wider for you. Come back to that deeper inner trust and your intuition but communicate; use your voice if you're able to do so.” – Dr. Jin Ong

Dr. Jin Ong: Our Darkest Corners Hold the Greatest Lessons

“So many people are under this illusion that when you connect with your purpose that your life is just going to flow and be free of challenges but that's not true. Instead, you learn to embrace the challenges and know and trust that there is a lesson in each one that will help you grow. I believe that we have these recurring things that happen and they can play out in our intimate relationships, our family, and at the workplace in different shapes, ways, and forms because there is a lesson there that we are yet to recognize. So, if we're willing to go in deep and be aware and get curious about our triggers, there definitely are deeper lessons that are linked to the interaction and reaction.” – Dr. Jin Ong

Links From Today's Show 

About Dr. Jin Ong

Dr. Jin Ong | Emotional Triggers: Are They Your Best Teacher? How To Collapse Time + See The "Space In-Between" (The Art of Listening to Your Body)A reformed procrastinator and perfectionist, mum to one lotus birth baby, indoor plant addict, clinic owner, therapist, dabbler in all sorts of projects, and a desires-driven manifestor.

Jin Ong is a professionally trained as an osteopath, psychosomatic therapist, western medical acupuncturist and herbalist living in the beautiful lakeside town of Wanaka, New Zealand.

Having treated thousands of clients in her clinics, she soon became fed-up treating with her clinical skills alone. She wasn’t seeing the results she’d hoped for.

Deep down, she knew her client’s pain (not only physical) was a manifestation of their emotional state.

They were dealing with hidden trauma and stress they’d never spoken about, which impacted the ability of their physical and emotional body to heal.

Their body was speaking to them, but they weren’t listening. They had an emotional disconnect.

How Dr. Jin Ong Helps People Heal

Based on a client’s pain, injury, mental imbalance or behavioural dysfunction, Jin tapped into her intuition and started interpreting the deeper emotional issues at play.

Not only could she bring awareness to the issues her clients were previously unaware of, she started facilitating her clients through a process to help them release these stored emotions to truly liberate them of their pain physically and mentally.

After a pandemic hit and her clinics had to shut down, fear drove her to do what she was really passionate about.

To train other therapists in her methods and processes as well as work with people all around the world at a deeper level to create profound shifts in their life and realign them with their soul purpose.

She loves to dig deep, speak about the unspoken, and help people process unresolved emotions that hold them back from living the life they truly want.

Dr. Jin Ong: The Story Behind My Broken Ankle


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