Allison Pelot | Exploring The Multidimensional Self: Top Secrets To Thriving (not just surviving)

“What does thriving really mean? Does it just mean eating well and working out? Having the energy to be busy? Or does it mean having the energy to literally create what you want in your life and experiencing the joy in that? Thriving is more of a practice and a constant check-in to make sure you're not going into those old patterns of behavior. Ask yourself why you're doing what you're doing and start to do things more out of joy rather than obligation.” – Allison Pelot

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 454

Dynamic Fitness Trainer, Energy Coach, Host of the Integrate Yourself Podcast, and Author of Finally Thriving, Allison Pelot, shares how to find your higher self within, the three top secrets to thriving in life, her path of spirituality and own Hero's Journey, how her father's passing fueled her mission, and why imagination is more important than intelligence.

Are you ready to find inner peace and move from your lower to higher self?

By the end of this episode you will know what steps to take to achieve your multidimensional self and not just survive but finally thrive.

What does thriving really mean? Does it just mean eating well and working out? Having the energy to be busy? Or does it mean having the energy to literally create what you want in your life and experiencing the joy in that? - @allisonpelotClick To Tweet

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Listen To Episode 454 As Allison Pelot Uncovers:

[1:30] Finally Thriving: Your Guide to Empowered Wellness

[13:20] The Spiritual Path & Allison's Hero's Journey

  • The experience Allison and her sister went through while they said goodbye to their father in the hospital.
  • All of the important information and stories her father shared with her days leading up to his passing in a very casual conversation.
  • The dreams Allison had after her father's passing with him being in them such as a Sherpa guiding him on a boat to the next place.
  • Her writing process every single morning and how it flowed and channeled through her.
  • How writing was very healing for her and so she has included writing exercises in the book as a powerful practice for people to do to let go of what they're holding within.
  • The huge void Allison faced when she lost her father and how it led her to slow down and search for other support.
  • Why being busy was Allison's trauma response instead of doing the inner work to prioritize herself, process, and heal.
  • How Allison began to slow down and find joy and inner peace in her life.

[25:00] What “Thriving in Life” Actually Means

  • The viewpoint shift she experienced when she began asking herself what it means to be thriving in life.
  • Alan Watts
  • The daily check-in she does with her thoughts, feelings, and behavior by asking herself “why?”.
  • Why she's now choosing to do things in life because they will bring her joy rather than because they're an obligation.
  • The element of play that she discusses in her book to help people be in greater alignment.
  • Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss
  • Why she states that imagination is more important than intelligence in the book.
  • How Allison retaught herself the joy and importance of having fun.
  • What Allison is doing now with all that she has learned about being present, having fun, and finding joy with her clients as a fitness instructor.
  • The power of visualization in both athletic competition and real life.
  • Why it's so important to flex your imagination muscle from time to time.
  •  How gymnastics and using her imagination for visualization helped her with her ADHD.

[38:00] Embracing the Mind as a Powerful Tool

[52:00] The 3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself

  • Breaking down the three questions you must ask yourself when it comes to being able to finally thrive in life.
  • How to discern the common and different values you may have with your partner plus why they may change as you grow.
  • The power of honoring yourself and your values rather than just going along and agreeing with the other person.
  • Why being in a relationship will naturally bring all of your things up to the surface no matter what.
  • Her definition of the subtle energy body and what else she explores in her book.
  • Why getting in touch with our inner child is key to unlocking the multidimensional aspects of ourselves and achieving higher consciousness.
  • The work that Josh did with his inner child during his most recent vision quest.
  • Why time doesn't exist the way we think it does and we can heal anything, anytime, and at any moment.
  • How to connect with and liberate your inner child.
  • 366 Mark Wolynn | How To Heal Generational Trauma
  • 183 Dr. Kyra Bobinet | Living A Well Designed Life

[1:04:20] Unpacking the 3D, 4D, and 5D Wellness Practices & Experiences

  • Why the inner child's imagination creates the future self.
  • The different experiences of the 3D, 4D, and 5D to help us achieve our higher selves.
  • Breaking down what spiritual bypassing is and how people step over the foundational steps that are so vital in a wellness journey.
  • Why it takes time, patience, and practice to reach your 5D self.
  • The fact that plant medicine is not for everyone and you must do the inner work before considering it for yourself.
  • Why plant medicine is not a shortcut but a long cut for people who spiritually bypass and essentially take longer to heal and grow.
  • The process of sitting with yourself and tuning into the energy that you feel with yourself and other people.
  • How to shift from the scarcity mentality that the fitness industry keeps feeding us to an abundance mindset.
  • Her own personal compass that's helping guide Allison in everything she does each day.
  • What you can do now if you are feeling stuck in life and are ready to start finally thriving.

Power Quotes From The Show

How can we get back to our wholeness within ourselves and have that respect for our bodies, creative expression, and energy? The only way is by doing the inner work and there is a sacredness to that within ourselves. - @allisonpelotClick To Tweet

The Subtle Energy Body

“The subtle energy body reflects reality in a way that crosses all time in space. It is your intuition and higher self, your inner child and your future self, it is your multidimensional dimensional self. But the key to all of these other multidimensional aspects of yourself is really through the inner child. If you are not acknowledging your inner child's needs first then they will not let you through that gate to everything else. They want to be liberated and they want to play but they cannot do that until you acknowledge them.” – Allison Pelot

You Are Not Your Mind

“The mind is a great tool and if we can acknowledge it as a tool instead of who we are, that's a great first step. The mind is not who you are because the subtle energy body is more of who you are and it uses the mind and the body as tools of perception and reality.” – Allison Pelot

Coming Back Home to Ourselves

“How can we get back to our wholeness within ourselves and have that respect for our bodies, our creative expression, and the energy that we bring to the table? The only way that you can do that is by doing the inner work and there is a sacredness to that within ourselves.” – Allison Pelot

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About Allison Pelot

Allison Pelot | Exploring The Multidimensional Self: Top Secrets To Thriving (not just surviving)Allison Pelot is a dynamic fitness trainer and energy coach specializing in rapid, permanent change through corrective exercise, metabolic nutrition, and energetic alignment. She helps people feel strong, confident, and calm in their bodies for life-changing results—with practical, proven energy skills including mindfulness, reflection, and deep affirmations.

Through Allison’s signature mix of humor, entertainment, and authenticity, her podcast, Integrate Yourself, has inspired thousands to approach their health and wellness in a whole new way. Tap into your creative expression, understand yourself, embrace your joy, and create the body and life you want, starting right now.

How I wrote my book – Finally Thriving


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