Joseph Anew | Becoming an Intuitive Warrior: Developing Courage to Face Obstacles + Why Vibrant Health Starts in the Heart (RUNGA)

“If you don't go fight your battles and you're always open heart full time no matter if it kills you, if you don't go do what you're supposed to do on this planet – you have an energy inside of you and the obstacles that you face in your life are there to test that energy and if you avoid those obstacles, the energy turns in. The only choice you have is to listen to your intuition; what are you pulled to? What can't you get out of your mind? This helps lead you to your dharma” – Joseph Anew

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 468

International Speaker, Fitness Expert, Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, and Founder of RUNGA, Joseph Anew, shares his own Hero's Journey including surviving several near-death experiences, how we can become an intuitive warrior, why obstacles are put in place to test our energy + purpose, and how to become a frequency of change.

Are you ready to develop the courage to face the obstacles that are part of your Soul Contract?

By the end of this episode, you will have the knowledge to grow a greater capacity for love, increase your emotional bandwidth, and follow your true brain – your heart.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”You have an energy inside of you and the obstacles that you face in your life are there to test that energy. If you avoid those obstacles, the energy turns in. Listen. What are you pulled to? What can't you get out of your mind? – Joseph Anew” quote=”You have an energy inside of you and the obstacles that you face in your life are there to test that energy. If you avoid those obstacles, the energy turns in. Listen. What are you pulled to? What can't you get out of your mind? – Joseph Anew”]

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Listen To Episode 468 As Joseph Anew Uncovers:

[8:00] How to be an Intuitive Warrior Today

[15:30] Joseph's Evolution + Hero's Journey from 3 Near Death Experiences

  • Leonidas I
  • Why Joseph decided to change his name, especially because of his son.
  • Joseph's horrific accident when he actually fractured his skull.
  • The inner strength Joseph found within as he began to heal and be his own support system.
  • His mission to help everyone around him become stronger as he began to recover but deep down he really wasn't fine.
  • The doctors that helped him and his decision to move to the island of St. John for a while after learning he was going to be alright after his accident after all.
  • Why his parents weren't able to give him the support he needed but he has made peace with that.
  • The various other accidents Joseph has been through from cracking his teeth to breaking his ribs to dislocating his shoulder.
  • Joseph's first experience during an epic obstacle race and how it connected him to himself.
  • Why actually just showing up to a Spartan event is half the battle of attending it.

[27:30] How Obstacles Test our Energy + Purpose

[36:30] How to Become the Frequency of Change

  • How Joe Dipsenza's work has greatly impacted Joseph's journey.
  • Where Joseph is at now compared to before having his frequency shift with Joe Dispenza's work.
  • Why the phrase from Dispenza, “Be the frequency of change,” has been so helpful for his growth.
  • Arnold Patent
  • Eckhart Tolle
  • Tony Robbins
  • Why acting like all of your dreams and goals have come true is so powerful.
  • Their decision to ask people to fill out applications to be accepted to attend RUNGA.
  • Breaking down how the heart acts as a magnet.
  • The difference between the idea of ‘law of attraction‘ and true sending and receiving messages on a higher frequency.

[42:10] The Cataclysmic Event of Leon's Birth

  • The incredible cataclysmic event Joseph experienced with the birth of his son while at the hospital during CV 19 lockdowns in Luxembourg.
  • Josh and Carries own birth experience with Novah.
  • Britta Bushnell Transformational Birth Course
  • Why he recommends Britta Bushnell's Transformed by Birth course to help parents prepare for the unknown.
  • The heightened intuition both Joseph and Josh felt as their sons' births got nearer and nearer.
  • Nathan Riley, MD, FACOG
  • The OBGYN physician that helped Carrie and Josh immensely with Novah, Dr. Nathan Riley.
  • How modern western medicine has really robbed the birth experience from women and the family.
  • The multi-hundred billion dollar industry that grabs very high-level plasma stem cells from the baby's umbilical cord and placenta.
  • How Joseph and his wife, Emilía, have made peace with Leon's birth experience and they're so grateful to have a healthy son.
  • Why a person's birth experience is often reflective of the life journey that they're going to have in their time on earth.
  • Joseph's mission to be a warrior and protect Leon with all that he has especially with how the birth went for them.

[54:00] Growing a Greater Capacity for Love

  • Esther Perel
  • What lessons we can learn from our parents, how their generation is different than ours, and what gifts they gave us while alive for us to pass on to future generations.
  • The Dark Night of the Soul that Joseph went through when his father died in 2017.
  • Why the healing journey all comes down to ourselves and the individual path we go on in life.
  • How Arnold was like a surrogate father figure for Joseph when he seeked out his mentorship.
  • 463 JP Sears | This Is How Media HIJACKS Your Mind: Stop Censoring Yourself & Heal The Tyrant Within
  • The power of breath and being aware of active breathing and moments when it becomes constricted based on the energy we're feeling or what we might have just listened to or read.
  • How Joseph grew a greater capacity for love after the death of his father.
  • What true duality is and why we need to experience the dark to know and understand the light, joy, and how to love.
  • How RUNGA has been created to be a transformational experience to help people grow and achieve greater abundance and step into themselves.

[1:00:45] Joseph's Top Mental + Emotional Tool Sets

  • Why healing and doing the inner work shouldn't be forced and that was an important lesson for Josh to learn when he changed the podcast from Wellness Force to Wellness + Wisdom.
  • Byron Katie's Four Model Questions and why Josh (and others) feel that they push shame on people when used in a general way.
  • Josh's experience at RUNGA and all of the different activities that they did.
  •  Why certain life experiences or moments in life call for one set of wellness tools over another and how to know when to use each one.
  • How detours and blocks pop up when we misinterpret our energy and look too much back into our wounding.
  • Why sometimes we don't need to keep processing a certain energy but go and use it through an activity such as mountaineering in Joseph's case.
  • The incredible biohacking tools and supplements we have available today to help us keep our health in check and beyond yet we're going backwards at the same time.
  • MitoZen
  • 436 Dr. John Lieurance | Melatonin Miracle: Supra-Physiologic Dosing, Sinus Health & Ending Inflammation
  • How sound and stillness will be the next important wellness practices that Joseph believes we will be going back to for healing.
  • Why you need to employ the power of a thunderbolt or sound and vibration when you're going to make a real change in your life.

[1:12:30] The Heart is the True Brain

  • The different rites of passage for both men and women and why a vision quest is one way to experience it.
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and why it's an incredible tool to keep the body in sync and essentially the true brain.
  • HeartMath's research and how the heart gives off so much more energy than the brain and the communication is from the heart to the brain; not the other way around.
  • The blood pressure wave in the HRV and why it's the reason he believes the three strongest emotions – anger, fear, and sexual energy can switch in a moment.
  • Why Joseph believes that it is attainable to live in joy all of the time despite the duality we live and experience.
  • How HRV is a reflection of our mood and state of being plus why an elevated average is best.
  • The fact that the roof of our mouth has 83 acupuncture points and every sound we make has a frequency.
  • Why so many yogis change their names after years of practice.
  • Joseph's belief that we can check all the boxes and try to follow logic but heart and intuition is the only true path.
  • Why our partners act like a mirror and bring up all the things we need to work on for ourselves.
  • What the neck up approach to loving and dating looks like plus why it's not the same as true intimacy.

[1:21:30] Why + How We Choose Our Life Partners

  • How Joseph's wife, Emilía, came into his life to help him do the inner work and in the end he became Joseph Anew.
  • Josh and Carrie's similar relationship story and how they help each other grow.
  • Paleo(Fx)
  • Why Joseph was so sure that he was going to marry Emilía the moment he met her at Paleo(Fx).
  • The idea that maybe we already choose a life partner that levels us up to the point where the things that are hurting us on a subconscious level are going to help us flush those out.
  • Why love isn't always enough; we need to be with someone that will challenge us and make us better.
  • Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton
  • Why being open and intuitive are so important because people and signs are the map even when things don't make sense.
  • How we're matched up with a life and life experiences based on what we're only able to handle plus learn in this lifetime and the next one.

[1:32:30] The Key to Finding Purpose + Gaining Mastery

  • The power of exploration and learning different things in life rather than just zeroing in on one thing and how that fits into the health and wellness journey.
  • How Joseph's return to mountaineering is going to flow over into other areas of his life, especially parenthood.
  • Why curiosity and playfulness is the missing piece in wellness that RUNGA is able to provide participants.
  • The gratitude that Joseph has for all of the lessons he has learned in life that have made him who he is today.
  • What key piece of advice he would give to a 17-year-old who feels lost right now.
  • Joseph's mission to help people transform and uncover their dharma in life.
  • His own experience getting caught up in the whole “I have to go to college and figure out my life now” mindset and why he now wishes he knew at 17 about dharma and life that he does now.
  • How Joseph came to name his event, RUNGA.
  • Why attending these intense yoga classes were like a metaphor for Joseph's life at the time.
  • Deepak Chopra
  • What primordial sound meditation is and why the word, “runga,” has an interesting vibration.
  • Joseph's view on wellness and what being well means to him.
  • What it means to him to step out with his new name, Joseph Anew, and how his DNA is literally changing with his new identity.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”When we are born, we are abundant. We are joyful, we are happy. The game, the lived experience, is us going far from there and coming back. That's the duality, that's the journey. – Joseph Anew” quote=”When we are born, we are abundant. We are joyful, we are happy. The game, the lived experience is us going far from there and coming back. That's the duality, that's the journey. – Joseph Anew”]

Coming Back Home to Joy

“When we are born, we are abundant. We are joyful, we are happy. The game, the lived experience is us going far from there and coming back. That's the duality, that's the journey.” – Joseph Anew

Law of Attraction vs Higher Frequency

“Between the law of attraction and sending messages on a higher frequency, the approaches are different but it's the same concept. Different approaches cater to different audiences. When you read books like The Secret or Think and Grow Rich, you're very focused on what you want and it's not that you shouldn't get granular even if you're into Dispenza but to me with Dispenza, you're looking for a more broad version of this change. A lot of people are looking for healing for example; not a blue BMW by September 20th, 2025. In my opinion, you want to become the frequency of change to see what's there.” – Joseph Anew

How to Live Your Own Life

“I would tell my 17-year-old self that everything is happening on purpose. Everything in your life is for a purpose. Remember that there is no time or space in dharma, really. Right now your focus is to follow your heart, find your true friends, take good care of your body, be as physically fit as you can be in a reasonable amount of investment, and await further instructions. When we go to college and everyone has to be a doctor or a lawyer or something that pays well, you lose the magic. Everyone has their unique genius, their special gifts. For example, you could be an astronaut if you want to be but you're not supposed to be; you have a different soul contract and purpose for this world.” – Joseph Anew

Links From Today's Show 

About Joseph Anew

Joseph Anew is an international speaker, fitness expert, entrepreneur and lifestyle coach. During his eight years as Head of Sport and Training at Spartan Race, Joe worked full-time with professional endurance athletes and taught seminars all over the world.

From there, Joe went on to found RUNGA, an experiential lifestyle brand empowering individuals through highly effective and sustainable practices that fuel health, wellness and performance.

His talks and teachings focus on engraining profound mindset shifts, giving audiences the courage and the tools align their actions with their objectives throughout daily life.

After a traumatic brain injury, Joe dedicated his life to finding health again, stopping at nothing to regain his potential.

Today, this experience shapes him as a coach and educator, where he believes that removing negatives and environmental detractors is a necessary step before piling on new tools and practices.

While the industry is focused on the ‘sweaty and sore’ scale, Joe looks at the ‘health and happiness’ scale as a measure of success with his clients.

Joseph is based in Austin, Texas.

BREATHE. | Joseph Anew | TEDxLugano


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