James LaFerla: Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation – The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness

What is CNM?

“Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation” | The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness | Defending Oneself from the New World Order

Learning about Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation (CNM) and how it can help you take the next step in the evolution of your consciousness is the beginning of an incredible adventure. It will enable you to see what before you could not see, or even imagine.

It will lead you step by step to discovering a potential you never even realized you had. It will also provide you with a way to dramatically change your relationships with your significant other, your family, friends, coworkers and even yourself. As you transition first to a Sentinel (someone who has begun this work) and eventually a Transcend, (someone who has mastered it) you will become an increasingly powerful conscious force in our world. As you continue reading you will come to understand why this is something that is needed now more than at any other time in history.

The higher form of consciousness you will come to experience is not necessary for ordinary life and it is quite possible to live without it. In fact, most people who have lived or are living have done, or are doing, just that. The reason for this almost universal inability to alter the level of one’s consciousness is explained in my book “Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation: The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness.” This lack of consciousness is responsible for the immeasurable amount of suffering, unhappiness and violence we see everywhere.

Mankind has not seen that what is normally called ‘consciousness’ is merely a transitory stage in our development toward becoming truly conscious beings. It is not the final destination, but rather should be seen as a temporary state. One in which it is now possible for those who are ready to do a certain type of work to reach the next stage; the level of true consciousness.

Evolution of Consciousness

It has not been seen that humans are not a completed being. Nature develops us only up to a certain point and then leaves us to develop further. This further development must be done by our own efforts, or we live and die such as we were born, eventually losing the capacity for this development (more people than you could imagine have already experienced this loss without ever realizing what they could have attained). This personal evolution requires the development of certain qualities which usually remain undeveloped and cannot develop by themselves. In other words, without efforts this evolution is impossible. This should be seen as a challenge rather than a hopeless limitation.

It should be understood that there are many contemporary humans, in whom there exists no such possibility for moving up to this higher level. For those who do not possess it in some sense already, it cannot be created by any means whatsoever. There is no injustice in this and it is not the result of something being withheld, but rather due to the fact that not everyone is willing or capable of learning to discern the real from the false.

Not everyone wants it because they don’t know about it and what might seem strange is that they could not understand it even if they were told about it. This results from their experiencing cognitive dissonance, an unwillingness or inability to reconcile the actual truth with what they have already been conditioned to believe is true. For those unable to take this next step, CNM will remain hidden from them right in plain sight. However, the fact that you have been drawn to read this suggests your chances are already better than those who have not.

Learn About CNM

If you are one of those who are ready and able to learn about CNM—and if you are reading this, you probably are—you will come to see your world with increasing objectivity, you will notice that many of your imagined problems vanish. Learned limitations disappear. Feelings of anxiousness, irritation, self-doubt and other negative emotions that have created so many difficulties in your life will fade. It will become clear to you what caused those dark moments of unhappiness you have had, and otherwise would continue to experience. You will be able to navigate consciously through your life, avoiding pain and maximizing pleasure. However, this will require you to be willing to realize and accept that your former view of yourself, the very world you live in and—what goes on in it—may not be quite as accurate as you had imagined.

The possibility of this exists in your learning to consistently activate the more conscious right hemisphere of your brain and avoid what I call the reflexive conditioned A-100 response and resultant quite subjective feel-think, which is explained in my book. This will allow you to do something absolutely incredible; your ability to be increasing conscious will allow your actually transduce unconscious energy into conscious energy. That is, to make the unconscious conscious.

In addition to your increased mental health, you will find that your health in general begins to improve and sickness becomes a thing of the past. You will no longer be able to be convinced you have some imaginary illness. When your various personalities are no longer at odds with each other and you are able to resolve other conflicts in your life, you will no longer be unconsciously creating stress in your body, suppressing your immune system, or inadvertently activating the expression of unhealthy genes via epigenetics. That is to say, the absence of the unhappy emotions (the dis-ease) you formerly had will no longer result in self-generated illness (which includes most illness).

Mental Health & Mystery

In the movie “The Time Machine” there were a group of people called the “Morlocks.” They had a mysterious presence, in fact, their presence was unknown and unsuspected. They lived underground and in the shadows. It, at first appears that another race, the Eloi, were the sole descendants of humanity who lived above ground. As it turns out, the Eloi and the Morlocks have a symbiotic relationship: the Eloi are clothed and fed by the Morlocks, and in return, the Morlocks feed on, that is eat, the Eloi.

My book will reveal to you things which have remained hidden, things you will come to discover with each passing chapter. For instance, in our world there actually are Morlocks, though I refer to them as Morelocks, because of their insatiable desire for more at any cost (to us). More money, more power, more control. Their presence is also (to the vast majority of people) unknown and unsuspected. They too live in the shadows. As long as they and their unconscionable maneuverings remain unseen we will continue to become increasingly like the Eloi in the movie just mentioned. These Morelocks would prefer that you not become more conscious, in fact, they have worked very hard to see that you don’t—because they would then become visible to you and their ability to manipulate, control and use you would disappear.

Those who find the previous comments difficult to believe, experience this as a direct result of the Morelock’s extremely powerful ability to manufacture our perception. Their ability to shape our beliefs is powerful indeed. I talk more about them in the book.

You will find this journey challenging. If it was not, what you would receive would be of little value. You may initially, only be able to do it for moments at a time. What must be understood is that it is difficult exactly because it is the beginning of a new state for us, the key to a new world. However, each step of the way will allow you to let go of more and still more unhappiness. Imagine walking out of the darkness and as you progress closer and closer toward the light feeling increasingly joyful.

Creator of Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation

James LaFerla is the founder of Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation (CNM). He has provided training in CNM to individuals, couples and groups in the United States and other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Italy, France and Germany for many years.

CNM offers its practitioners a wide variety of techniques specifically designed to help them let go of ‘learned limitations’ and the reflexive unhappiness that results from living in their own personal conditioned virtual reality, what he refers to as L-2. This allows them to dramatically change their life and their world, to reach a level of awareness previously unknown and a potential they didn’t even know they had.

The organizations he has worked with (in the United States and other countries) reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ list and includes such organizations as Mutual of Omaha, Automatic Data Processing (ADP), Sonitrol, Exxon and The Department of Defense. He receives referrals from some of the largest organizations in the state, such as Alegent Health Care and Lasting Hope. He also does Pro bono work for The Child Saving Institute, The Visiting Nurse Association, and many other similar organizations.

Jim has developed a number of incredibly powerful tools, strategies and methods to assist educators, such as B-N Sync for Families, ProSocial Skills Development Strategies, and B-N Sync which is helping to significantly reduce violence in our schools.

Jim offers training for therapists, as well as other healthcare and law enforcement professionals in the art of PupilanalysisSomatic CommunicationSyntax Structure AnalysisDeception Detection and Hypnosis. He is a researcher, teacher, consultant, and the author of three books; his most recent, “Conscious Neuroplastic Mediation – The Next Step in the Evolution of Human Consciousness,” ”The Quickening of Consciousness” which has been sold in over 40 countries world-wide, and “Saving America: A New Educational Paradigm.”

You never chose anxiety, to doubt yourself, to be a People Pleaser, or to assume the worst. These are all things that just kind of happened and emerged from somewhere in your internal world. Deep intentional inner work is a framework for changing the brain almost in an approach that has been customized for the person. It is the scientifically and proven process that you never chose the way your brain is wired; your ‘traits' are what you practice unconsciously and they're optional; you can change them for limitless value in your life.” – Julian Rosen

What are you gaining by letting this fear-based infatuation with what's next steal your power in the moment?

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 340

Writer, Speaker, Coach, and Creator of The Fearless Life Project, Julian Rosen, explains the laws of consciousness, how trauma can masterfully shape us, how to redirect fear to act from love, and the concept of deep intentional inner work and how it actually changes the brain.

Learn how to connect the head and the heart in the present for greater consciousness.

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[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘You never chose anxiety, to doubt yourself, to be a People Pleaser, or to assume the worst. These are all things that just kind of happened and emerged from somewhere in your internal world.' – Julian Rosen” quote=”‘You never chose anxiety, to doubt yourself, to be a People Pleaser, or to assume the worst. These are all things that just kind of happened and emerged from somewhere in your internal world.' – Julian Rosen”]

Listen To Episode 340 As Julian Rosen Uncovers:

[1:30] The Laws Of Consciousness

  • Cured Nutrition
  • Julian Rosen
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  • Organifi
  • What deep intentional inner work is and how it changes the brain.
  • The fact that we never chose how our brain was wired, our anxiety, or thoughts about ourselves.
  • How deep intentional inner work proves that our thoughts and feelings are not who we are; they’re just something that we practice unconsciously and they’re optional.
  • What steps he’s taking to make the most of his time without it just passing him by during the CV19 pandemic.
  • How losing his mother to breast cancer at 23 years old really woke him up to a journey of consciousness.
  • What the laws of consciousness are and how to live by them.
  • Why things happen to us for a good reason and nothing is really lost as life supports life.

[15:00] Redirecting Our Fear

  • How we can stop acting from a place of fear and begin exercising our personal power to redirect that fear.
  • The fact that we’re conditioned as children to be fearful because of the idea that if you don’t worry, you won’t become a responsible adult.
  • Unpacking the Us vs. Them mentality that we naturally give into when there is fear amongst everyone in a society.
  • How a fear-based infatuation can steal your power in the moment; taking away your non-refundable now.
  • The power of just breathing in and experiencing fear whenever it comes to you.
  • Exploring the concept that a greater being that lives within us that has never left and never will leave us while we’re alive.
  • The biggest lessons he learned when his mother passed away.
  • His experience with Ayahuasca and what it will teach you during a proper plant medicine ceremony.
  • Why you shouldn't continue to wait to do something if it is pulling at your heartstrings.

[28:00] How Trauma Masterfully Shapes Us

  • How he helps his clients come out from under their masks and share their authentic self with the world.
  • What he does to prove to his clients that the worst thing that has happened to them is actually the best thing ever for their life.
  • The purpose behind suffering and pain that each one of us experiences in our unique journeys.
  • Why the ego perceives our traumatic experiences as pain when really they’re shaping us in a masterful way.
  • Differences between emotion and feeling when combined with deep intentional inner work.
  • Why it’s an illusion that our thoughts create our emotional states.
  • The Feel-Think patterns that we get stuck in when we’re in a state of lower consciousness as feelings come first before the thought process.
  • How we’re wired to naturally get good at being worried all the time.
  • Why the inner dialogue we have with all of our worries is a lie and is a justification of a feeling we memorized years ago.
  • The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease

[34:30] The Spiritual Quotient

  • Josh’s Belief-Thought-Feeling-Action loop that happens when we approach a new situation.
  • The fact that we get to learn negative emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, and anxiety just like the good feelings we connect with in life.
  • How we can unconsciously live more conscious and achieve an intense flow state.
  • Why we constantly lead decisions with our head and not our heart.
  • The spiritual quotient and why spirituality is the solution to 99% of our problems.
  • Personal volition and understanding that you always have a choice and it’s your remedy against resistance and fear.

[52:00] The Difference Between Knowing And Doing

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  • How to avoid daily, constant decision fatigue.
  • The difference between knowing and doing plus the emotions that come with them.
  • How to just accept, choose, and feel our emotions instead of resisting or creating a dialogue around them.
  • Why every negative emotional feeling we experience eventually wants to be released so that it can transmute into its positive counterpart.
  • The fear we have that a feeling might remain forever if we allow it to bubble up within us but that’s actually a lie.
  • Why suffering comes from the same story that we tell ourselves about the negative emotion, not the negative emotion itself.
  • Imposter syndrome and self-imposed devaluation he experienced when he transferred from fitness to deep transformational coaching.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘What are you gaining by letting this fear-based infatuation with what's next steal your power in the moment? If you sit with it long enough, we're losing the non-refundable now and that's all we'll ever have.' – Julian Rosen” quote=”‘What are you gaining by letting this fear-based infatuation with what's next steal your power in the moment? If you sit with it long enough, we're losing the non-refundable now and that's all we'll ever have.' – Julian Rosen”]

The Feel Think Pattern Illusion

“We're under the illusion that our thoughts create our emotional state. People think that because they had an angry thought, that makes them angry therefore they should change their thought so they can change their feeling. However, that's really not the case. For a lot of us, when we're living at lower levels of consciousness and we're stuck in Feel Think Patterns. So, the feeling actually comes first and the brain at that point is just a sock puppet creating a scapegoat to legitimize the feeling.” – Julian Rosen


The Inner Dialogue Is A Lie

“Just like driving a car or playing a sport, if you practice something enough, the body gets better at it than the mind does. A lot of people will actually wake up and worry. They feel worry simply because they're good at it. When you experience a negative feeling that you did not consent to, it emerges from the neck down and not in the brain where the neurological sequences and patterns are firing and wiring. It emerges from your body where the subconscious lives.” – Julian Rosen


The Origin Of Suffering

“Suffering comes from the same story that we tell ourselves about the negative emotion, not the negative emotion itself. So, there's nothing wrong with the anxiety passing through you until you tell yourself a story about the anxiety, what it means, and what it's going to be.” – Julian Rosen

3 Ways To Make Yourself Unstoppable

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Julian RosenJulian Rosen is a writer, speaker, and committed coach who specializes in helping stressed-out entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses. Through his revolutionary coaching platform, The Fearless Life Project, Julian helps business owners implement a proven system for optimizing clarity and performance while counteracting the effects of stress and anxiety so that they can grow and scale with confidence. As a business owner who also battles with anxiety, Julian loves connecting with and supporting other passionate individuals who are on a mission to build their boldest vision.

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