Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue

Dr. Daniel Stickler: How To Beat Decision Fatigue

“How do we make the greatest change in the world? Well, we improve brain capacity at Neurohacker Collective. When people are smarter, more productive, able to reason better, and are able to consciously connect better, then the world changes. That's a big step for both the world and taking the human system to the next level.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler 

Discover how the nootropic, Qualia Mind, can help you let go of the old weight, gain more alertness, and aid in recovery from past traumas.

On Wellness + Wisdom episode 197, Co-Founder of both the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and the Aperion Academy as well as the Medical Director of Neurohacker Collective, Dr. Daniel Stickler, shares how you can optimize your life with Qualia Mind, how to cycle through nootropics, and how to achieve super-human capabilities like beating decision fatigue.

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About Qualia Mind

Qualia MindQualia Mind is a premium supplement that helps support mental performance and brain health. Specifically designed to promote focus, support energy, mental clarity, mood, memory, and creativity. Discover a whole cognitive upgrade with Qualia Mind.

In addition to immediate neurochemical and physiological effects, Qualia Mind goes a step further addressing long-term cognitive health benefits. Supports neuron and synapse development, mitochondrial ATP, healthier cell structures, and neural complexity. Learn more about how Qualia Mind works on brain pathway & process support


About Qualia Original Stack


We’ve all experienced burnout, brain fog, low mood, and mental exhaustion. Everything from poor diet to air toxins diminish the potential of your brainpower. Qualia is designed to nourish the mind with over 40 premium brain nutrients to immediately enhance focus, energy, mood, and creativity while supporting long-term brain health.

Your life’s potential relies on your mind. Feed it well.

Your mental ability involves many factors which must be addressed in relation to one another. For example, having mental energy won’t result in accomplishments unless you have sustained focus to go with it. Improving your mood is a plus, but not if it kills your ability to be creative. To actually improve all these desired abilities together requires a deep understanding of the relationship between all chemical and electrical pathways of the brain and body. Qualia’s formula expertly balances these desired abilities.

Listen To Episode 197 As Dr. Daniel Stickler Uncovers:

  • How he became so involved in the nootropics, biohacking, and transhumanism.
  • His own health scare due to aging rapidly from poor eating and sleeping habits.
  • The latest on the new, premium supplement from Neurohacker Collective, Qualia Mind.
  • Why they transitioned from the two stages with Qualia Original Stack to just one stage with Qualia Mind.
  • The differences between Qualia Original Stack and Qualia Mind.
  • Why epigenetics is key to how your body will adjust to new changes going on with your mind and body.
  • The differences between and benefits of eustress, distress, and hormesis and how they're helping the body adapt to be better.
  • How nootropics can play a role in eliminating some of the decision fatigue that we face every day.
  • Why he's chosen a 1-year timeframe to be the minimum amount of time he works with people at the Apeiron Center for Human Potential.
  • What transhumanism is and why it's all around us already through hip replacements, cataract surgery, and cochlear implants.
  • Some of the ways that he uses technology and cognitive enhancers to support the human condition.
  • How he went from having a career in weight loss surgery to the Medical Director at Neurohacker Collective and a wellness coach.
  • How nootropics can help with weight loss and whether or not we can actually map the epigenome.
  • Why lithium and other synthetics were taken out of Qualia Mind.
  • His own scheduled routine between taking Qualia Original Stack and Qualia Mind plus why that combination specifically works for him compared to other people.
  • How nootropics can help us recover from trauma experienced during childhood.
  • Why whole wheat basil is so unique and can positively impact our body.
  • What the BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) gene is and why it's such an important factor for optimizing our emotional intelligence.
  • His thoughts on the future of the healthcare system and how Neurohacker is creating its own new system.
  • Why he doesn't recommend taking nootropics every single day but doing a cycle that works for you.

Power Quotes From The Show

“At Neurohacker Collective, we take a systems-based precision lifestyle medicine approach to optimize health. It's not about the disease model; it'as about optimizing the human state to first get it into homeostasis and then take it to the next level. We try to treat one piece of the whole puzzle rather than treating it all together.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler

“We're exposed to more information in one day than the people who lived during the late 1800s were exposed to in a 7 or 8 year period. That's how much information we're actually needing to process throughout a day. That amount of information requires a lot of metabolism in the brain. Think of the brain like a muscle; the more you use it, the more fatigued it gets and the more it uses up nutrients. Our brain is 20% of our daily metabolism but if you start doing a task, you're up-regulating that process. So, an entrepreneur's brain metabolism is really high and they're constantly running out of gas.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler

“Stress is not a bad thing at all. Stress can be an amazing factor for performance. However, when the stressor is removed, you want to be able to go back to the calm state to recharge and be able to go back at it again. We see a lot of people having a difficult time trying to go back to a state of calm baseline and gradually collect more stress throughout the day. That's when the decision fatigue sets in at the end of the day.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler

“If you're doing something for the purpose of weight loss, you've already failed. Weight loss is not a goal and it never should be a goal. Your goal is to get healthy. Weight loss is a consequence of the path you're following to get healthy. So, never look at anything as weight loss. That's the one thing I've learned from being a bariatric surgeon and a bariatrician. You can't do weight loss; it's just an automatic mindset failure from the beginning.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler

“When it comes to wellness, it doesn't matter if it's about upgrading the human system or improving cognitive performance. You can't just focus on one aspect of wellness. You have to look at the whole system of the human state and decide the pros and cons of upregulating something. Look at everything that you do and don't focus on. If you only focus on nutrition, but you're not also going to pay attention to exercise and sleep, then it's just not going to be a complete picture for the body.” – Dr. Daniel Stickler 

The Foundational Guide to Neurohacking

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About Dr. Daniel Stickler

Dr. Daniel Stickler

 Dr. Daniel Stickler is Medical Director of Neurohacker Collective, bringing decades of forward-thinking medical knowledge in wellness optimization and whole systems science to our team.

Dr.Stickler is a future-focused visionary and a thought leader in human potential. He is the co-founder of the Apeiron Center for Human Potential and the Apeiron Academy. Disheartened by our current “sick care” approach to health, Dr. Stickler created Human Potential Medicine- an integrated, biospherical systems-approach that combines the scientific grounding and expertise of modern medicine with leading-edge genetic/epigenetic science and neuro-psychophysiological modalities to expand human capacity.

He also established the Apeiron Academy, which offers advanced education to a tribe of like-minded individuals determined to shift the health & wellness paradigm from the current sick-care model to one of optimized human potential.

Dr. Stickler’s leadership informing Neurohacker Collective’s approach to the science of human optimization, will deliver some of the most well researched and scientifically rigorous products
available in the wellness market for years to come.

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