Kash Khan | Mental Health: Keeping It Real During These Challenging Times

“When you're really having a hard time, it's how you respond to that experience that defines how you're going to react. So, if we can respond to this pandemic with a sense of unity, belonging, and love, then we can really, really use it as a catalyst to change the world.” – Kash Khan

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 337

Podcast Host and Founder of Educate Inspire Change, Kash Khan, explores mental hygiene tools and resources to help you during this pandemic, shares how to keep it real no matter what stress you are experiencing, and how accountability and structure can actually free you to create a life you love.

What steps can you take today to inspire both yourself and those around you to connect with what's within as we face COVID19 together?

Discover how self-love can help lead us back to peace in our hearts and reconnect with our inner child.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘When you're really having a hard time, it's how you respond to that experience that defines how you're going to react.' – Kash Khan of @Tweet4EiC ” quote=”‘When you're really having a hard time, it's how you respond to that experience that defines how you're going to react.' – Kash Khan of @Tweet4EiC “]

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Listen To Episode 337 As Kash Khan Uncovers:


[1:30] The Collective COVID Fear We're Facing

[10:35] Observing Your Environment & Focusing Inside

  • The differences between growing intelligence through reading books and embodying what we've learned.
  • How to begin to be more consciously aware and observe what you're going through during COVID19.
  • The power of adapting healthy, daily self-care practices to balance your energies.
  • How to create a home environment for you and your partner, family, or roommates to have some loving, accountable structure.
  • Josh's self-awareness of being more sensitive to his partner and thinking about past childhood memories.
  • What the inner child needs: compassion and how to give that to yourself.
  • Their current living arrangements during COVID19 and how it's helped them grow, be grateful and do the inner work.

[19:00] How To Be An Example Of Love

  • Why pain is such a powerful teacher for us during our wellness journeys.
  • Unpacking how the brain is a receiver for thoughts that aren't always our own and how to tell the difference.
  • Kash's experience purging someone else's thoughts for them during a plant medicine ceremony.
  • How we can stay engaged without fear overcoming our mind, body, and soul.
  • The importance of being mindful of what you're saying to your partner or other adults while around children.
  • How to be examples of love and positivity for your friends, family, and community.
  • What Kash and Josh do, as Empaths, when they pick up on other people's emotions.
  • How to use daily breathwork and meditation to change our state of mind and focus on the present moment.
  • What we can learn from COVID19 now to help us prepare for any other crisis in the future.

[28:00] The Power Of Community

  • Why motivation is so temporary during a time like this when what we really need is inspiration to thrive.
  • The power of community and why humans were actually meant to live sustainably in nature in tribes and not in over-crowded cities with skyscrapers.
  • Why it's not about taking COVID19 seriously or not; it's about taking a look at it seriously and focusing on the facts.
  • The power of turning to tools like breath and especially your community rather than trying to face this time on your own.
  • Josh's breathwork practices that he's sharing in the Wellness Force Community.
  • Why attention is our richest currency and sharing what we know with others so that we may all grow.
  • How we can use capitalism consciously so that we can use it to help and connect with each other.

[41:00] The Soul's Immortal Journey

  • Kash's understanding of the soul's journey based on his plant medicine experiences and what he's learned from meeting with shamans.
  • Josh's thoughts on us living out the sins of our fathers or mothers.
  • What lessons the coronavirus is teaching us including how we've been mistreating the earth for so long.
  • The global silver linings of COVID19 and in what ways we are able to see it as a gift.
  • How our point of view on something can either transform it into something horrible or beautiful.
  • Don't wait to be healed to start serving humanity | Claire Wineland
  • How to get in touch with your pain and begin a healthy relationship with it.
  • The optimism Kash is feeling right now about COVID10, how it will positively impact the future, and how you can also see this time as a catalyst to grow and learn.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘One thing that we all have now is time and time is the most valuable currency; so, how are we going to use that time?' – Kash Khan of @Tweet4EiC ” quote=”‘One thing that we all have now is time and time is the most valuable currency; so, how are we going to use that time?' – Kash Khan of @Tweet4EiC “]

Enjoy The Hardship

“The bigger the test, the more rewarding the outcome. Enjoy the hardship and relish it because, after this, we will come out stronger, more abundant, and gain greater consciousness.”  – Kash Khan


Fear Is A Breeding Ground

“I am very worried about the kind of fear that's spreading through the world just now because fear is a breeding ground for the virus to spread. The more that we're all in a state of fear, the more we're going to be attracting mental health problems, disease, and illness. I'm really hoping that people can use this time to really search inwards to connect to each other, to connect with themselves, and to really start living a healthier life and having healthier relationships. Let's all use this time to grow.” – Kash Khan


Time Is Our Most Important Currency

“For the first time, we are globally having a shared experience. We are all dealing with the same troubles and issues every day. One thing that we all have now is time and time is the most valuable currency; so, how are we going to use that time?” – Kash Khan

Links From Today's Show 

About Kash Khan

Kash Khan | Mental Health: Keeping It Real During These Challenging TimesKash Khan started Educate Inspire Change to introduce hope into his life. On a personal level, he was feeling lost and disillusioned. He was also jaded by the mainstream news agenda.

EIC was an outlet to pour his energy, leave his stamp on the world, and inspire others to bring positive change into their lives.

Unbrainwash Yourself – Kash Khan

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