Nano Gold: Exploring Earth’s Highest Frequency Superconductor For Genetic Liberation | Brad McDonnell + David Reid

Wellness + Wisdom | Episode 646

What makes nano gold a superconductor that brings more light and vitality to your body and spirit?

Brad McDonnell + David Reid | Nano Gold: Exploring Earth's Highest Frequency Superconductor For Genetic LiberationBrad McDonnell + David Reid, Founders of MANNA Vitality, join Josh Trent on the Wellness + Wisdom Podcast, episode 646, to explain how the unique properties of nano gold enable it to pass through the blood-brain barrier to access the amygdala and conduct electricity within the body to help release stuck emotions and promote genetic liberation.

“The gold is inducing coherent biophotonic light emissions at the genetic and cellular level which can reprogram the conditioning of our genetic code in the DNA and also bring more light into our cells. When the body gets to a certain light quotient, it transforms into a new human species.”David Reid

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Brad McDonnell + David Reid | Nano Gold: Exploring Earth's Highest Frequency Superconductor For Genetic Liberation

Alchemical Gold is crafted using ancient methods to convert 24-carat gold into a bioactive form the human body can use at the cellular level.

This unique Gold Alchemy rejuvenates and exalts the cells, the nervous system, and the brain.

It’s the only Gold in the market, able to cross the blood-brain barrier, enhancing brain function and superconductivity when taken daily.

Because this Gold has gone through the transcendence process of alchemical calcination and transformation, it is cellularly entraining this into your biology.

In This Episode, Brad McDonnell + David Reid Uncover:

[01:30] Searching for Light

[07:30] Essential Nutrients in Shilajit

[12:00] The Effects of Gold on The Human Body + Mind

  • How they created the highest frequency product on the market.
  • Plasmon resonance of gold.
  • Nano-gold particles can access the amygdala.
  • Gold conducts electricity in our bodies.

[16:35] Gold Supports The Pineal Gland

  • Stuck emotions cause disease.
  • What Brad did to release emotions from his body.
  • How gold updates the subconscious part of the brain.
  • Gold helps decalcify the pineal gland.
  • Removing our conditioning allows us to fall in love with life again and be in flow.
  • The process of genetic liberation.

[22:10] Return to Who You Truly Are

  • How nature restores the vital body.
  • Gold electrifies the body's circuits.
  • Why we're drawn to the light and the truth of who we are.
  • We are all connected and infinite.
  • Why we're scared of dying.
  • What we pay attention to is what manifests in our reality.

[30:10] The Journey with MANNA Vitality

  • The journey of discovering sacred frequencies and substances.
  • Why MANNA Vitality is a mission of service.
  • How surrender and being of service makes David believe that everything is going to be okay.
  • Why Brad allows his inner child to play even in business.

[38:00] Life Is A Game

  • Life challenges are an important part of self-development.
  • When you have nothing, you can access vulnerability and truth.
  • The answers will always come.
  • Why Brad and David laugh when challenges show up.

[43:40] Curiosity + Gratitude

[47:50] Supercharge Your Energy Field

  • Why Josh takes MANNA first thing in the morning.
  • Benefits of Shilajit and concentrated form of electrolytes.
  • The human body is made of 37 trillion cells.
  • How electric charge changes the frequency of the body.
  • The toroidal energy field in the body.

[53:55] It's Time for Liberation

[58:10] We Don't Need All The Answers

  • The invitation to liberation is available to all of us.
  • We don't need answers to everything.
  • The mind wants the final answer but we are infinite beings.
  • Science and spirit are becoming more harmonious.

[01:01:30] Bioavailable Gold

  • Why gold in its nano form acts differently than in its metallic form.
  • Different sizes of gold nanoparticles influence the color.
  • Why Brad and David consider Shilajit and Ormus types of gold.
  • How gold helps us operate at a different frequency.

[01:06:20] What Is Dietary Gold?

  • Each sachet of MANNA Gold contains 5 milligrams of 24-carat nano-gold.
  • Our mind is the protector.
  • What the MANNA gold tastes like.

[01:10:10] Conscious Leadership

  • Why Brad is not worried about competition or someone copying their product.
  • Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
  • We shouldn't want to crush our competition.
  • Why Brad and David like to put love into their business.
  • The reason why they encourage more companies to create a product like theirs.

[01:18:40] The Building Blocks of Life

  • Why gold supports children's consciousness development.
  • The hieroglyph of manna that David discovered in Egypt.
  • What brought them to different spiritual places and teachers.
  • How Manna can help reduce emotional eating and bring more harmony to your life.

[01:24:50] Simple Ways to Heal Your Body

  • Why Josh can't drink coffee anymore.
  • Manna removes the resistance in our biocircuitry.
  • Our body is like a battery.
  • We are not designed for the conditions on the plane.
  • A 3-minute practice can make a big difference in your life.

[01:30:55] Nature Has The Solutions

[01:34:00] Understanding Yourself

  • We don't need more things to stimulate us.
  • Why it's important to pay attention to how we react to the marketing psychology.
  • What Brad learned from a Vipassana retreat.
  • How removing stimuli supports an energetic release.

[01:39:05] Tap Into Your Truth

[01:45:20] Wisdom Comes from Experience

  • All wisdom is experiential.
  • We can't be embodied unless we have had the experience.
  • Why Brad is okay with all the problems that come up in his life.

[01:48:10] Hypertonic Solutions

  • The difference between isotonic and hypertonic solutions.
  • The Shilajit resin has the ability to turn concrete hard.
  • Why hypertonic solutions solidify.
  • What makes David believe that life is miraculous.
  • The subconscious needs to release old conditionings in order for us to experience more miracles.
  • Why everything in life is spiritual.

[01:54:35] The Power of Nano Gold

  • Everything that exists emanates from the spirit.
  • Science could not exist without spirituality.
  • Why the different shapes of nano-gold have different effects.
  • How gold passes the blood-brain barrier.

[01:59:35] How to Live Life Well

  • Why Brad approaches life with an open mind and heart.
  • What inspires David to live his life well.
  • How they experience humility despite their success.
  • The revenue from Manna is reinvested back into the products.
  • 70% of the product price goes into the production.
  • How they're making gold more affordable.

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Power Quotes From The Show

Increase Your Light Quotient

“The 24 karat gold in a nanometer size can pass through the blood-brain barrier and have significant effects on our biocircuitry and biochemistry. t's incredible for increasing out the quotient of light in our body and up regulation of bio-luminescence.”David Reid

The Effects of Nano Gold

“Since I started taking the gold, I've experienced a lot of emotional release through the subconscious in dream states. I compare that to doing plant medicine, which is a lot of a harsher way to do it. The emotional release and purging are related to the hardware of the body, whereas the gold is releasing and updating the software of the subconscious part of the brain.”Brad McDonnell

You Don't Need All The Answers

“Liberation doesn't mean you know all the answers. It means that you surrender into the flow state, understanding that we are eternal and infinite, and just being grateful for what we have at the moment. The most peaceful experience is to realize there aren't answers and we don't need answers. Because what that means is that we are infinite and eternal, and that's the one true thing we really want.”David Reid

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About David Reid

Brad McDonnell + David Reid | Nano Gold: Exploring Earth's Highest Frequency Superconductor For Genetic LiberationDavid Reid advocates innovative thinking in the areas of medicine, energy, and technology. His skill lies in the understanding of natural systems and the principles behind their source, patterns, and creation.

The people, projects, and education he supports, have the opportunity to radically and positively transform the human experience.

David has sold and implemented biologics into the Australian market working with MTF (the world's largest tissue bank) to introduce Allopatch HD, a non-irradiated acellular human dermis which has been documented to improve surgical success rates from 40% to 85.7% from a study of 10,000 cases.

This is opening up a new surgical arena and in many cases avoiding the current solution, (which is very painful and restrictive) of total shoulder arthroplasty.

About Brad McDonnell

Brad McDonnell + David Reid | Nano Gold: Exploring Earth's Highest Frequency Superconductor For Genetic LiberationBrad has always believed that health is our most important asset. Coming from an elite sporting background in rugby which led him from Australia to England. His own personal journey leads him to discover the greatest ingredients on the planet together with David Reid.

Brad’s dream of creating a company that can change the way people see their health and how they engage with the world is well on its way to actualizing.

With the combination of business and life skills, Brad leads the team in many areas and likes to be all over the operations of the business from Manufacturing, Regulation, and Sales.

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