Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison

Cathy Hutchinson Breaking Up With Veganism

Breaking Up With Veganism – Cathy Hutchison

Today's podcast shows how we can begin the journey of self-discovery and find our own unique path to health and wellness.

We're joined by author and business strategist Cathy Hutchison, who shares how she changed her long-standing nutritional paradigms and found amazing health and vitality in the process.

Cathy had been a vegetarian for 20 years and a vegan for the past 5. But despite eating clean and having a healthy lifestyle, she felt tired and run-down. After years of researching, experimenting, and struggling with nutrition, she decided to seek assistance from a health coach and functional medicine practitioner.

Through genetic testing, they discovered Cathy was allergic to a majority of the foods she consumed on a vegan diet. Although her ideology pointed towards veganism, it was clear that her biology was not able to thrive on plants alone.

Listen to Wellness Force Friday episode #015 as Cathy Hutchison tells her story of breaking up with veganism and how she found a style of eating that promoted true wellness for her individual biology.

Listen to WFF 015 As Cathy Uncovers:

  • Why she wasn't feeling well despite eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle
  • How we can tune into the subtle clues and signals from our body
  • The decision to transition away from a vegan diet
  • How learning more about genetics transformed her food choices
  • Why her body wasn't properly absorbing nutrients
  • The importance of tracking and monitoring our biomarkers
  • Her journey of inner work and self-discovery
  • The power and insight that comes from taking an “Emotional Inventory”
  • Why we attach ourselves to certain food camps
  • How to break through paradigms that may not serve our best interest

Top 3 Takeaways From The Episode

  • Genetic testing can provide insight into how we should eat based on our unique biology. This will help guide us towards the foods we should consume and what we should avoid. Having this knowledge will give us a better understanding of how to create an individualized plan for reaching our health goals.
  • Our ideologies, habits, and day-to-day stressors cause us to ignore the signals we receive from the body. When we slow down and begin to shift our focus away from the external noise, we can start to hear the internal clues that point us in the right direction.
  • We need to be open and willing to experiment with new ways of improving on the physical, mental, and emotional level. We can use books and podcasts to find influencers in the wellness world who already have the results we are looking for. When we begin to apply their actions we can start to see some of the same results.

Power Quotes From Cathy

“For 20 – 30% of the vegans reading this, I have some shocking and sad news. Your vegan lifestyle won't be sustainable.” – Cathy Hutchison

“The reason I had to become ex-vegan? Genetics.” – Cathy Hutchison

“I was blindly experimenting since I didn't actually know what was going on with my body.” – Cathy Hutchison

“I spent so much time overriding the signals my body was giving me.” – Cathy Hutchison

“I don't care about the ideology in your head or the compassion in your heart. If your biology is not on board, then you have a problem.” – Cathy Hutchison

Cathy's Lecture on Time Management at the Market Act Exchange

Cathy's Book – “Bad Christian”

Cathy Huchison Book Bad Christian

Have you ever felt more judged than loved? For your sense of style, mode of speech or enjoyment of a certain type of music? Because you didn’t have a fish decal on your car or a cross around your neck? Ever feel like you checked all the boxes, yet it didn’t result in the life that was promised?

This book is for everyone who has experienced the difference between belonging to a group and being in a relationship with God.

It is for the seekers, artists, pragmatists, disenfranchised, mystics and skeptics who love Jesus, but just don’t match the church subculture.

Welcome to the tribe.

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About Cathy Hutchison

cathy huchison Image breaking up with veganism

With a professional background that combines marketing, communications, graphic facilitation and business development strategy, Cathy Hutchison leads marketing for Idibri—a multidiscipline team of acousticians, technology designers and theatre consultants.

Cathy is a natural speaker with a bright and enthusiastic style of presenting that makes people feel relaxed, connected, and energized. She instantly builds a friendly rapport with her audience, making them laugh and feel comfortable enough to fully engage and ask questions, and she sincerely wants people to take away good information.

Cathy is a frequent contributor to a number of online and print publications and speaks at conferences on topics related to marketing, new media, connection and getting more joy out of your day job. Find out more at

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