Trusting The Process & Breaking Conditioned Responses With Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson Breaking Conditioned Responses & Trusting The Process

The true spiritual practice is learning to love no matter what. Not when everything is perfect. Not when you feel like loving. This is the layer that we must peel in order to access our soul.” – Kute Blackson 

Trusting The Process & Breaking Conditioned Responses With Kute Blackson

On this week’s podcast, best-selling author, speaker, and transformational teacher, Kute Blackson, shares how we can forgive and let go by observing who we are through listening to what our emotions are telling us.

Forgiving and letting go of the past can be two of the hardest things a person may face during their lifetime. Sharing his own personal story of the relationship with his father and how he came the USA, Kute explains how we can be brave and allow our internal compass on the wellness journey can guide us through life.


How To Live Life Itself As Your Spiritual Practice

Living your life means making your own decisions and taking control.

To help us along our wellness journey, look for signs that a path is right for us. This will allow us to be true to ourselves in a way that the universe supports us each stop of the way.

If you feel that a path is not right for you, listen to that gut feeling. Maybe your mind is telling you one thing, but your emotions and feelings are telling you something completely different.


“When we live in alignment, then the universe will support us, but it may not look how we always think it will.”- Kute Blackson


Be Willing To Tell The Truth

We have to be willing to by true to ourselves and we can feel that truth in our hearts

. Maybe a current job isn't lined up with our morals or beliefs? Maybe we're in a relationship with the wrong person?

At a point in Kute's life, he was following his father's footsteps to take his role, but then he realized that this path was not for him. Kute spent a lot of time observing his thoughts and emotions. He eventually realized that his life was supposed to take him on a different wellness journey.

This wouldn't be the first time that this thought process allowed Kute to come to a revelation of what his mind and body were telling him. With this practice, Kute is continuously learning to let go and accept what path is next for him to follow.


When The Path Is Difficult

Following your path can be so difficult with many obstacles, struggles, and tests. However, just like they did for Kute, these moments prepare us for the people that we should be.

Part of letting go is just allowing yourself to trusting each step of the journey. If we can trust, life will give us what our soul most needs the most right at the very moment in which we need it.


Letting Go of Worry

Why worry so much? Most of the time, we're afraid of what our destiny truly is, and we're afraid that we have to control everything. To let go of worry, we first have to be willing to surrender and trust the process.

When we're children, we're free to be just as we are and we trust right away and express ourselves however we want because we're unconditioned. But as we grow older, we become conditioned. Part of early-life conditioning is believing that we're not free and this keeps us from trusting other people and our own authentic voice.


Breaking Conditioned Responses

Breaking conditioned responses begins once we've taken the honest emotional inventory within ourselves. Conditioning tells us that we're a certain persona and so we try to figure out who we should be. This helps us avoid pain because we feel validated by society because our persona has been accepted.

But we cannot truly break condition responses until we've accepted ourselves.

Part of accepting ourselves is observing our thoughts and emotions. 

When we observe ourselves, we begin to stop judging ourselves. And as we practice being the observer, we can break the reinforcements of the previous negative thoughts about who we really are.


“We have over 65,000 thoughts a day and most are the same as yesterday. Your thoughts are not real, your thoughts are just energy. Your thoughts aren't the issue. The importance you give your thoughts is the real issue.” – Kute Blackson 


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About Kute Blackson

Kute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom.

Kute’s own background and experience lay out the blueprint for his approach to liberating others, setting their gifts and greatness free. Born in Ghana, West Africa, his multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father, raised in London, and on 4 different continents defies all stereotype.

The son of a revered spiritual leader, Kute was speaking to his fatherʼs congregations, in more than 300 churches, by the age of 8. At the age of 14, he was ordained into his fatherʼs ministry and groomed to carry on the familyʼs spiritual legacy. But his heartʼs truth drew him to separate from his fatherʼs ministry and come to Los Angeles in 1995.


Resources Mentioned In This Episode


What You'll Hear On The Show


  About Kute Blackson

5:15  Kute shares a few things we don”t know about him

6:30  Kute shares the meaning behind his message: “The true spiritual practice is for us to all open our hearts and share what's inside.”

10:45  More of Kute's spiritual background and being a citizen of the world

14:30  How Kute came to love reading so much that he's read over 800 books so far in his lifetime.

16:50 Why we should be willing to tell the truth to ourselves.

18:00  How do you feel that your space in your family has shaped your life?

21:00  What was the moment of change in your life when you were going though a lot of pain?

24:00 Kute's epiphany from feeling so much pain

26:30  Kute's experience walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain

31:20  Win a Wellness Bundle from Perfect Supplements!

32:30  How do we grow trust and overcome past events in our lives?

39:45 How do we make the connection to knowing that our thoughts aren't real and they're just energy?

42:55 Question from Facebook: How would you recommend I stop carry what my dad thinks about my passion?

46:20  Facebook:  What's Kute's daily habits and things to do to let go of old patterns?

48:40  Do you see a common thread among clients? Anything common that holds them back form letting go?

51:25  Do we change with love and compassion?

53:25  How do we get in touch with our fears and don't allow it to control us?

58:50  Have you ever done an early exploration of silence to get in touch with fear?

1:00:55  7 for 7 round: Josh asks Kute 7 fast questions

1:09:00 Win two tickets to Kute Blackson's live event, The Man Breakthrough Experience, on October 14 in Los Angeles, California.

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lauren bryant wellness forceLauren Bryant is the Podcasting Assistant and Show Notes Writer for Wellness + Wisdom. She has a BBA in both Marketing and Spanish for Business as well as certificates in Advanced Business Communications and International Business from the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire.

Lauren’s wellness journey began at a young age when she joined her local YMCA swim team, The Wave, of La Crosse, WI. One of the most profound views on wellness that anyone has said to her was when she was an assistant swim coach for that same YMCA swim team.

One day during a practice, former head swim coach, Jon Brenner, shared with her that the most important thing about coaching the swimmers was that “It doesn’t matter if they become the best athletes in the world. What’s important is that we give them the tools and guidance they need to live a healthy, active lifestyle for the rest of their lives.”

Since hearing those words, she has taken it to heart to not only focus on continuously living her own healthy lifestyle, but to help others pursue their wellness goals as well.

Lauren is not only an avid swimmer, but a fan of running, yoga, cooking, and doing any activity outside that involves being surrounded by nature. In the Fall of 2014, she completed a long-awaited goal of walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

According to Lauren, wellness is about finding gratitude and joy in doing any type of physical or self-care activity that we love. Wellness means providing ourselves with self-love, good nutrition, and the inner peace that our individual minds and bodies need.


About Lauren

Lauren is the Content & Community Manager for Wellness Force Media. According to Lauren, wellness is about finding gratitude and joy in doing any type of physical or self-care activity that we love. Wellness means providing ourselves with self-love, good nutrition, and the inner peace that our individual minds and bodies need.

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