Letting Go of What Doesn’t Serve You – Alli Waddell

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Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve You – Alli Waddell

Letting Go Of What Doesn't Serve You – Alli Waddell

Today's podcast will help us let go of the things in life that don't serve our goals and higher purpose. We're joined by Alli Waddell, whose expertise in the wellness industry comes from 16 years of exploring what empowers people to create and maintain healthy and happy lifestyles.

We're joined by Alli Waddell, whose expertise in the wellness industry comes from 16 years of exploring what empowers people to create and maintain healthy and happy lifestyles.

On this episode, we discover how to physically and emotionally release so we move forward without hesitation and find greater alignment within. Most people can identify certain areas of life that hold them back. These can range from negative thoughts and emotions to the toxic people and situations that don't uplift our experience. Letting go can help create space for new relationships, experiences, and possibilities to enter our world. A great sense of relief and freedom fills us when we overcome the fear of loss and begin to make room for a new way of being.

Listen to Wellness Force Friday episode #013 as Alli Waddell shares how we can begin to let go and make simple daily changes to integrate more health and wellness into our journey.

Listen to WFF 013 As Alli Uncovers:

  • Why everyone's path to wellness is a unique journey
  • How to get in line with our mission and purpose
  • The importance of getting curious and creative with our health practice
  • Why small simple changes can make a huge impact
  • How to find a routine that is enjoyable and feels good as well
  • The ways we find balance through acceptance and surrender
  • How our openness and vulnerability can help inspire others
  • Strategies for letting go of limiting beliefs
  • How we can break through our thresholds and comfort zone
  • The importance of learning when to say no
  • How finding stillness and silence will help us access our intuition
  • The benefits that come from a daily gratitude practice
  • How to overcome FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)
  • Ways to reduce our exposure to negative media

Alli Shares How To Peel Off Our Limiting Labels

About Alli Waddell

Alli Waddell Picture - Letting Go

Alli Waddell’s expertise in the wellness industry comes from 16 years exploring what empowers people to create and maintain healthy and happy lifestyles.

Through her own process of self-healing, self-testing, and self-love, she has discovered that there’s not a singular path to living a healthy life. Each path is unique to each person and personal transformation is a lifelong, vulnerable pursuit.

Alli supports her clients in creating their unique “Lifestyle Ecosystem”. This signature process takes the confusion out of optimizing mental, nutritional and physical health while loving life and having fun.

Her mission is to be a lifeline of empowerment. She stands for radical honesty and self-love and believes that “only when we heal ourselves can we heal the world”

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