Ketones + Fasting: What Is The PRE-DIABETIC Impact? Exploring Ancient Fuel That Reverses Aging

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Ketones + Fasting: What Is The PRE-DIABETIC Impact?

I've been really pondering this question how do we get energy and sharp cognition?

How do we do this without having to take stimulants?

For so many people across the world who might be burnt out from caffeine. Or they want to stop blocking their adenosine but can't figure out a way to get rid of the grogginess and the low energy…

There is another solution it's called ketones, now most people see ketones as a way to drop fat because there is a big trend.

Right now across the world and the internet and that is the keto movement and the keto diet. But keto is different than ketones, much much different.

We know that ketones are endogenously created when our body is in a state of fasting or survival. However, what if there was a way to mimic, in a healthy way, this state of fasting or survival with ketones exogenously, meaning outside of the body?

Exploring Ancient Fuel That Reverses Aging

That is what we are learning about today.

How to do one of the most powerful biohacks you could ever do for your body and for your brain…

I'll be honest I hadn't gone this deep into ketones before and I think you're going to love this podcast it's so much more than that fat loss, these ketones that you can take used to be $30 a serving which is like ridiculous. Nobody can afford that.

But we're going to talk about today how you can have it for just a few bucks a day. Whether you are on a weight loss journey or if you want to have a sharper mind, this is possible right here right now in this podcast.

Introducing H.V.M.N.'s Ketone IQ

This is episode 459 Michael Brandt | Ketones + Fasting: What Is The PRE-DIABETIC Impact? Exploring Ancient Fuel That Reverses Aging

I really liked Michael's energy he was one of the first guests that we had here in the new studio in Austin and in this podcast you're going to learn about:

  • Hacking the body's ancient systems and the real truth about ketones.
  • Has modernity robbed us of our ability to create ketones naturally?
  • The optimized max benefit of ketones and how to give yourself an afternoon pick-me-up without stimulating your nervous system

This is key. This is what I really loved learning from Michael today. Ketones are a different fuel substrate, so they are a more sustainable fuel source that creates much less oxidative stress when consumed. That means if you use ketones, you'll actually live longer than if you just drank a cup of coffee, so the research points to.

Improving Metabolic Health & Priming Good Behaviors

We'll talk about the key to improving metabolic health, priming other good behaviors with Ketone IQ by H.V.M.N., which is Michael's company.

He is the CEO and co-founder of Health Via Modern Nutrition, with the letters H.V.M.N., he's an avid triathlete and marathoner and he's got a beautiful heart.

He's a Psychedelic Explorer, he's a Former Product Manager at Google, and he's been a professor at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. But he's a leader and I know you're going to feel it from his presence and in his voice.

If you're ready to take your metabolic health and cognition and energy up to the next level without stimulants, and that is key, this drink is awesome. You'll see that it feels so much different than coffee and it'll actually give you energy from the inside out because it mimicked something your body already does naturally.

Michael is giving all of our listeners a very generous offer – 10% off of your Ketone IQ order.

All you have to do is go to and enter the code “JOSH” and you get 10% off your entire order.

Share it with a neighbor, family member, or a friend. Share it with somebody that you know; maybe on your block that just needs a pickup but they're kind of burnt out from coffee.

You can do something different. Do something nice for yourself and someone else. Jump on over to It's also in the store –

I vet all the products myself. I test all the products myself at That's where H.V.M.N. is found.

Now let's drop-in right here, right now live in the new studio with Michael Brandt.


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