Barton Scott | Heavy Metals + Hair Mineral Analysis: The Simple Health Test That Reveals Your Hidden Deficiencies

“You have to have the minerals to have the hormones in adequate supply, demand, and consistency. If you don't, then you'll externally experience weight gain, hair loss, and other poor results. Internally you'll have malaise, low energy, fatigue, brain fog, and poor sleep rhythms. Really any physical symptom is going to be in part dictated by this world of minerals because it's the elemental world that we're built of as humans. This is why people get sick early and this is why disease exists. Disease doesn't exist when cells have the nutrients they need.” – Barton Scott

Wellness + Wisdom Episode 432

Founder and Process Developer of Upgraded Formulas, Barton Scott, shares the benefits of hair analysis compared to blood tests to reveal hidden deficiencies and heavy metals in your body.

Find out how mineral depletion in our soils is hurting our health and food versus supplements for maximum mineral levels.

Barton also shares what your mineral ratios including sodium to potassium reveal about your health, and how minerals guide our emotions.

Which minerals does your unique body need the most to help it function properly? How can they help you detox heavy metals?

Discover why you aren't just what you eat; you are what your body absorbs including the minerals that are trace and fundamental.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”You have to have the minerals to have hormones in adequate supply, demand, and consistency. This is why people get sick early and this is why disease exists. Disease doesn't exist when cells have the nutrients they need. – @itsbartonscott ” quote=”You have to have the minerals to have hormones in adequate supply, demand, and consistency. This is why people get sick early and this is why disease exists. Disease doesn't exist when cells have the nutrients they need. – @itsbartonscott “]


Barton Scott | Heavy Metals + Hair Mineral Analysis: The Simple Health Test That Reveals Your Hidden DeficienciesUpgraded Formulas' Mission

Upgraded Formulas was founded to optimize your health through effective testing with follow-up supplementation and nutritional planning. They strive to deliver the highest quality and assurance standards with the most advanced processes available.

Upgraded Formulas' Promise

The ideal place to start healing and optimizing for your daily well-being, physical and mental performance. They will help identify any potential issues with mineral deficiency, heavy metal toxicity, and metabolism function. This test is so valuable as a foundational assessment of your baseline health, it is a no-brainer investment.

You will begin to get more out of life if you take the correct action based on your results. They have consultation options to give you the guidance to confidently dial in your health.

Save Money On Supplements

Their hair test results will show you the vitamins and nutrients you have in deficiency or excess. They've had many customers purchasing hundreds of dollars of vitamins only to discover that they weren't treating the root cause of their health issues. You'll know exactly what you need to do to put your health back on track.

Listen To Episode 432 As Barton Scott Uncovers:

[1:30] Upgraded Formula's Origin Story

  • Barton Scott
  • Upgraded Formulas
  • Barton's own health journey and how it led to his company, Upgraded Formulas.
  • Exploring the direct correlation between hair minerals and minerals in the body.
  • That fact that many people are not able to absorb nutrients from food and supplements thus suffering from deficiencies.
  • Breaking down the benefits of hair analysis to find out if you have a nutrient deficiency.
  • What else their hair analysis test can tell you about your health.
  • How Barton developed many different nutrient deficiencies from being an athlete and his go-go-go lifestyle.
  • Barton's introduction to nutrition early on in life in order to help him perform at his best in sports.
  • The regret Barton has for taking prescribed Vyvanse during college which increased his health issues.
  • Why many athletes especially wrestlers experience mineral deficiencies from their energy-demanding sport.
  • How taking a hair analysis and having a great consultation changed Barton's life.
  • Why hair analysis is just as important if not sometimes more than bloodwork.

[19:30] How Mineral Depletion in Soil Hurts Human Health

[25:30] How a Hair Analysis & Consultation Forever Changed Barton's Health

  • Why doing the hair analysis test really helped move the needle for Barton's health when other tests didn't.
  • The connection between sleep, remembering your dreams or not, and your body's health.
  • One sign of whether or not you should work with an organization like Upgraded Formulas.
  • Why you don't need melatonin, CBD, or marijuana to help you fall asleep if you have a magnesium deficiency.
  • The important fact that your body needs to have a high-level absorption ability to be able to reverse your mineral deficiencies.
  • Why relying on our gut health sometimes just won't cut it and we need to take a closer look at what the body is able to absorb.
  • Barton's mother's health and how it went downhill quickly in her 60s and she became a shell of herself due to medications and surgery.
  • What happens to the body when you have too much calcium including stiffness and reduced thyroid function.
  • Why Upgraded Formulas is currently only focusing on mineral deficiencies and not vitamins or anything else yet.
  • Barton's experience with fasting and how he used it to help him heal his knee without pain.

[36:30] What Your Potassium-Sodium Ratio Tells You About Your Health

[42:30] How Minerals Guide Our Emotions

  • Why he advises people to be careful about eating just red meat and how it can impact their emotions depending on what else is happening within the body.
  • The importance of being consistent with testing your levels as you make healthy changes like doing the carnivore diet.
  • How to continually tweak your lifestyle to help get your body, mind, and emotions stay in balance.
  • Why minerals can guide our emotions without us knowing it.
  • Learning more about zinc, why it's “masculine” and how it's a more evolved form of iron.
  • Why copper is a very “feminine” and creative mineral.
  • How too much of either zinc or copper can have a bad impact on the body for men and women.
  • Breaking down the relationships between minerals and hormones as a feedback loop.
  • Barton's advice for Josh on how to improve his mineral levels especially sodium to help build his emotional resilience.
  • Why just a teaspoon of salt in 30 oz in the water and drinking a bit more later in the day plus increasing the amount of healthy salt in food can make a big impact.

[49:45] The Secrets of Sugar

[52:30] Food vs Supplements To Obtain Maximum Mineral Levels

  • Why food sometimes just isn't enough to provide us with the number of minerals we need every day.
  • How mineral depletion in the soil is important to our children's IQ levels.
  • Why iodine is extremely important for children's brain development and over 96% of 6,000 people in a study were deficient in it.
  • Why the RDA for the USA is probably wrong.
  • How our health compares to that of other countries like Japan whose citizens have extremely long life spans and they consume about 100x more iodine than we do with sea vegetables in their diet.
  • Why sea vegetables are not common in the USA because they're difficult to import and they most likely have heavy metals.
  • Mood swings, feeling lethargic, adrenal fatigue, and other emotional disturbances people might experience if their sodium and potassium levels are low.
  • 395 Ari Whitten
  • The importance of understanding and keeping track of your potassium – calcium levels for thyroid health like in Josh's case.
  • Hair Analysis Consultation Certification by Upgraded Formulas
  • The Hair Analysis Consultation Certification they have available on their website and Barton's wish for functional medicine doctors, nutritionists, and health coachs to do to the course so they can help more people.
  • Barton's mission to help change healthcare as we know it with good hair analysis and appropriate supplements to help more people heal and feel better.

[1:00:30] Hair Analysis for Heavy Metal Testing

  • What makes doing a hair analysis so special and why is it the best test to understand a person's mineral and heavy metal levels.
  • Why hair analysis is key for detecting heavy metals in the body such as arsenic in Josh's case.
  • The fact that the body can store heavy metals for years and years.
  • How the body detoxes heavy metals from itself like an onion as you get healthier and healthier.
  • Where we find high levels of arsenic in our environment including in brown rice.
  • Bill Maher – Anti-Pharma Rant
  • Why you don't always have to ask your doctor if something is good for you; you have the freedom to self-empower your own health journey.
  • Breaking down why it's so much more practical, time-saving, and cheaper to do a hair analysis for mineral and heavy metal testing compared to blood testing.
  • General deficiencies we see in today's population and CDC's own findings that on average 90% of people have 10 more deficiencies and why that's a low, conservative statistic.
  • Why it's very common to be deficient in boron and why it's an important mineral for our memory, testosterone, and brain health.
  • What the manganese mineral is and why it's key for our health especially recovery after working out and building neural pathways.

[1:09:30] Why Heavy Metals Are a Huge Concern

  • Why heavy metals in our environment are a bigger concern than pollution and plastics.
  • Breaking down the most toxic metals in our environment today including lead and more concerning mercury.
  • 430 Zach Bush MD
  • The loss of balance and communication amongst the minerals can contribute to further imbalance in the rest of the body.
  • Ray Kurzweil
  • The nanotechnology that Barton and his team at Upgraded Formulas use for the creation of their products.
  • How the body breaks down and absorbs minerals found in your food, supplements, and other products like spray or topical vs sublingual magnesium.
  • The BIND -Toxin Elimination binder from Upgraded Formulas that Josh is using to help him detox the arsenic heavy metal in his system safely.
  • How to supplement correctly while doing a longer fasting experience such as a 3-day or 5-day fast.
  • Whether or not we need the binders in addition to the supplements to help us detox our body.
  • Why Barton likes taking a binder in the evening.
  • Upgraded Forumulas' fasting videos on YouTube
  • Benefits of fasting for rebalancing hormones, fat loss, and clarity.
  • How many people realize during a fasting experience and afterward that we self-soothe a lot of times with food.
  • Why you don't really have a shot at fixing your thyroid's function until you give your body the minerals you need for your adrenal and thyroid.
  • The benefits of spending time in sunlight every morning if you can.

Power Quotes From The Show

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Long before considering something like hormone replacements, why don't we just supply the body with minerals? Your body cannot make minerals; they have to come in daily because we're just not holding onto them. – @itsbartonscott” quote=”Long before considering something like hormone replacements, why don't we just supply the body with minerals? Your body cannot make minerals; they have to come in daily because we're just not holding onto them. – @itsbartonscott”]

The Growing Concern About Heavy Metals

“When we talk about a thousand years ago, even a few hundred years ago, we had a lot fewer pollutants in the atmosphere and in the air that we breathe. I know a lot of people point towards plastics and those are certainly harmful; however, what's even more of a concern are heavy metals because they stay in the body longer and they're more toxic.” – Barton Scott

Breaking Down Hair Analysis vs Blood Work

“When you look at even a half-inch of hair, it has a thousand times more data than a day's worth of data with blood and it's an overall better experience. A hair analysis test is so simple and if we tried to do all of these different studies we would have to take a lot of blood and some people aren't comfortable with that. Hair analysis tests are measured twice in the labs we work with which you get a much more clearer representation of what's actually happening. Secondly, the cost is another advantage. It would be expensive because you wouldn't have a ratio like with hair analysis but try to do them all yourself. In addition, you wouldn't have the ratios of minerals to heavy metals which is important because certain minerals can push out heavy metals and that is the safest way to detox.” – Barton Scott

Minerals Are Daily Essential Nutrients

“Long before considering something like hormone replacements, why don't we just supply the body with minerals? Your body cannot make minerals. They have to come in daily because we're just not holding onto chromium or magnesium. Minerals are essential nutrients; so, even if you're fit, healthy, have a good community, and live in a safe space – like I was, you could have severe deficiencies that need to be addressed. Especially regarding nutrition; no matter what diet you're following, you need to know that it will change over time. Your nutritional requirements will change over time as you age and your lifestyle shifts.” – Barton Scott

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About Barton Scott

Barton Scott | Heavy Metals + Hair Mineral Analysis: The Simple Health Test That Reveals Your Hidden Deficiencies

Today’s guest, Barton Scott, is a biochemist, nutritionist, researcher and the Founder and process developer of Upgraded Formulas

Barton is passionate about helping people address the stressors of daily life, poor sleep, hormone issues, low energy, the toxicity of the modern world, the extreme lack of nutrients in our food and soil, and the nutrient absorption issues that we all face through education of the human body's interrelationships.

Upgraded Formulas' Mission

Upgraded Formulas is a quantified wellness and nanotech company focused around performance and longevity–with a focus on correcting mineral deficiency led by Barton Scott, who is a Biochemist, a Nutritionist and Functional Health Expert based in Austin, TX, recognized for developing a new category of mineral supplementation called Stabilized Nano Minerals Minerals.

Why Upgraded Formulas? Their minerals are so small that they are absorbed with ease by the blood cells in the body without having to undergo the digestion process. Test your hair to understand which minerals you need most.

Identify Your Health Deficiency: Test, Don't Guess


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