9 World Class Wellness Influencers In 2017

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Now, it's let’s jump into this special show and waterfall of gratitude for you. Because you’ve trusted me with your valuable time and your wellness, I get to live my mission, and when I close my eyes, I can see it clearly in my mind that together: we’re growing this community and serving over one million people’s lives to greater wellness this year.

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My friend, we’ve arrived, this is it, episode 100 of Wellness + Wisdom!

Aloha! Josh here. In this ultra special episode, I’m going to do more of what I love to do most, I get to share and GIVE. To thank you for your support since July of 2015, I’m giving away over two thousand dollars in prizes to celebrate reaching our first 100 shows together, and on top of that, this is going to be an incredible podcast where I’m guiding you through an audio journey with 9 world class wellness influencers sure to leave you with inspiration and some tactical, real life tools to help you get more wellness in your life.

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We Have Arrived

If you’ve been listening to Wellness Force for awhile, or if you’ve been with us since the beginning, you know by now that great things tend to take us time, effort, and the hardest one of them all – trusting the process – especially when it comes to our wellness. For episode 100, I’m walking you through nine of my favorite moments over the past 100 interviews, to pull the gems of wisdom, moments of laughter, and the real life action steps that I've learned to both trust and believe in.

I want to share my truth: This entrepreneurial and podcast path has not been 100% rainbows. Even since early childhood, I have known, deep down, that I march to the beat of a different drummer. Maybe you feel that too, and that’s why you’re here. I’ve faced inner and outer demons I wouldn’t wish on anyone, and since I woke up in 2011, I’ve done some really, really, hard work to let go of old stories about genetics, beliefs, and the people and things that don't serve my wellness. But yet as hard as this has been, I’ve also learned that when you operate from a place of love and service to others, and if you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

This podcast has been my home, my work, and my life for almost two years now, and today, I get to give thanks to YOU.

9 World Class Wellness Influencers In 2017

David Zappasodi

zappasodi 9 world class wellness influencers First up is my good friend and best-selling author of Immovable Heart, Unstoppable Mind, David Zappasodi. In our first clip, we’re talking about why wellness and achievement live in two different worlds. After 20 plus years as health and wellness professional, David believes that there is one universal reason that blocks most people from letting go off old their old weight. Let’s hear what and why right now with David, and be sure to listen to episode 072 for the full show.


Michael Strasner

strasner 9 world class wellness influencersMichael Strasner is one of the most respected leading experts in personal transformation, and taught me in person how to open my heart in the advanced emotional intelligence and leadership course that changed my compass forever. This was a really emotional episode for me as from Micheal’s teachings, I was able to connect with my father after 2 years of not speaking, and let go of some weight I’d been carrying around for years. In this clip, Michael is talking with us about the difference between our feelings and emotions, and commitment to self, how we can harness energy to guide us towards wellness without letting emotions hold us back. Let’s drop in with Michael, and be sure to listen to episode 027 for the full show.

Tom Bilyeu

tom bilyeu 9 world class wellness influencers 2017Our next clip is with a powerful speaker, health entrepreneur, the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and the Host of Impact Theory, Tom Bilyeu. In this segment, Tom is talking about the promises we keep to ourselves and why. How his mission now with Impact theory spearheading a movement to facilitate mental transformation, both through its empowering content and by accelerating the businesses and entrepreneurs destined to change the world. Tom wants to free people from The Matrix. Said another way, he wants to end the poverty of poor mindset. Tom dives into what the no BS answer is that will help end metabolic disease and how understanding mythology and rituals can empower us in our wellness journey. Let’s listen in with Tom now and be sure to check out episode 098 for the full show.

Bonnie Kelly

bonnie kelly 9 world class wellness influencers 2017 Our next guest is going to take you to the basement for some cleaning! In a good way. Bonnie Kelly, author, speaker, certified coach and my friend returns to wellness force radio to talk about her new book True To Your Core and how we perceive, interrupt, and experience reality is unique to all of us, just like your thumb print. Bonnie is talking about why neurologically, we are an endangered species. Bonnie is an expert in personal development and helping people heal from their past, and in this short clip she's explaining the science and real talk about how our brain chemistry is just like a computer, and like any computer, it can be reprogrammed with inspired action. From upgrading our subconscious beliefs to what it really takes to write a new story, Bonnie is giving us the clarity and the insights on why we do, what we do. Be sure to check out episode 087 for the full show.

Nir Eyal

nir eyal 9 world class wellness influencers 2017Nir Eyal is a best-selling author, speaker, and behavior change jedi-master that is educating people on how to build the sometimes challenging healthy habits we need to thrive in this technologically modern world. With the buzzing from apps, devices, and notifications pulling us away from our personal connections and conversations, Nir is teaching us about what he has come to know as the “Hook Model.” This is how companies create behaviors with technology that can benefit their users, or, turn them into addicts depending on their intention. In this clip, Nir pulls back the curtain for a look behind how companies use psychology to capture our attention, including triggers, actions, variable rewards and investment. Once we know how they do it, we can then consciously choose where we put our attention and avoid being disconnected from the relationships we care about. We can use technology to give us wellness, rather than take it away. You can hear Nir’s full story and mission on episode 048.

Daniel Schmachtenberger

daniel schmachtenberger world class wellness influencers 2017 Prepare to get you brain fed high octane on our next clip. Daniel Scmachtenberger, the Co-Founder of The Neurohacker Collective, shares far beyond how a Nootropics like Qualia can provide a comprehensive hardware upgrade for radical cognitive enhancement and emotional resilience, but also how he believes it creates the building blocks towards a better planet. Daniel is sharing his brilliant mind and expertise of the body and brain to teach us the why, how, and what these cognitive enhancers can do the health and speed of our mind. The was one of my all time favorite episodes on the podcast where I shared my n=1 experiment using nootropics, so be sure to download episode 096 for the full story.

Lisa Perkins

lisa Perkins 2017 world class wellness influencers This is where we trust our process. Lisa Perkins my friend and nutrition expert, is uncovering exactly how we can trust ourselves when it comes to food, by using intuition, time, and focused attention. Lisa shares about how when it comes to nutrition, rules minus relationship equals rebellion. When we impose rules upon ourself without first trusting the promises we make to our body about nourishing it, it’s going to end in rebellion. She believes that easy is earned; in the beginning of any nutrition program, you’ll have to pay attention to yourself just like if you were learning any new skill. Lisa not only has the science and accredited background as a precision nutrition coach, but she also has a heart of gold. Click on episode 085 for the full show with Lisa.

Ryan Yokome

ryan yokome 2017 world class wellness influencers What happens in your physical body when you hear the word money? Do you get loose or get tight? Our next clip is with Ryan Yokome, an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation. Ryan is the CEO of Money & Miracles Breakthrough Coaching and essentially he believes that money is just an exchange of energy. The challenge comes when we have an unhealthy relationship with our energy around money that can deflect it. Ryan has an extraordinary presence you’ll feel in this clip. He shares about how a lack of expression as a teen blocked his physical and financial wellness as an adult, and the stages of work he went through to overcome the block to call in the money and health he always wanted. Set your player for episode 079 to hear the full show.

Dan Pardi

dan pardi 2017 world class wellness influencers Our last clip is with a man who needs no introduction – health and human behavior specialist, Dan Pardi. Dan’s return to Wellness + Wisdom is shining light on how we can use what he calls HumanOS to cut through the noise of the overwhelming information online so we can really find the health we’re looking for. Dan’s mission and his systems of finding the right answers for our mind, body, and spirit are so profound, we put his voice in our show intro. So in this final clip, Dan shares why no matter how much we know, it won't always inspire us to take the right actions. “Knowing without doing is the same thing as not knowing. What matters is if the knowledge that you have will give you an effective health practice for the long term.” Dan is one of my most trusted sources for wellness so you’ll want to download episode 088 for later.

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I want to thank so many people who have helped these past 100 episodes happen. There’s not another hour for me time to list everyone who has made this podcast possible, so I know I'm gonna miss a ton of people I love but special shout outs to Buzzy Torek and the whole team over at Epicast Network for making the show audio so great, to Perfect Supplements for believing in us and supporting the show with trustworthy and amazing products, to my brother James for being the example of how to live from the heart, to Amy Dalton for opening my eyes, my world, and my soul to what’s possible in relationships, to my mom and dad for giving me the gift of life, to my teachers: Watts, Hill, Brown, Hicks, Sagan, Silva, Teta and 20 plus more, both alive and gone for all you’ve given me, and to all of our powerful guests we’ve had on the show, last but not least to my warriors in the wellness community, I see you, I love you, and I support what you are doing to raise the consciousness and wellness that this world needs right now.

I literally can not wait to announce the winners of the prize packs on March 14th, and I also can’t wait to meet you in person at an event or online this year as Wellness Force grows. My birthday is fast approaching on April 29th and I’m doing the SEALFIT 20X that day. Do you want to join me? Write to me josh (at) wellnessforce.com with subject line 20X if you’re interested.

My friend, I know you already know this, but thank you for being here and being a part of this community who are up to big things, and doing the physical and emotional work needed to live our life well.

So until I see you again real soon, I’m wishing you love and wellness. 

Josh Trent

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