How can we stop medical segregation from tearing us apart?   If you're like us who believe in gathering, applying, and embodying

What does the new masculine look like? Let's have a conversation on the energy that men, and women, need to practice the

Heal with holodynamic energy.  Most people don't even know what love is because the truth is we have all been taught

WHAT IS WELLNESS? Friend, I'm excited to share this quick video from the Wellness Force podcast that asks a profound and timeless question… What

As a writer, you are responsible for creating enduring and meaningful connections with the target audience or, simply, the readers. To establish

The world is complex and stressful. It can be hard to keep it together sometimes. Every day, there seems to be a

This time of year people are often either anticipating or dreading February 14th, depending on their relationship status. Being able to poke

How can you wake up with more love? Sitting down to complete the final edits of my post, I put it aside

We live in a world of screens and that screen between us filters out our ability to truly “see’ and empathize with


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