Turning Chaos into OPPORTUNITY

Chaos or Opportunity? 

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Awaken To New Opportunity

In this episode, we are learning from a world-class filmmaker, musician, writer, creator of the Psychedelica series on Gaia; which rocked my socks off and blew my hair back when I first saw it a couple of years ago).

Have you seen the Psychedelica series on Gaia?

Well, we have a powerful treat for you here on this episode which will answer a question for all of us that is both deep and timeless:

How do turn chaos into opportunity?

What kind of mental faculty and tools can we lean on when we find ourselves in a time like now? Where human beings are being pitted against one another?

How can we close the gap between our heads and our hearts so we can truly use a crisis as an opportunity to awaken to the power and the love that we truly are?

Quite a serious topic, but also a topic that deserves so much levity as well.

If you've been listening to the show for quite some time, or whatever divine reason brought you here to me today, then you know inside of the singularity there is duality.

That's how love and fear, dark and light, high low pressure, masculine-feminine, yes that's we create reality, by experiencing an opposite’s opposite inside of the singularity, do you follow?

The Silver Lining In A Crisis

Don't worry if you're a little lost sometimes I get lost in the maze just like you.

All you really have to know is how to find the true silver lining in a crisis: your opportunity.

We are going to talk about that silver lining today; in-depth with one of the most articulate and well-spoken guests I've ever had on the show.

You'll learn from Ben Stewart:

  • Why chaos creates real change and how to uncover opportunity
  • The Lost Art of dialogue: how to truly communicate from a place of being in alignment with our nervous system
  • How to see the world from someone else's eyes
  • Obtain critical thinking skills while experiencing crisis and chaos
  • The downside to following the “herd” which is so easy to do right now when our amygdala is hijacked by crazy news and fear-based headlines
  • The triangle of the intellect – intuition – instinct which I talked about on the solo cast: A victim of intellectualization (I loved Ben’s perspective on this)
  • Unpacking the power and process of Awakening Consciousness
  • The toxic nature of people, when they say “I'm about to share my truth” or “I'm going to share my truth” well… guess what? your truth isn't always loving and it can be sometimes quite toxic.
  • What can the darkness teach us?
  • The two BIG choices we always have in life

I think you're really going to love this episode with Ben.

He's such a wealth of information and just an incredible speaker and filmmaker the Psychedelica series on Gaia was one of my favorite series I've ever seen.

I trust you're really going to connect with Ben's heart; he's a brother, he's a friend, he's here right now with us live on Wellness Force.

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About Ben Stewart

Turning Chaos into Opportunity Ben StewartBen Stewart is a US-based filmmaker and musician. He is the creator of Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica, Ungrip and Waking Infinity – all available on Gaia.


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