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How's it going today for you? How are you feeling? It's Josh Trent and welcome to Wellness Force.

I'm your host for this podcast and as always, you are at the best and most honest place in the entire podcast world where you can come to gather, apply, and embody the physical and emotional intelligence to live your life well and thrive in this modern world.

A world that is filled with distractions, isn't it?

I feel like not a day goes by lately where I don't consciously have to engage in focused attention for the things that matter most in my life – can you relate to this?

Maybe it's health, wealth or relationships or finding what makes you truly happy that is the hardest thing to focus on right now.

Breakthrough Wellness Technology

My truth and I would even say the objective truth is that we are all so distracted right now from what is going on in the world with the blatant attack on our Health Freedom from the kill shots from Pfizer, J&J, and Moderna that I think many of us have put our joy and happiness, our creativity, and especially our relaxation and our playfulness to the side.

Well what if I told you that there was a way to allow yourself to recover, focus, and feel the feelings that you choose, all at the click of a button through a breakthrough piece of wellness technology?

You might think oh my gosh that's too good to be true, well that is until you try it – and until I tried it in my sleep!

In this episode I got to sit down at my home studio for this fresh in person podcast to explore this big question and that is on all our minds a lot.

How do I be more happy?

How do I consciously choose the feelings that I want to experience rather than being a victim to my thoughts or feelings?

My guest today has 10 years of experience building over 80 consumer products. His first company, Apex Leadership Co, has 115 franchises and serves over 3 million customers.

Now he’s devoted to developing his expertise in tech, web dev, product design, manufacturing, and marketing at a company called Hapbee that I learned about from my good friends Dave Asprey and Luke Storey.

His name is Scott Donnell, and he is the CEO of Hapbee.

Digitizing Drugs

Hapbee lets you mimic the effects of helpful compounds such as caffeine, melatonin, nicotine (as a nootropic), CBD and others, simply by tapping a button on your phone and without side affects.

Hapbee’s team has taken the very molecules like nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, melatonin and others – and they ran them through a magnetometer – which we're going to talk about in-depth on the show today for all of the healthy skeptics out there…

I'm one of them! The way Scott explains this I just nodded my head and was like yes that's amazing.

A magnetometer is basically a huge, expensive, highly sensitive machine that can actually record tiny magnetic fields.

Now all of these molecules have a unique magnetic signature that they’ve recorded, and what they found, and what I’m experiencing – especially for the bedtime setting – is that when you turn on those signals, you can feel the desired effect.

You get the mental focus of nicotine, or the alertness of coffee, or you feel relaxed like cannabidiol, but there’s nothing for your body to metabolize, because it’s just an electromagnetic signal that mimics the way the actual molecule interacts with your cells.

There are signals for every situation:

  • Alert
  • Calm
  • Focus
  • Happy
  • Relax
  • Deep Sleep
  • Bedtime
  • Boost

And… the technology behind Hapbee is backed by 15 plus years of testing for safety and efficacy, with over 380,000+ hours of use!

Game Over For Big Pharma

Literally anything we all can do besides be addicted to pharmaceuticals or be bound to the pharmaceutical industry is very very important right now in our world as you know.

So it comes as no surprise that I'm super honored to have Scott on the podcast today because we're exploring wellness technology that is way beyond big pharma.

How this company literally digitizes drugs (and no we are not giving medical advice we're giving wellness advice)

And you can use these signals to choose how you feel.

In this podcast we'll explore how to age well, how to digitize a drug (which is fascinating when you look at the emotional vibrations of the Hawkins scale) and all the research that Scott and his team put into digitizing these drugs.

We'll talk about this device for children and pets and how to quantify emotional intelligence which is so fascinating for all of us on the spiritual path of growth.

We'll also talk about the most surprising benefits of Hapbee and how to build your personal Wellness toolbox.

Get your Hapbee today! Just click to and get $80 off starter kit or $200 off founder kit.

Feel HAPBEE Today!

Choose how you feel. Meet Hapbee, the technology that lets you choose your mental state.

Scott Donnell | Beyond Big Pharma: Digitizing Drugs & Choosing How You Feel With Wellness TechnologyDrop in to whatever mood you choose. Experience coffee without the shakes. Alcohol without the hangover. Sleeping aids without the grogginess. When the band is playing, your body is vibing. When it turns off, it’s back to normal. And new Blends are being added all the time!

Hapbee uses groundbreaking patented technology that captures the energy of a compound, and play its frequency back to you – giving your body the experience of it, without actually processing it.

Get focused. Put on your thinking cap, block out distractions, and start getting things done.

Conquer stress. Shrug off stress with signals that melt away mental and physical tension, allowing you to finally and fully enjoy the moment.

Rest & recover. Keep your batteries topped up by promoting mental and physical recovery.

About Scott Donnell

Scott Donnell | Beyond Big Pharma: Digitizing Drugs & Choosing How You Feel With Wellness Technology

Scott Donnell has 10 years of experience building over 80 consumer products. His first company, Apex Leadership Co, has 115 franchises and serves over 3 million customers. Now he’s devoted to developing his expertise in tech, web dev, product design, manufacturing, and marketing at Hapbee.

Hapbee imagines a world where every human can unleash the potential they're born with — the potential to be happy, present, productive, and connected by helping you take control of your mind and mood. Using proprietary ultra-low radiofrequency energy technology that emulates specific magnetic fields to produce desired feelings in the body (i.e. Happy, Alert, Focus, Relax, Calm, and Deep Sleep). The Hapbee AC100 generates these sensations by delivering precise low-power electromagnetic signals. Aligning your mind with your goals, it can assist in conquering stress, boosting your focus and rest, and recovery after a strenuous workout or taxing day.


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