JP Sears: How To Quit Outsourcing Your Thinking

JP Sears is a comedian who tours the country extensively doing stand-up comedy and publishing weekly online videos.

His videos have been viewed almost a billion times!

In addition to inspiring laughter, JP’s work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to free themselves from fear. JP and I both live in Texas because of FREEDOM!

This is the Wellness + Wisdom podcast, and I am Josh Trent.

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How To Quit Outsourcing Your Thinking

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When he’s not making videos or performing on stage, JP spends his time passionately playing all out, scaring himself daily, and choosing to live guided by his own free will.

This episode is going to make you laugh and expand your heart and mind all the same time.

Unhacking the Mind

If you are someone that notices from time to time that inside of your mind lives a demanding dictator who tends to have a tyrannical negative bent.

Or, maybe you are someone who is deeply concerned with the loss of freedom and the rise in censorship, this will be a truly life-changing conversation for you.

Whether you're logical or artistic, red or blue, left or right, conservative or liberal this podcast will radically shift you today.

One of the things I truly admire about JP is his holistic background and our shared Mentor, Paul Chek.
But beyond what we have in common…

I admire the way that JP inspires others to sift through their own personal fear.
So they can express themselves and live a life that actually has meaning, a life aligned to their purpose.

JP Sears: A Beacon of Freedom

JP is a beacon for freedom (both personal and country) in so many ways, and in this podcast you'll learn about these ways including:

  • Why JP was the voice of reason for me and so many of us when the whole lockdown and mask theater began back in 2020.
  • The real cause behind why so many wellness influencers did not speak their truth at the beginning of lockdowns due to fear-based compliance.
  • We will explore critical thinking combined with free will and dharma to answer this question: is life predestined?
  • How JP handles the censorship, anger and judgment that is thrown his way in his comedy videos.
  • Why do we all forget how powerful we are? As part of the theater we have signed up for here on planet Earth.
  • How JP uses humor from the heart to bring light to issues that are taking away people's freedom and sovereignty.
  • JP shares a powerful emotional intelligence lens of how we can look inside of ourselves.
  • Findthe Tyrant that gets triggered in us when we see the tyrants who are running our country.
  • The Genesis of gender dysphoria in America? Why I believe that this is pre-planned.
  • The power of human connection.
  • How to quit outsourcing you're thinking to others?
  • The danger of the metaverse and what it really means for Humanity.

Fighting For Our Freedom

You will absolutely love JP's definition of wellness at the end of the show.

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Now let’s drop in with the one and only JP Sears on the Wellness + Wisdom podcast.


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