Holding Loving Space in a Relationship

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Holidng Loving Space in 2022

Hello podcast world. It's Josh, Trent, your host on this wellness journey. It's a journey, isn't it? Especially in this year. Wow. There has been so many changes in 2022, like January itself felt like an entire month. Do you feel me here? We are in the second month of 2022 and most of our human experiences that are universal, like health, wealth, and relationships are ever-present. Do you agree?

Let me know, by the way, what are you most struggling with? What are you most stressed out by what's causing you the most pain as a, of late, right?

DM me on Instagram @wellnessforce, or you can reach out to me personally @joshtrentofficial on Wellness Force.

Today's podcast is with someone who I think you are going to take away so much from it's beyond any other episode that we've had it's beyond any other training or teaching. When it comes to the art, the science, the relational aspect of the intimacy of loving relationships we have on the show, someone who really needs no introduction, but I'm gonna give him an introduction right now because he's here for the second time.

Beyond Mars & Venus

About five years ago, actually might have even been six years ago. We had our guest on the show and at that time he was the author of a very world.

Famous book called Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. It's pretty much the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time. And, uh, has been translated into 45 languages in more than a hundred countries. It continues to be a bestseller.

My guest has written over 20 books by the way, Beyond Mars and Venus is the new one. And as Mars, Venus book series literally has changed the way hands down that men and women view their relationships. And that's exactly what you're gonna get on this podcast because my guest has not only appeared on Oprah but Dr. Oz, CBS, good morning America.

The Masculine & Feminine Polarities

But this is a man who himself has recently gone through the loss of his wife. And he comes on as a true warrior to still speak from a very heart-based place.

When it comes to what's the core of women, what's the core of men and how do we relate to one another?

And by the way, it works for homosexual relationships too. The masculine and feminine exist inside of both of us. So no matter how you relate this conversation is for you.

We're gonna go into the depths about his new book Beyond Mars and Venus. This is the one and only Dr. John Gray five years ago, he answered some very powerful questions and now the space that's held is even more potent.

We're gonna talk about what's changed for Dr. John since his first interview on wellness force, how he actually can meditate up to four to six hours a day and the training he received as a monk, the big one for all men, how do we hold space in relationships?

How do we do this? Especially when our partner is stressed or when we're triggered, we'll talk about the four kinds of love in why men flee to protect their partner from the fight and the dragon inside of them.

How to Heal a Relationshp

We'll talk about semen retention and how polarity creates passion. Two separate subjects. By the way, porn is hurting relationships, semen retention, and really delayed gratification is the solution for all of us to be well yet in a world where marketing and media try to distract, especially young men and men of any age.

How do they maintain this sexual qi, this sexual energy, separate subject from polarity, but will so explore how polarity creates passion, how a woman being in her masculine all day and being outside of the home.

Not always, but this can impact her relationship with a partner when she comes home because there's no polarity. There's literally no polarity. The man's not being a man. The woman's not being a woman. I know that's a very fluid term. So forgive me if that offends you, but look, you're gonna learn. Maybe why you in this podcast, I mentioned semen retention.

Interestingly, while we shed light on how semen retention can boost your sexual qi, some individuals might be struggling with an opposite challenge: low semen production. In such cases, finding ways to increase your semen production, as suggested on VitaliBoost, can be highly beneficial.

What Creates a Happy Relationship?

That's one of the things we'll explore in this podcast, but by the end of it you'll understand what a happy relationship actually is.

Both with yourself and with your partner, make sure you go to marsvenus.com to learn more about Dr. John Gray. And of course, if this podcast resonates with you, if you feel good, when you hear it, if you enjoy the intention and the heart of really what we're getting to here, which is this discovery of wisdom, this uncovering of how do we live our life?

Well, please share the podcast. Leave of review, share the podcast, do something maybe on Instagram. I love it. When people tag me on Instagram, it's the coolest cause then I can actually engage, right? I can actually be with a human being.

Imagine that we can connect. We can always do this. Let's tune in right now with Dr. John Gray, to learn about wellness and relationships, testosterone, estrogen, semen, retention, sexual polarity, and all things. When it comes to Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus let's tune in right now with Dr. John Gray.

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